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"You want to WHAT?!"

Tenten's outraged rang throughout the neighborhood, breaking the serene silence of the early morning. Many cries of startled children could be heard from the neighboring houses, having been woken by Tenten's outburst. Disgruntled parents were forced to wake up to comfort their children on the early Sunday morning, evident to the sounds of furniture being clumsily knocked over and not-so-mild curses of annoyance.

But Tenten had bigger problems then worrying about the disturbance she'd caused.

Her rather loud exclamation was met by the stern eyes of her father, and his reply. "Tenten, you heard clearly what I intend to do."

Tenten slowly closed her eyes and shook her head, willing the morning never to have existed. "This is just a dream," she muttered frantically, to herself, "This is just a dream, this is just a dream…"

The usually composed and rational Tenten was currently standing in the dining room, having woken up early to grab a quick breakfast before training with Neji. When she had woken up this morning, she had never expected to see her parents arguing silently in the dining room. About her. About it.

She opened her eyes a tiny bit and looked at her father. Sitting there at the dining table, making no move to comfort his wife, who was sobbing desolately into the table. It was all too much for her. Tenten had never shouted like that before. Then again, Tenten thought she had a good reason to.

Tenten quickly snapped out of her daze and looked defiantly back at her father. "No! I won't do it! I won't be apart of this… Of this scheme!"

Her father sighed as her mother sobbed harder into the table. "Tenten," he said tiredly, obviously wanting to end it all quickly, "It's not a scheme. It's an arranged marriage."

"IT'S NO DIFFERENT TO A SCHEME!" Tenten screeched, uncaring to how rude she was being. Her father wanted her in an arranged marriage. So she hadn't misheard the first time. Her blood churned at the words. 'Arranged Marriage' and 'Tenten' did not belong in the same sentence, damn it!!

Surprisingly, her anger dissolved and a desperate expression appeared on her face. "Father," she cried mournfully, "Why do you want me in an arranged marriage? Don't… Don't you want me?" Her last comment had been directed more towards her mother. She had never been close to her father, but to her mother she had. Perhaps that was why she felt so betrayed that her mother actually supported, kind of, her father's decision.

But she could understand her father's feelings. He had always wanted a son and was sorely disappointed when the doctors had announced that the only child his wife could ever carry was a girl. They weren't a very rich or historical family, but their line went back a very long way, making her father proud of it. So of course he had wanted a son to carry on the family name.

But Tenten was a girl. So of course her father had to hold some kind of remorse or regret towards her. She understood.

And that was why Tenten had always been different from other girls. She had grown up, trying to please her father and make him glad that he had her. And she did that by giving her the son he never had; her. Rather then play with dolls, she had played with weapons. Rather then wear pretty, delicate dresses, she had always chosen to wear the most practical of clothes. And now, at 16, she was a kunoichi, one of the best ones out there.

'And he still doesn't care,' She thought bitterly to herself.

Her mother, finally taking some part in this, managed to sob out, "T-Tenten… We only w-want you to be happy…" Tenten considered herself to be a very well mannered person and her dormant temper was usually a heavy sleeper. But she felt that this occasion was an exception.

"You want me to be happy?!" She screeched, with a look of indignation spread across her pretty face. That reduced her other to a sobbing heap on the ground. Tenten felt a pang of guilt, but then remembered what her mother was trying to do to her.

Once again, her father sighed, only this time more patronizingly, as if he were explaining something very simple to a thick headed child. Tenten being the child. Of course this only made her angrier.

"Tenten," he said, ignoring her radiating anger, 'We have all realized that you are different from other girls. More… Manly.'

He raised a hand to silence Tenten before she could release her angered objection of his choice of words… obviously an understatement. The look of hurt in her eyes just bounced off his skin. But he couldn't help but feel the least bit remorseful when she whispered quietly, "But I did it for you…"

Nevertheless, he continued. This was for Tenten's own good, or so he thought. "I'm sure that in future, men your age won't appreciate tomboy wives." Suddenly, Tenten's hurt and dejected mood changed to one of insulted outrage. Had her own father just called her a tomboy?!

