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"Ponyboy Curtis!"

I turned around and Bob was pushing through the crowd. Oh no, I thought.

"That's my ex girlfriend you just kissed!" He growled, grabbing me by the collar.

"I didn't want to! Honest!" I struggled against him but his arm was holding on too tight.

"You'll pay for that!" He growled, and he put up his fist.

It was all so quick, I had no time to react… unless you call staring at his fist dumbly a reaction. His arm hurled back, and then pushed forward. Shoot…

Then he was hugging me! I don't even know how that was possible considering how he was holding me, the angel of our bodies, where his fist went, why he thinks hugging me will make me pay… all really stupid stuff like that, that you would typically see in the next chapter after a cliff hanger.

"I'm just so happy, Mary-Sue has found the love of her life!" He hugged me tighter till I could feel my chest caving into itself. "Bob…" I sputtered out, "too tight."

"Which is why," He grinned, letting go of me and stepping back, "we set up this other party!"

Everyone cheered as a new banner came out saying 'CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW ROMANCE!'

I looked over at Sodapop, who didn't seem to mind at all. If anything he was clapping along with everyone and wiping away tears of joy.

"I've got to be on some sort of candid camera show…" I sighed frustratingly, shaking my head. Mary-Sue ran over to me and wrapped her arms around me.

"Isn't it great, Pony! We can now finally be categorized in the romance section! Any day now this story may just hop up to R rated… or the stupid new M rated."

"Yeah… any day or any year! I'm 14, I'm not ready to sleep with anyone! Hell, I've just started growing hair in mysterious places!" I pushed her off me, "And even if I was going to, it wouldn't be with you! 'Cause I hate you and we're not together!"

The smile faded from her face, and tears began to start in her blue, always twinkling eyes. She ran out of the place crying. Everyone watched her leave, and as quick as a flash they were all gone, chasing after her with endless supplies of tissues, flowers and chocolates. They jumped out of windows and smashed through the doors, women included.

All that was left, was Johnny and me.

"Y'all must be downright crazeh, to pass up a mighty fine gal like young miss, Mary-Sue, Ponehboy."

"She just annoys me, okay? I didn't mean to hurt her feelings but it's hard to get stuff through to her sometimes."

"Why golie, Ponehboy, heck I understand. But if I a were hankerin' in your shoes, shoot! There'd-a- be noway I'd pass up a tuff doll like that."

It's then that I furrowed my brow in confusion, "why are you talking like that?"

"I is just talkin' like any other regular boy if he were portrayed by the stereotypical mind of some author on fan fiction… savvy?"

"Um… okay."

"Why slap ma ankles and butter that bread!"

"I'm not quite sure what you're talking about… but let's go outside and see Mary-Sue." My god, I never thought I would say that.

We walked outside and it was nighttime, if you had forgotten that from the last chapter. Everyone was gone, except Mary-Sue who sat on the sidewalk, crying into her arms that rested on her knees which were bent up to her chest while her blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders and back with curls randomly all over and her feet were getting cold and she had cried an exact amount of 15 tears while she sighed and looked back on the love of her life, Ponyboy and sighing again and then flicking her hair and then realizing she quite felt like a cheeseburger and then licking her lips and then remembering Ponyboy again and then crying once more… but when it comes to describing Mary-Sue, grammar no longer applies.

Johnny and me sat beside her and she tensed up. "Leave me alone," she sobbed. I felt so bad for making her cry again… at least I think I've made her cry before. It's so hard to keep track with what I've already done in the last few chapters.

I put my arms around her… I know, I know, DISGUSTING! Sorry, I'm still a little frustrated over meeting her, her moving in, us somehow ending up here beside the road, ya know?

"I'm sorry," I said softly, "but I just don't like you that way. It's nothing against you… I'm just really not into girls yet… OR GUYS!" I shot a glare at Johnny.

"Aw, shucks," he pouted.

"Oh, okay, I understand," she said, tilting her head up towards me. She wiped her eyes and smiled.

I sat back from her, "so are we gonna go home?"

"It's far away, Pony, we should hitch a ride." Mary-Sue suggested, stretching out her legs.

"Tuff, shoot, dang, I agree," Johnny nodded.

Before we could stand though a car pulled up in front of us. It was a blue Mustang.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Hitchhiking… in the world of creating alternate stories about the book, 'The Outsiders'

Mustang. Found under the category for cars which were driven in the 60s and was also mentioned in the book, 'The Outsiders.' This brand of car is often brought up in what is known as fan fiction, and the car is often driven by a, 'soc.' Though not unusual to be driven by an, 'original character' who is a greaser, although a greaser surely could not afford one if they can't even afford nice shoes. Mustangs only ever seem to appear in blue.

