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Book 1: Danny Phantom Section

Book 2: Fairly Odd Parents Section

Book 3: Jimmy Neutron Section!

Summary: In the next part of their journey, Danny and co., along with their newfound buddies Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy, land in the 3-D world of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. After catching up on old times (and having a nice, refreshing glass of Flurp) Danny begins acting very strangely. What's going on? What is this strange mutation he is going through? What is the meaning of Tucker's strange dreams? Who is the strange masked woman that comes to help? And...why is Cosmo so stupid? Find out... DP/FOP/JN crossover.

Pairings: Danny/Sam, Timmy/Cindy, (minor) Jimmy/Cindy, Sheen/Libby.Maybe somehints of more.

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Chapter 1: Why is Everything so Bulgy?

Jimmy's Lab, Retroville, Jimmy's Universe.

June 21, 2004 Real late at night

When Danny woke up, his vision was clouded. He could make out the shape of the phone booth near him, along with, Sam, Tuck, Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda, who were unconscious all around him. He was in a dark room, with beeping lights all around. He blinked once, and his vision cleared. He was in a lab of some kind. A screen was displaying an empty kitchen, and a small robotic dog was waiting patiently for something.

Danny staggered to his feet, and then he noticed something: Everything seemed to have a different touch to it. "OH MY FREAKIN-" He raced to the nearest mirror. He looked strange. Not much different, he just looked more…three dimensional.

Theme song here (Jimmy Neutron Theme)

"Wha-oh my god- I LOOK WEIRD!!" Danny screamed. He turned to look at his friends. They also looked three dimensional. Sam's ponytail thingy was attached to her head, and he could count the hairs on their heads. Cosmo and Wanda's heads looked oversized on their bodies, and Timmy's big goofy teeth looked bigger, goofier, and teethier. Help's dimensions hadn't changed though.

Danny's screaming woke up everybody else. They quickly checked themselves over, and all of them began screaming-except Timmy and Help. Help remained silent, Timmy started chattering.

"Oh, cool! I know where we are! This is Jimmy's universe! I've been here before! This is his lab. He keeps tons of cool stuff here. He's a genius." Immediately, the robotic dog came over and started licking Timmy. "Hey Goddard! Mutated lately?"

Danny looked around the lab. It was…cool. Countless inventions were stacked across the walls. There were several doors with DNA locks on them. What shocked Danny the most was that there was a near-exact replica of the phone booth (which had disappeared) in one corner. "Okay… this is scary." Suddenly, there was a beeping noise.

"What was that?" Wanda said.

A little bit later, two weird people dropped down from a tunnel. One was hefty, wore glasses, had orange hair, beady eyes, and had on a shirt and trousers. The other one was Hispanic, had black (Right?) hair, brown eyes, an UltraLord tee, black pants, and a manic look on his face. He was the first to notice our heroes.

"Hey, look! It's Small Headed Jimmy! Hey man!" He walked over and gave Timmy a big slap on the back. "Ehh…who are your friends?"

"Allow me to introduce them: Danny, Sam, Tucker, Cosmo, Wanda, meet Sheen and Carl. Sheen, Carl, meet Danny, Sam, Tucker, Cosmo and Wanda." Timmy smiled. "They're cool. Where's Jim?"

"He's out of town for the day," Carl said.

"Cool!" Cosmo said. He was staring at a wall of inventions. "Hey-what does this button do?" He floated over and touched a door. Immediately, he was electrically shocked.

"I wish he was in a cage," Timmy mumbled. Soon enough, Cosmo was locked in a cage.

"Ok…" Tucker said, "Excitement's gone. I'm bored. Now what?"

Tuck spoke too soon. About two minutes later, Jimmy burst through the door. "Hey Jimmy," Sheen said casually. "Nothing's going on, just that these weird people are in your lab and one of them is Small Headed Jimmy. So… what's up?"

Danny couldn't help but stare. Jimmy was…a ten year old kid! He was short, with a strange hairdo. "Who are these people?" Jimmy said. "I-holy Heisenberg!" His eyes turned to Help. "Where did you get that?"


Jimmy didn't respond. He was over by Help. "So, I guess she found a use for you after all, InfoDisc 2.0."

"As I've told you for the fifteenth time, Creator, my name is Help!"

"And as I've told you for countless times, my name is Jimmy." He had this real smug look on his face.

"Uhh," Wanda said, "You…know what she is?"

"Of course," Jimmy said. "I invented her."

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