(A/N: Lyrics and the final line are written by Yukito Kishiro. The rest of the text is my work.)

Peace. For a few precious, blessed minutes, there is no hatred, no killing, in this place. It may be so elsewhere, but here and now lays the ideal of any society.

Koyomi and Fury are curled up together, asleep. I can hear Lou snoring through the com-link. Now only I am awake to hear the soothing sounds you create, mister Kaos.

I see the image in my mirror

The first line shocks me. Like a punch to the soul. It's so complete, so meaningful, it makes me dizzy in awe and appreciation.

Coming closer, coming nearer

My soul cries out in tune with the song as it becomes accustomed to the rhythm. Like a thirst for battle it seeks rhythm, but of another kind. My skin is tingling uncontrollably. It's a beautiful sensation.

And I don't know what to do

Because the image is of you

Ah, nostalgia. My mind is cast back through time, in no apparent order, thinking of all the people I hold dear. My heart plummets as I recall friends I've lost, and soars again at the memory of those still with me.

It's in my mirror, in my mirror

It's a teasing, powerful sensation. My soul is fighting, wishing for a way to escape the pressure of my body. If I could, I might set it loose, to fly free on the notes of this music. It's almost disorienting. The only release I've known is in battle. A battle cry rises out of habit to my lips, but I don't allow it to pass.

And what is love but seeing others

Those we want to know as brothers

Family... Immediately I think of Ido. I stop myself from bringing up recent events. I don't want to ruin this moment. I choose to remember him only as he was, the doctor, the hunter warrior...

Ajakutty drifts into mind, as well. He, who called me sister, even though I was not a true Motorballer.

A reflection in the heart

Broken glass, our time apart

Hugo, Figure, I'veparted withso many friends, companions, it almost seems futile to even meet them in the first place. But the song compels me to remember only the good times. I sigh, and I smile.

It's in my mirror, in my mirror

As the song winds to a close, the fire inside me cools. I still feel a residual enchantment, almost exhilaration, left over. Slowly I rise. Quietly, I creep over to Koyomi, and pull a blanket over her as she sleeps soundly. Fury doesn't even bother to twitch. I smile in amusement at the useless old hound.

Even in this filthy, battle-ridden world... I can sense the presence of people, struggling to survive. And I want to protect them.