The window was undone and a boy popped his head out. He was a very good-looking boy, from the point of view of a straight boy. His hair was dyed blue and was messed up all over the place… sexily. His eyes were bright green and were very hypnotizing. His body, looked well built and toned beneath his thin black clothing, and I just wanted to tear it off and… why am I describing him like this! Wait… that means he could only be…

"Hey, I'm Gary-Stu," the boy grinned, his tongue ring flashing behind his teeth. "Hey, Mary-Sue." He waved at her.

Gary-Stu. An original character added by the author who is re-telling any story. It implies for all male-added characters that like their female counter parts are perfect. Very handsome, smart, witty and have an endless supply of girls drooling over their looks and how 'cool' they are. It doesn't matter what they say or do because the other characters will worship them for it. If a Mary-Sue added character could beat up 7 guys… just think what a Gary-Stu can do…

"Hi," she waved back.

He continued, "you guys want a lift?" He got out the car and squatted down beside it. He gripped onto the hood and then after making a few grunting noises, lifted the car up over his head. "Get it! LIFT!" He grinned.

Mary-Sue and Johnny laughed, while I stared at him, shocked.

"You're so funny, Gary-Stu!" A girl said from inside the car that was being held over Gary-Stu's head, "and strong! And tough! And tuff! And hot! And sexy! And tuffy-tough!"

He put the car down and got back in, "so?" He asked Mary-Sue for her reply.

"Sure!" Mary-Sue exclaimed excitedly, before dragging me and Johnny into the car with her.

We piled into the backseat with me in the middle. The car smelled suspiciously like flowers and meadows for some reason? Gary-Stu revved the car for a moment and I heard a girl sigh. That's when I noticed the girl in the front seat. She was very pretty with long red hair, fair skin, and a pair of thin glasses.

"Who's the girl, Gary-Stu?" Mary-Sue saw her too.

"Oh," Gary-Stu grinned, turning his head so we could see him, "that's Vesna."

"Vesna," I said to myself, "that's an odd name."

Vesna turned around also now, "I know… but my parents wanted a name that probably wasn't around back then… I mean, now. A name that probably wasn't around now… in this state anyway."

"Gee whiz, I think it's groovy!" Johnny fluttered his eye lashes.

"Groovy?" I sneered at Johnny. Johnny smiled and nodded.

Gary-Stu then began to talk again, "yeah, she's a soc. I'm trying to teach her how to be pretty."

"I think she is really pretty," I said, without thinking. The girl blushed, and I did too.

"Ew," Mary-Sue screwed her nose up at me.

"Yeah," Gary-Stu laughed, "She wears glasses! Freak!"

"I know I am, Gary-Stu, that's why you're here to help me! God, I love you!"

"Whatever." He then turned around and grinned at us, "hear that? I said whatever. That totally proves how tuffing cool I am! Wanna hear me rap!"

"No… it's fine," I panicked

"It's so fine to go out and dine. Something something nine-"

"Please stop," I begged.

"I'm hot like a fire, which is what I don't desire, because I'm already what you wanna be, silly goose!"

"You suck!" I yelled.

"You keep puttin' me down, which is givin' me a frown. I'm considering becoming a clown…"


He then drove.

Driving… and they kept driving… Down a road… It was night… driving still… it was a nice night to be driving… the car needed a good drive… still driving… driving along… a road… driving… just driving… driving!

Yeah… I'm not good when it comes to describing driving scenes…

"Nice night to be driving," Gary-Stu commented, "down a road."

"Yes," we all said in unison.

"I hate awkward driving scenes," Vesna commented.

"You're so ugly!" Gary-Stu shook his head.

"Leave her alone!" I snapped.

"Gary-Stu, what's up with the hair and clothes… are you wearing makeup?" Mary-Sue butt in.

He turned around, and I jumped because his hair was now green. He rubbed his chin and then ran his other hand through his hair, "yeah… it's my new style. I call it wannabe-cool, or 'Goth'."