Her father just ignored the disdainful glares he was receiving and carried on. "If we arrange a marriage for you, in future, you can have a decent and respectable husband. Not some second choice slob who couldn't get a wife the first time round."

Tenten blinked, shocked and angered that her father's absurd, evil and hateful words… actually had sense to it. "And besides," he continued, "I have already found a suitor…"

That was it. She threw her last ounces of pride out the window and got on her knees and begged. "Father, please!! I'll do anything!! I'll wear dresses, make-up, anything! I'll even get a boyfriend if you want! Just please don't make me go through this!"

Her father shook his head slowly, tired of the conversation. "Tenten…" he began tiredly, when he was interrupted.

"Wait!" Tenten turned her attention towards her mother who had her head held up from the table, with an expression of realization on her tear streaked face.

"What is it?" Tenten's father asked gently, not wanting to upset is distraught wife.

"If…" Tenten's mother began slowly, almost carefully, "If Tenten can manage to find a respectable suitor, or boyfriend you can say… it would prove that she will be fully capable of finding a decent husband in future. So if she could find a boyfriend instead…"

"Yes, father!!" Tenten cried, silently thanking her mother for her stroke on genius. "Yes, I'll find a boyfriend instead!! Please, father, please!!" Her father looked quite opposed to the idea, though it was more practical then his.

"Tenten…" he started, when he was halted by a warm hand on his arm. His wife stood there, her chocolate brown eyes filled with a pleading expression. He looked from his wife's face to that of his daughters. The exact same eyes stared back at him.

"Alright," he said, giving in quite reluctantly. Tenten breathed out in relief and an ecstatic grin graced her face, while her mother just smiled, happily. "Thank you Father!!" she began, when suddenly his face turned from reluctant to stern again.

"Not so fast," he said firmly.

Tenten's smile dropped like a rock. Of course. A catch. All good deals had to have a catch. "I haven't finished yet," her father continued, ignoring the glares he was receiving not only from Tenten, but also from his wife. "Tenten must find a suitor… In a week."

Tenten felt her jaw drop. A week?! A week?! "A WEEK?!" she screeched. How could she ever hope to find a boyfriend in a week?!

Her mother looked frantically towards her father. "But…"

"Stop." Tenten's father interrupted, firmly and stubbornly. "That's my proposition. Take it or leave it." Tenten's face turned red in anger, but she forced her temper down, having something that aroused her curiosity.

"Why a week?" she asked, suspicious.

Her father closed his eyes calmly before saying, "Well, I already appointed a formal meeting with a possible suitor for you. I wouldn't want to be rude and cancel if you couldn't find a boyfriend, now would I?"

She felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over her head. A possible suitor. A week. Her father knew it was not possible. Heck, even she knew it wasn't possible. But she knew by her father's dismissive tone that there was no arguing about it. At least she could get a few extra days to prepare before the week began.

"Fine," she announced, surprising both her parents that she actually agreed to it without arguing. "When does the week start?"

Tenten's father raised an eyebrow. "Today, of course."

Tenten felt her chest constrict. Today?! Today?! "TODAY?!" she screeched. The reply was a curt nod and, strangely enough, instructions.

"When, or should I say if, you find a boyfriend, you will bring him home for lunch on the Sunday after the week is up. If not, you shall accompany me to meet your… suitor."

Anger flashed in Tenten's eyes. Suitor? They were probably already practically engaged!! "Fine!" she snapped, slightly childish, "I'll find a boyfriend, father, just you wait!"

With that she stomped out of the room, out of the house and confidently into the street. It was then that the sudden impact of her situation finally hit her.

"Oh, damn," she said, "How am I gonna find a boyfriend in 7 days?"