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I was in science obviously on this sunny Monday morning when a new girl was introduced to our class. I'll never forget when she worked in that door.

Her hair blew through the non-existent wind as she cutely popped her head through that door and said in an oh-so-sweet tone, "excuse me… Is this Mr Frankly's science class?"

Mr Frankly smiled at her, and I couldn't help but notice the glint in his eye as he spotted the gorgeous blonde. "Why, yes it is."

He somehow managed to tear his eyes away from her to the class, "students, I forgot to mention, we have a new student today. Her name is Mary-Sue Perkins." He then looked at her again and sighed almost lovingly, "please come in and introduce yourself."

She walked in as if it were while tossing her hair over her shoulder as she closed the door, and didn't realize her hair got caught.

She fell backwards as the door shut.

She began crying out in pain, "my hair! My hair!" Mr Frankly, rushed over to her to get her hair out the door.

All the guys sat back down in their seats, since they were going to help her. All the girls just immediately started whispering how cool she was (no, literally) and how they must hang out with her. Were they all blind or was I the only one to see this girl was a clutz?

She stood up, smiling and straightened out her mini skirt, which of course she had the figure for. All the guys were checking her out. Even some girls?

She walked across the room to the desk to introduce herself. Everyone sighed lovingly. For some reason though, she was walking in slow motion?

I was also the only one who happened to notice that.

"She's so hot," one guy whispered to his friend.

"What a doll!" A soc told his girlfriend.

"MY GOD! SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!" A guy yelled loudly in the background.

"Hello, I am Mary-Sue." She introduced herself. "I'm overly-friendly, yet also in a very shy and cute way. I make friends easily since everyone adores me, because I'm just oh-so wonderful."

All the guys sighed lovingly once again. I rolled my eyes.

Mr Frankly was so impressed he wiped a tear away from his eyes, "Mary-Sue…that was… the best introduction, I have ever heard in all my years of teaching."

Then some guy began clapping. Then everyone began clapping!

Then they all stood up, and cheered for her.

Of course she immediately became class president.

"Take a seat, Miss Perkins." Mr Frankly, said as everyone calmed down and took their seats.

Guys immediately began patting their empty seats, and some guys fought with each other. And another guy even pushed his own girlfriend off a seat to sit next to her!

"Oh, boys," she giggled, "don't fight over me. I'll just sit here." And she sat next to me.


Mr Frankly then took out his book and opened it for the class plan today.

Since he wasn't looking guys began throwing notes at Mary-Sue. Then a guy in front of her threw one at her, and it got her in the eye.

"My eye! My eye!" She screamed in pain as it began to water.

I thought I should do the right thing to look at it for her. "It's fine."

She then smiled at me and fluttered her eye lashes, "oh thankyou. You're so brave and strong."

"What? I didn't do anything? I just looked at your eye?"

"And modest!" She giggled. I just stared back at her strangely. I could hear all the guys growling.

"What's your name?" She asked.

"Ponyboy Curtis."

"What an Oh-so perfect name!" She giggled again. God I wished someone would stab my ear drums with a pencil if I had to hear that giggle one more time!

"We're doing a science project class. Anything on your topic. I want you to all work in partners too." He then looked up.

Oh god, not with Mary-Sure, I begged god.

Mr Frankly started, "Mr Curtis. Since you're getting along so well with the perfect and may I say absolutely beautiful…" She giggled, AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!, "Miss Perkins. You can be her partner."

I felt my eye begin to twitch.


So now I was walking to her house. Oh how fun this shall be.

Her house was run-down. I was surprised.

"We're poor," she stated simply, "very VERY poor. Mum has to work two jobs. It is oh-so sad." Really I didn't care. So I just nodded, "uh-huh."

Then a car came by speeding and happened to hit a puddle. The muddle water got all over her. Her eye-liner began to run. "I'm so cold now!" She shivered, "can I have your jacket?"

I looked at her even more strangely than I had in class, "but…I'm not even wearing a jacket?"

"Oh…your top will be fine then."

"You're not having my top."

"Why not? Every boy gives me his jacket? Or top, in your case."

"Does it really matter? Your house is RIGHT there!" I pointed at it.

She sighed, "FINE! I'd feel better though if someone put their arm around me…"

I just gave her another strange look and walked ahead.

"Ponyboy, wait!" I then heard her scream. I looked back and at least 3 birds had come by and pooped on her. It was in her hair and running down her nose.

"Is there something on my nose!" She squealed.

I just blinked a few times. "Um..yeah."

"Well, wipe it away," she said and closed her eyes.

"I ain't touchin' that!" I said.

"Fine!" I could tell her I was frustrating her, but of course she smiled afterwards. She wiped it away with her sleeve so now it was smeared across her cheek. Whatever.

We walked inside her house. Her mum was making dinner in the kitchen.

"My mum is a raging alcoholic," Mary-Sue told me, "so she's always passed out somewhere. She also ignores me a lot. She doesn't really care that her new husband always rapes and beats me."