Wannabe-cool, or 'Goth' is when teenagers feel that they are so depressed and disconnected with everyone, that they must dress completely in black and wear makeup… including the boys. Though the reason they become Goth or what Goth actually means, seems to change on a daily basis, the fact remains that they are all attention-seeking losers who think hating everything is cool… unless it is of course, the movie 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', which they think only they can like simply because it appears dark, when they can't see that the true meaning is about being yourself. A lot of young girls believe Goth is cool, therefore when they write a story, the Gary-Stu is a Goth… who listens to Simple Plan, Green day and Good Charlotte, when these aren't Goth… they're not even Punk.

"Isn't life depressing, don't you just wanna end it all right now?" Gary-Stu sighed, and crossed his arms.

"Gary-Stu, you're on the wrong side of the road!" I yelled.

"Oh, sorry," he laughed, still not doing anything about it, "the author's Australian and forgets which side you yanks drive on."

"God!" I yelled. "WE GET IT! The author is Australian! She mentions it at least 3 goddamn times in each chapter! She's just as bad as those freakin' proud, patriotic American's!"

Gary-Stu smiled, "heh, yeah, silly American's with their Fahrenheit, and putting the month first whenever they write down the date, or… Captain Crunch…"

"You know, what I think is silly?" Mary-Sue added, "how much Australia kisses America's butt. I mean come on! I'm surprised we have England's flag in ours rather than America's! I will celebrate the day an ad comes on that doesn't mention how America tested it so it's great, or how a new show coming to our TVs is number one in America! If anything- I hate America!"

"Shh, Mary-Sue!" I said. I looked around uneasy. She didn't mean that. Unless you wanted her to mean that, because nobody likes Mary-Sue. We love America. Especially since we're American characters. America rocks! And the author definitely wouldn't want to say anything to piss off an American, because as she and the entire world knows… don't fuck with America.

As the car made a sharp turn off the road and drove through some park, Gary-Stu shrugged, "let's just see where it leads us."

Mary-Sue, Johnny and I screamed frantically as we drove through the park. "Gary-Stu, I'm scared!" Vesna covered her eyes, screaming.

"It's fun in a way. But being so dark inside, I find enjoyment from nothing… HEY!" He grinned, facing us, "anyone seen my new Jack Skellington t-shirt!"

"We're going to die!" I began to cry as the car speeded towards a tree.

Gary-Stu then nodded, "yes, finally we can end our miserable, pointless lives." He sighed and faced the wheel, "Ohmigod! We're going to hit that tree!" He grabbed the wheel and swerved quickly as he slammed on the brakes, a loud thump was heard, and then the car layed still. Thank god for seatbelts.

Seatbelts… is there anything they can't do?

We all panted, and slowly released the tight grip we had on the seats. Gary-Stu breathed a sigh of relief, "we could have died… I appreciate life so much more now… wait…"

"What is it, Gary-Stu?" Mary-Sue lent over the chair.

Tears formed in his eyes and he began to tremble, "please, god, no!" He reached under his seat and pulled out a doll. A Jack Skellington doll, but it had no head.

"NO!" He screamed, "why! Why my Jack Skellington doll, God! You should have taken me! My god, there's nothing left to live for!" He bashed his head on the wheel, crying, "you sick, jerk!"

"What is a Jack Skellington, Gary-Stu?" Mary-Sue asked.

"Only the best character ever!" He screamed. "Haven't you seen Nightmare Before Christmas! Oh! That's right! You non-Goth losers haven't travelled into the future yet have you!"

The future. Whenever 'The Outsiders' travel to the future, it is either the 80s, or between the year 2000 to the year 2006. This is another way for authors to add 'original characters' and is often a stupid storyline because it takes away what made the Outsiders great. Similar to when the author sends themselves from that time era to the 60s… just as stupid, and just as boring.

"Did anyone hear that thump?" I asked.

"Figgoly Giggoly Goo, I sure do," Johnny nodded.

"Did," Mary-Sue corrected him, "and yeah, I did too."

"Hold on," Gary-Stu said, shushing us, "look…"

We all looked at Vesna who had hit her head pretty badly on the dashboard. She rubbed her head, groaning softly. "Hey, what happened?" She questioned before raising her head.

We all gasped.

Her hair blew softly from the air conditioner (the car had one, you see, because it had travelled into the future- remember?), and she flicked over her shoulder as she fluttered her long lashes that only made her blue eyes sparkle even more, almost blinding us. She was so beautiful… and her body! Big breasts, small waist, and long legs- we had found the holy grail of all women. And possibly caused low self-esteem for the girls who are reading this and don't have these qualities since all Mary-Sue stories promote- if you don't have these you're not beautiful. Which we all know is true anyway.

"My god," Gary-Stu said, "I've done it!"

