Elladan opened his eyes from their half-lidded sleep. The sun was shining in the window, and he could hear birds singing softly in the trees beyond, and the constant, faraway sound of the gurgling river as it ran through Imladris. He smiled and rolled onto his side, savoring the warmth of the morning.

He and his twin brother Elrohir had just returned yesterday from a rather prolonged hunting trip. Their younger human brother, Estel, was currently visiting Mirkwood, but he was expected back at some point this week, probably with Mirkwood's prince in tow.

A change in the atmosphere made Elladan pause in his thoughts. There seemed a presence in the room, as if someone unseen had just arrived… There was a deep tone, like a horn being blown from very far off, and a sudden still fell on him, as if his heart had suddenly stopped beating. And then, in a change that was so quick that even Elladan's sharp elven eyes couldn't follow it, there was someone in his bed.

A young human girl, younger than Estel, less than twenty years old lay facing him, her eyes shut in sleep. Elladan didn't even have time to react before her eyes flew open and fastened on his face.

She didn't scream, as he was momentarily afraid she would. Instead, she gasped, "Shit!" and scooted backward, away from him. The bed wasn't terribly wide, and in a moment she was over the edge. There was a thump as she hit the back of her head on the bedside table, and another short series of thuds as she landed in a pile on the floor.


Elladan moved forward to look at her over the edge of the bed. The wonder and surprise were strong in him, but with the placidity of an elf, he merely asked, "Are you alright?" in a mild voice.

The girl immediately scuttled backward away from him as fast as she could, then leaped to her feet. "Stay away!" she gasped out. "What were you doing in my… my…"

She was staring around at the room. Elladan felt sure she had meant to say, "What are you doing in my bed," and then realized it wasn't her bed.

"Oh my God," she said in the flat voice of utter astonishment. "Where the hell am I?"

There was movement in the doorway as Elrohir silently appeared, and stared at the intruder. "What is happening, my brother?" he asked Elladan in Elvish, sounding slightly amused.

The girl spun around to face him; she obviously had not heard his approach. "Holy—there's two of them!" she yelped.

"She suddenly appeared in the room, Ro," Elladan answered, also in Elvish. "I think she was called by magic." They both looked at the newcomer.

She was dressed strangely, in loose trousers of some soft material, covered in strange and brightly-colored shapes. A sleeveless tunic of the same material covered her upper body, and her arms and feet were bare. Her hair was brown and curly, falling to halfway down her back—actually, about the length of Elladan's own black-brown hair. Hers was looking at bit frizzy, as if she had just slept on it. Elladan assumed that what she was wearing, then, must be her sleeping clothes. Her green eyes were very wide and she had freckles. She must usually have been rather pretty, but her face at this moment was terribly white.

"Well, she looks as if she is going to faint," Elrohir continued, taking a concerned step toward their visitor.

"Oh, no you don't!" she said forbiddingly in the Common Tongue. "You stay right there, Buddy."

Elladan didn't know what "Buddy" meant, but he climbed out of bed: slowly, so as not to startle her. "We are not going to harm you," he said gently, holding up his hands in a sign of peace. "But you look a bit ill. Perhaps you had better sit down?" He motioned to a chair behind her.

After a moment of indecision, the girl dropped into it. She muttered something, but Elladan's sharp (and pointy!) ears caught it: "Just yesterday I wished something interesting would happen." She dropped her chin into her hand and stared resignedly at the floor. "Me and my big mouth."

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3: No, she and Legolas aren't going to fall in love

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