"She's getting worse isn't she?" Alana asked her mother, a week after Minako and Rei's visit.
Mariana nodded sadly "She's not getting better. And we can't treat her for anything until we find out what is wrong with her. She's not responding to any tests, nothing is showing up. And she isn't eating enough to nourish her body, and what she does eat doesn't seem to have any effect. She is loosing weight drastically. So we have arranged for a supplement nutrition to be put in her iv."
"What if you don't find out what is causing this?" Alana asked, fearing the answer.
Mariana shook her head "I don't know. Usagi seems to have the ability to pull through just about anything. That head injury, that was just short of miracle that she came out of that alive."
"What about her eyes sight?"
"It's still going, she can see less and less. She wont admit to it." Mariana replied "But she is slowly loosing that too."

"I've been in here almost two month, it's almost Christmas. When do I get out of here?" Usagi asked.
Mariana pushed away the tears that seemed to kept threatening to fall "I don't know." Mariana responded.
Usagi's blue eyes held the sadness that Mariana always saw there now "We all know you aren't going to find out what is wrong with me. Why can't you just let me out of the hospital and go home? I'm not going to get better. I have come to realize this, I think all my doctors, you and everyone else needs to realize it too."
"Usagi don't talk like that." Mariana said harshly taking Usagi's hand "You'll be fine."
"Look at me." Usagi said "Christmas is 10 days away. I'm giving you and the rest of my team of doctors 5 days to find out what is wrong with me. If you don't find out by the 20th I want to be release. OK?"
Mariana took a deep breath and nodded.

"Rei your late." Minako called, they were having a minor scout meeting at the temple, Rei, Minako, Makoto and Hotaru were the only ones there.
"Usagi is getting out of the hospital tomorrow." Rei said coming into the temple.
"What? Did they find out what is wrong with her?" Ami asked.
Rei shook her head "Usagi's tired of it. She's lost hope basically. She told her doctors that she wants let out for Christmas. I think her doctors realize also that they can't do much else for her." Rei said quietly, crossing her arms on her stomach. Her voice and eyes were sad, but there were no tears.
"Listen I was thinking, we have a lot of ways that we can help Usagi. Ways that we can't try in the hospital. And right now Mamoru returning doesn't seem to be one of them." Ami had been trying since Usagi had returned to track down Mamoru, with no luck. They found places that he had been but they had no way to get a hold of him.
"Such as?" Rei asked.
"Well Hotaru tried healing her. And that didn't work. What if we tried transferring some of out power to her? Like we have done so many other times?" Makoto asked.
"We should talk to Ami." Minako said "That might actually work. Why didn't we think of it before?"

"Can we talk to Usagi alone?" Rei asked Ranma, Callia, Callista, Alana, Seiya, Taiki, Yaten and Mariana.
"She just got home! Can't we spent a little time with her?" Alana asked.
"Alana it's all right just give them a couple minutes -k-?" Usagi asked.
"Usagi we found a way that might help you." Ami said and she quickly explained their decision "You willing to try?"
"I guess." Usagi said, her voice barely audible.
Slowly a strong energy was felt in the room, as each of the 8 scouts planetary signs appeared on their foreheads as they concentrated their energy to Usagi.
"Stop." Usagi gasped "Stop."
"Usagi what's wrong?" Ami asked as her sign disappeared.
"It hurts." Usagi replied.
Ami's visor appeared quickly. Usually calm Ami hit the table and cursed "It didn't work. Actually it had the opposite effect on Usagi."
"What? Why?" Haruka asked.
"We have given Usagi our help many times." Minako said.
"That could have killed her. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. Every time that we helped you Usagi you had the help of the Silver Crystal…" Ami let her sentence trial searching for the right words "Right now we gave Usagi raw energy that would kill a normal person. And without the Silver Crystal Usagi's body can't tolerate the energy as well."
"Then she needs to…" Everyone noticed that Usagi had fallen asleep, her energy completely drained for the time. Ami nodded to the door. When they had said goodbye they hurried back to the temple and Makoto finished her sentence "Then she needs the crystal."
"Mamoru has her transformation broach. Meaning we need to find Mamoru as soon as possible."

"This was left for you at the desk."
The dark hared man took the paper and followed his blond companion. He opened the telegram:
Mamoru stop We found Usagi stop Usagi is dying stop You should be here stop Ami Mizuno stop
"Mamoru what's wrong?" the blonde asked.
"They found Usagi. I have to go."
The blonde nodded "Rita and I will be in Tokyo next week also call us, if anything happens OK?"
"OK Andrew." Mamoru said hurrying off to make plans to leave America that night.

Usagi sat in a chair Ranma had carried her to watching the Christmas Eve festivities. Everyone was in Seiya, Taiki, Yaten and Usagi's apartment. Minako, Melvin, Taylor, Morgan, Ken, Makoto, Rei, Chad, Claudia, the whole Chan family, Ranma, Akane, Ami, Greg, Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru, Setsuna, Seiya, Taiki and Yaten.
Usagi felt herself loosing consciousness slowly, she tried to fight it off, but she knew it was a loosing battle.

Ranma had just lay Usagi in her bed when he heard the doorbell ring. He didn't know who else would be here but he did hear several be sound surprised.
Then a group of people rushed in "Um Ranma could you please excuse us?"
Ranma looked at the comer, a tall man, Ranma nodded and let himself out of them room.

Mamoru rushed over to Usagi's bed and took her hand "Usako? Come on Usako it's me."
The Ami, Minako, Makoto, Rei, Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru, Setsuna watched as Usagi's eyes fluttered open. "Mamo-Chan?" Usagi had only been heard by Mamoru.
"Usako hold on OK. We are going to find out how we can get you well again." Mamoru said.
"I'm tired of holding on Mamo-Chan." Usagi said as she slowly closed her eyes.
"Usako no. Please." Mamoru insisted "Usako I love you." Usagi was past hearing.

