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Spirit of Vengeance


Seventeen year-old Ron Stoppable ran through the maze of Motor Ed's Junkyard bleeding, hurt and searching for his best friend, Kim Possible. Earlier they were fighting Motor Ed's gang for their life and got separated.

And now, he had lost her. This mission was a big mistake from the time they accepted the assignment, nothing went right and Ron had a feeling that it would get worse.

Not that the fact that there was a three foot steel pipe embedded by Motor Ed on his shoulder would consider the situation better but somehow, Ron felt that this night would turn sour.

"Come on, KP. Where are you?" he mumbled through the pain he was experiencing. Excruciating yet he needed the pipe on his shoulder to stop the bleeding until help arrived. But that could be minutes away and he needed to get to Kim as fast as he could.

If he could find his way out of the maze.

A high-pitched scream echoed through the yard and Ron frantically searched its source.

"I'm coming KP!" Ron shouted as he ignored the pain and ran towards her friend. It took him a few moments to find his bearings and found a path.

Unfortunately, a rather large monster truck came charging from the path and Ron stumbled back to dodge it. Lying on the ground, he tried to focus but suddenly head a loud roar of an engine and felt intense pain from his arm and then nothing.

Looking at his left arm, he saw a set of tire tracks wider than his arm over his now crushed arm.

He realized then that one of the trucks ran over him. Ron almost passed out from the pain but his determination to get to Kim was greater.

Standing up, he ran towards his destination while avoiding the monster trucks but it was near to futile. One of them clipped his shoulders forcing him sprawling down. He saw one of the trucks coming towards him but he lacked the strength to move as quick as he would like and the truck rolled over his lower right leg.

Ron screamed almost inhumanly when the wheel crushed his leg. With all remaining strength and consciousness, Rom crawled underneath a pile of junk. Tears from the pain blurred his vision but he knew he was safe in the meantime.

But he needed to get to Kim. Gathering as much courage as he could muster, Ron tried to crawl towards Kim but his strength dwindled. But he could not just give up.

Show me your spirit. Ron suddenly heard a ghostly voice but when he looked around, he saw nothing.

"I must be seeing things," he mumbled as the pain got the better of him. His eyes were growing heavier by the second but still he pushed on.

Show me your strength. Again, Ron turned to find the owner of the voice but saw nothing.

"Now is not the time to be hallucinating, Ron. Get to KP," he told himself as he emerged from the pile of junk. Standing on his good leg, Ron huffed in fatigue as he hobbled to find Kim.

Show me your thirst for justice. The voice merely fueled his determination and proceeded forth. Ron felt that someone was watching him but then, he had more important matters to attend to.

However, the last thing the voice said chilled his spine.

Show me your thirst for vengeance.


Motor Ed heard the sirens as he withdrew his member from his victim's body. He was just getting started and the police spoiled his 'fun' for him.

"Let's ride!" he did an air guitar in triumph as he entered his monster truck and started the engine. He rode the length of the road but then made a u-turn and grinned.

"No witnesses, OOHHH YYEAAH!" he shouted and accelerated his truck towards the helpless body of his victim. As he was nearing his victim, a lone figure jumped down from one of the car piles towards him giving an inhuman scream.

Motor Ed did not see it coming when the figure with such agility stabbed him on the chest with a steel pipe, impaling him on his truck. The truck veered off course and missed its target by a long shot.

Motor Ed crashed into a pile of cars creating a chain reaction, making the piled cars around him bury the mad mechanic under tons of steel.

The figure, due to his injuries, landed badly that he heard his good leg snap when he landed. Stumbling to the ground, the figure cried in pain as he composed himself.

"That was the stupidest thing you have ever done, Ron Stoppable," he said as he immediately turned to lie on his stomach.

But when he looked up and saw Motor Ed's victim, his heart stopped.

"KP!" Ron called out as he crawled towards his best friend who lay there, in the middle of the yard naked and abused. Using his only working limb, Ron propelled himself towards her and all consequences to his body from his self-abuse be damned.

When he reached her, he saw what damage Motor Ed had done.

Kim was naked from the waist down. Her top was torn but he could see the seeds of her attacker all over her lower body. Sitting up meant more pain for Ron but he did and shook her friend. When that did not raise her, with his good arm, he pulled her towards him and cradled her towards him.

He removed his shirt to cover Kim's exposed body and suddenly, Kim woke up screaming and clawing.

"It's okay KP. It's me," Ron cooed her until she slowly stopped. Kim realized the security she felt when she was in Ron's arms and snuggled on to his chest and cried.

No word could he say would bring comfort to his friend. He merely sat there and caressed her, making her feel safe.

"I'm sorry KP," Ron whispered and he glared at the pile of cars that had toppled onto Motor Ed.

If he was not dead, Ron vowed retribution.

The flashing lights of emergency units told Ron that they were going to be all right. With the last of his remaining strength, he took a deep breath and darkness took him.

I have chosen. The voice went unheard as paramedic units went on the two unconscious teens.

Vengeance shall live again.

/end of prologue/

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