Chapter 1, Misery

OK Fushigi Yuugi fanatics, remember Tatara and Suzuno? Here's my first fanfic on them. Since these two are often forgotten, I decided to bring them alive once more. So, bear with me if I have any miscalculations. Oh, yeah...PLEASE R&R!!!

5 years later…

Day after day

Time pass away

And I just can't get

You off my mind…

Humming the song to the melody, Suzuno Oosugi sang as she played her fingers on the piano with ease. As she sang, she was aware of the deep silence that filled the old room echoing every note that sounded, every movement that swayed. Dusty, old and stuffy as it was, Suzuno was never bothered by the ancient smell of lemon polish on aging furniture, or the streaking sunlight that glowed from the glass windows that showed specks of dirt floating the room. Obviously, it needed cleaning…badly.

"As long as the piano works well." She always thought, every time she sat down on the cushioned stool before it. Or when dragging her fingers through the surface, and surprised to find dirt smudged on it. Or stopping to sneeze out the smell. But whatever surprise she found out, it never compared to the great thing that the piano had belonged to many generations of the Oosugi family, each in turn passing it down. Just as the piano is an heirloom, the gift of playing the piano as well is hereditary.

She stumbled on it one day when she needed a place to hide, from the irony that surrounded her. The sound it made was soothing and comforting, just what she needs.

But if I let you go,

I'll never know

What my life would be

Holding you close to me…

Her fingers froze in position as she suddenly stopped. An emotion she had ridden off 5 years ago returned, blurring her vision. But still as stubborn, she blinked hard to focus her eyes to the music piece she brought laid in front of her. Then continued.

Will I ever see

You smiling back at me

But how will I know

If I let you go.

"Remind me to bring a happy piece next time." She muttered to herself and flipped the next page for the piece.

Night after night

I hear myself say

Why can't this feeling

Just fade away?

There's no one like you

You speak to my heart

It is such a shame

We're worlds apart…

"That's it!" she stood up frustrated as tears made her blind that she couldn't see. Suzuno started kicking the stool she just sat on until it tumbled to the floor with a resounding thud. "What is happening to me?" she whispered as she caressed her face with trembling fingers to check for any signs of change. Instead, she was shocked to find wet streaks on her cheeks. Appalled, she gingerly lifted her fingertips and rubbed it between them finding it still damp, and warm. Then, a small droplet landed at the base of her outstretched palm. Then another. And another. And another one as a little puddle overflowed to settle at the spot between her feet.

And then and there did she collapsed to her knees at the floor and sobbed all that was worth sobbing for.


Author's Note: What do you think? Sad and too much focused on one topic? I made it this way so that you could get the picture on what was happening to the former-Byakko-no-Miko, 5 years after the Tragedy. But don't worry, the other ones won't be so bad…and sad… don't forget to R&R!!!!