"Serenity." Usagi looked around her she was obviously in some kind of palace, and by the name she had been called she guessed that she was on the Moon Kingdom.
Usagi looked up to see her mother standing in front of her. "Mother!" Usagi cried hugging her.
"Hello Serenity."
"Am I on the Moon Kingdom?" Usagi asked Queen Serenity nodded "Am I dead?"
Queen Serenity nodded slightly "Yes. You are leaving so many people on Earth that love you desperately. You know that don't you dear?"
"Yes." Usagi said.
"Endymion loves you very much."
"I know. I love him too." Usagi replied.
"Then why did you break up with him?" Serenity asked.
"I realized after Galaxia died that when he is with me he is in danger of getting hurt. All my friends are. But the girls can defend themselves, Mamo-Chan can't."
"You underestimate Endymion. Don't you think that that was a decision that Endymion should have made on his own."
Usagi shrugged "I don't know."
"Isn't it a bit hypocritical dear? You hated when he dumped you, out of your safety. And yet, that is exactly the thing you did."
Usagi looked at her feet "It doesn't matter now. I can't change it now."
"There is, Serenity if you really do truly love Endymion."
"I do." Usagi said.
"Serenity," Queen Serenity placed an hand on her daughters cheek "I want what is best for you." With a wave of her hand a door appeared in front of the mother and daughter. "This door will return you to Endymion."
"I love you." Usagi said hugging her mother and then turning towards the door. Slowly Usagi walked through it.
As Usagi walked slowly down the darkness that had set in once the door had closed behind her a crack of thunder sounded over head. Usagi screeched and clenched her fists, she may be 21 but age had not lessened her fears of thunderstorms. Usagi waited for the rain to come as she stood still jumping at each flash of lightening and crack of thunder. Usagi took in several deep breaths and finally said aloud "I'm not going to let any thunderstorm stop me." And with that Usagi kept walking the thunderstorm fading into a bad memory.
Usagi sped up her walk as she saw a light. But Usagi stopped in her tracks in front of her she saw battle.
"Sailor Moon you go we will take care of this nega-trash." Sailor Mars ordered.
"But…" Usagi protested, realizing now she was in scout form.
"Just go we can take care of it." Sailor Uranus said.
Sailor Moon obeyed and ran towards the hill that Mars had suggested she go. What seemed like hours later Sailor Moon walked over to the other side of the mountain and looked down. What she saw horrified her. Sailor Moon ran down the hill, she could see her friends all lying. She found Sailor Venus first, there was a cut running along her head starting at her left ear, running across her forehead and down her right cheek to her chin. Sailor Mars wasn't far away her red skirt was tattered and she had a cut going down her right leg muscle showing through the cut. Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all had similar injuries and Hotaru had sacrificed herself. But Sailor Moon knew that it wasn't the injuries that had killed her friends, it was something else, whatever was being searched for, and by the looks of it they had found it.
"No!" Sailor Moon cried "This isn't true! They can't leave me alone!"
Usagi took several deep breaths "No, this isn't right I am going. I'm going back to Mamo-Chan." When Usagi looked down she could see that she was back in the red sweater and black jeans she had been wearing earlier.
Usagi took several deep breaths trying to control her hysterical sobbing. Usagi finally started walking ahead again. Again she was stopped this time by Mamoru. "I don't love you Usagi. Why would I ever love you, your just a crybaby, who's only hobbies are eating and sleeping."
"Mamo-Chan? Why?" Usagi asked.
"Because I don't love you." Mamoru replied.
"That's not true. You just told me." Mamoru seemed to disappear at this.
"I don't know what's going on, but I'm just trying to get Mamo-Chan." Usagi cried.
Usagi came to a door and reached out a shaky hand to turn the handle.

"Usako. Come on. Don't die." Mamoru said he didn't even realize that he was crying. "Usako I love you." Mamoru watched as the paramedics tried to restart Usagi's heart.
"We have a pulse." One of the paramedics said.
Mamoru let put a sigh of relief and watched as Usagi's eyes fluttered open "I came back for you." Usagi said quietly.
"I know." Mamoru said taking Usagi's hand.

Usagi looked ahead of her Darien stood in a white tuxedo down the aisle. Charles, Rei and Chad's 4 year old son stood in the middle of 6 year olds Morgan and Taylor. Charles wore a white tuxedo, Morgan and Taylor wore white dresses, the skirts were A-line, the sleeves dipped off the shoulders, and the neckline was kind of high. The girls wore their curly brown hair in a fancy bun on top of their heads held in a white band.
Usagi's wedding dress was sleeveless and made out of white satin with an A-line skirt. Behind her in a line was Minako, Makoto, Ami, and Rei. They all wore purple dresses Minako's maid of honor dress was slightly dark. All 4 dresses were spaghetti strap the skirts fell straight to the floor.
Usagi smiled, it had been a long 5 years or, even a long 8 years. After Usagi's trials coming back from the dead she had spent a lot more time in the hospital. It had taken Mamoru and Ami a lot of time to figure out that the Silver Crystal had shielded Usagi from having her body being attacked by all the dark energy that she had had shot at her, but when Usagi had been away from the Crystal for a long period of time the energy had started to take effect on Usagi. But with the presence of the Silver Crystal and the help of the senshi and Mamoru she had slowly built up her energy level and she was fine now, because her friends and Mamoru stood beside her. And she and Mamoru were getting married like they should have a long time ago.

THere I finished a story! And it has a happy ending. THanks to my best-friend Serenity Chiba for waiting sooo patiently! Lol thanks.