"All you did was almost get us killed!"

"But we survived didn't we? Sadly, Jack Skellington didn't… but in his memory, I shall make a tribute to him by rapping my tuffness."

"God, no!" I yelled, blocking my ears.

"Tuff, tuff, tuffity tuff, break it down!" He got out his guitar and began a solo, while also getting out his switchblade and randomly slashing it around.

"Let's get out!" I yelled, pushing Johnny out the door.

"My pillow is knitting!"

"Hurry!" I yelled, and shoved him.

Mary-Sue followed and that's when I saw someone… on the ground… beneath the wheel of the car!

"Ohmigod!" I yelled, pointing at the dead person, "it's Bob Sheldon!"

"Hmm… what an odd twist of fate," Mary-Sue tilted her head.

Plot twists! They can happen at any moment and often leave the audience shocked. Yet in this case, the reader probably hasn't even made it this far because they have pressed the back button. Either way, this was no coincidence. The author originally intended to kill Bob last chapter, but after screwing that up, had to do it this chapter instead. Plot twists…

"Gary-Stu, you hit-" I turned around, to see Gary-Stu lift the car up over his head and then run down the street.

"Bastard," I glared.

"Jinkers, gang, looks like we're gonna be blamed for this one," Johnny quivered.

"I agree," Mary-sue nodded. "We should see Dally."

I shook my head, "we can't!"

"Why not!" She protested.

"He's with Daisy-Sue!"

"So!" She yelled.

"Well… she's really annoying."

"I guess we'll just have to run then," Mary-Sue shrugged, "and besides, the chapter is running long enough as it is, so let's just skip to the train thing."


"Look, the train to Coween is leaving, let's get on that!" I said, jumping up. Mary-Sue pulled me back down.

"No!" She ordered, "we're not getting on that one! We're going to go on the one to Windrixville!"

"Oh, look," Johnny laughed, "a black cat!" We watched suspiciously as a black cat walked past Johnny… and only Johnny.

"But I really feel Coween is the better one to go to," I explained.

"We're going to Windrixville!"

Birds swooped down at us, but then they flew up onto the Windrixville train. They were 7 black crows, and they all stared at Johnny.

"Don't 7 crows mean death?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm not superstitious," Mary-Sue said.

"Are they laughing at me?" Johnny furrowed his brow in confusion.

"Fine," I sighed, "we'll go there."

We all got up and ran over to the train. We got in and sat down, and that's when we heard a crack.

Johnny sat up and cringed, "damn! I sat on a mirror! That can't be good!"

"Yeah, you really smashed that thing," I agreed.

"And the fact that the shattered pieces spell, 'you are going to die, Johnny Cade' is pretty weird too." Mary-Sue took off her shoes, to relax.

I layed back and stretched out my arms. I can't believe we're on the run for a murder… Darry is gonna kill me!

"Are you Johnny Cade?"

We looked up to see someone in a black cloak, but his face was hidden away by the hood.

"Are you the train conductor?" Johnny asked, scared.

"Um… no," he said, then admired the long stick thing he held which had a long blade on it. I think whatever it was, it started with an S? Scythe?

"Well, yeah, I'm Johnny Cade."

The person revealed his hand, which had no flesh! He was a skeleton beneath that cloak! Either way, he checked his clipboard and smacked his head, "oh, gee, sorry! I'm early! I'll be back a week from now when you die in that burning church up on Jay mountain." He then left.

"Oh wait, sorry, I wasn't listening," Johnny said, looking around confused when he noticed the man was gone.

"He was too vague to understand anyway," Mary-Sue smiled.

"TOO VAGUE!" I screamed, "Johnny! He said you were going to die!"

"Pfft, don't listen," Mary-Sue giggled, "he's superstitious."

"This isn't superstition! He just said-"

"Superstition," Mary-Sue poked me.

"You know what? Whatever!" I yelled and crossed my arms.

The train started and we were training it down the rails.

"So… Mary-Sue, did you get everything we should need like I told you?" I asked.

She nodded, smiling, "sure did! I got the hairdryer!"

The Hairdryer. The hairdryer can be used to dry hair. Although this isn't relatively important in the means of survival, it does help. This has been proven by shows where the character is either in jail or stranded on an island. Where do they plug it in though? Nobody knows…


"Sleep now, Ponyboy and don't worry. Everything is going to be okay."

"Did anyone else just see the billboard that said, 'Johnny won't be though'?" Johnny asked.

I groaned and rubbed my eyes. Why won't this story just end!


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