I looked at her horrified, "eer…should you really be telling me something like that?"

She just shrugged.

Her mother came in carrying a tray of cookies, "oh, sorry kids. I hadn't heard you come in. I was vacuuming our study. Would you like some of our freshly baked home-made cookies? It's made with the special Perkins family recipe!" She grinned cheerfully, and tilted her head.

I smiled, "yes, please." And took one. They were great.

"What's the special recipe, mum!" Mary-Sue said bitterly, "alcohol!"

"Oh, you silly billy," her mother giggled, "the secret recipe is love."

We stepped out of the way when there was a knock at the door.

It opened and a man with a hat and expensive looking business suit opened the door, holding a briefcase.

"Honey, I'm home!"

She kissed his cheek, "how was your day, snookums?"

"Peachy-keen, dear," he grinned lovingly.

I leaned over to Mary-Sue and whispered, "I thought your mum was a raging alcoholic and your dad constantly hits you?"

"They are!" She said and pointed to them, "look at them!"

I patted her shoulder, "…okay?"

Mrs Perkins then called out to the rest of the family as Mr Perkins sat on the couch with his pipe and read a newspaper.

Two kids came down. A boy and a girl.

They stood in a straight line as Mrs Perkin's introduced them.

She introduced the pretty brunette first, "this is Daisy-Sue. She is 17 and too tough for her own good. She's not like normal girls and wilder then the greaser girls. No one can tame her. Will she ever let anyone into her heart though?"

I now looked at Mrs Perkin's strangely to how she introduced Daisy-Sue.

"And this is Gary-Stu." She pointed to her son.


"He's 18 and is wild and reckless. Of course he's the best-lookin' guy in town. All the girls love him, and all the guys envy him…only because they're secretly jealous of his muscles and good looks and of course charm. But will he begin to fall in love with this new girl…the nerd who is actually beautiful under those thick glasses?"

"Are you asking me a question?" I asked.

She giggled, "oh, no silly. Rhetorical of course."

"Come on, Ponyboy, lets go to my room to study now!" She took my hand and raced upstairs.

She tripped though and slammed her face down on the stairs. My eyes widened.

"I'm okay," she stood right back up, giggling. SHUTUP!

We walked up to her room and when she opened the door I had to cover my eyes I was so blinded by the brightness.

Once I recovered I saw millions of trophies around her room. And how everything was pink?

She smiled and sat down at her desk.

I went to go check out her trophies. I read them aloud.

"1st place in 2nd grade spelling bee, 1st place in this year's beauty contest, 1st place in math competition, 1st place in science competition, 1st place in jump rope, 1st place in…potato slicing?"

"It was a special class," she smiled.

"Yeah…" I said running my eyes over the rest. God, she had won an award for basically everything.

She stood up and smirked proudly, then leant her elbow against the shelf. It made a creaking noise and I knew it was time to step back.

The shelf tilted and her trophies slid down towards her and hit her in the face.

She fell back and some smashed on the ground.

I knelt down next to her after they were done falling, to see if she was alright.

"You okay!" I asked, panicked.

"Oh, I'm fine," she giggled, as she sat up.

She then got some glue from nowhere and began reassembling the broken trophies back together, "It's okay about the trophies too. I happened to of one 1st place in reassembling trophies a year ago."

"You actually entered a contest on how to reassemble…trophies?"

"Yes," she smiled.

I picked up a trophy saying 1st place in auto-mechanics. I raised an eyebrow.

"Is there anything you haven't won a trophy for?" I asked.

Her mum then burst in holding a trophy and grinning wildly, "honey! You've just won an award for having won every contest there is in this town!"

"Oh, joy!" she grinned.

"Oh, jeez," I rolled my eyes.

"Ponyboy, will you be staying for dinner?" Mrs Perkins then asked me.

NOOOOOO!!!! Then I heard the phone rang.

"It's for Ponyboy!" Daisy-Sue called.

I went downstairs…how did anyone know I was even here?

I picked up the phone, "hello?"

"Pony!" It was Darry, "I'm caught in traffic, and there's noway I can pick you up today. Sodapop happens to be with me, so you'll have to stay at someone's house tonight since I don't want you being home alone."

"WHAT!" I yelled, "what about if Two-Bit came over?"

"He's in the car too."


"He's also in the car."


"Yep, he's in the car too."


"Oh yeah he can look after you…oh no, wait. Yeah he's in the car too."

"How 'bout Tim or Curly Shepard?"

"Did I forget to mention they're in the car too?"

How many people can fit in that damn car!

"How 'bout the mailman!"

"Oh, Pony," he laughed, "we wouldn't let a stranger take care of you. Besides, he's in the car too."

I wasn't even going to bother to ask why.

"Is there anyone you can stay with for tonight? How 'bout the family you're with now. They're nice."

God just hates me doesn't he?

"Darry, I don't…"

"Don't argue with me! Oh, the traffic's moving! Bye Ponyboy!" He then hanged up.

Oh god. I night with the Perkin's.


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