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Chapter 13: Leaving the Past Behind

"Irresponsible, stupid, unethical, against your cause...need I go on?"

The gang was back downstairs. Jimmy was yelling at Help for going on vacation at a bad time. Sam looked very happy.

The shouts were mildly amusing, but Danny got bored fast. To amuse himself, he took a closer look at Help. There wasn't that much out of the ordinary with her, but he was bored. She had short, shaggy bangs, and her hair was brushed over one side of her face. She was wearing a turtleneck under her poncho, even though it was 80 degrees out.

"But...I didn't think anything would happen!" Help whined. "I figured that Danny would come back, and there he is!"

"Infodisc 2.0, you were created to help," SR said, "But you are more of a nuisance to the rest of us. I can't help but wonder why you were chosen for this."

"You should know!" Help shouted. "You-" SR made a sign in the air. "Oh, never mind."

"Good. With that done..." SR turned to Danny, Sam, Tuck, Timmy, Cos, and Wan. "Even though you may not like it, your journey is not over. You will face good times and bad, easy quests and tough, friends and enemies, and other stuff. Now, I have a special message for each of you."

She spoke to Tucker first. "Tuck, even though it may seem like you are not involved very much, your role will count where you least expect it to. Try your best."

"Timmy, you look up to Danny, despite his...unique handicap. When you are sure he needs you, go and do something for him. Like jump on him. That works, trust me."

"Hey, that's not funny!" SR rolled her eyes.

"Cosmo, don't do anything stupid."

"Wanda, you are a respnsible nag. Try to keep the others in order."

"Sam, try to control your temper. It's okay to be angry, but don't get out of hand."

"Danny...this journey may be the most confusing for you. You have already been attacked once. I want you to be strong and carry on. And calm Sam's animal nature." She giggled. Sam growled, as if to drive the point home.

"The phone booth will be here momentarily," SR said. "Jimmy will be coming with you. His parents are used to sudden trips, so there will be no surprise. The rest of you, however, must stay."

"Aw maan," Sheen said.

"Don't worry, we'll come backfor you," Jimmy said. "And we'll keep in touch through my watch."

"Well, have fun..." Cindy said dejectedly. She and Timmy embraced one last time. Then, smoke filled the air, and the phone booth was set to go. "Five minutes to bye-bye," it said.

The crew packed their things and put them in Jim's hypercube. Jimmy also threw in a few inventions, just in case. Eager to go, Goddard tried to get in, but the doors slammed on him.

"Sorry, boy," Jimmy said. "But I can't bring you." The booth spun around and dissapeared.

Danny looked at his 3-D stature one last time. "I wonder where we're going next," he said.

"Hopefully it's somewhere that doesn't make Wanda's butt look that big," Cosmo said. "I mean..."

"Shut up," Danny said. "Jimmy, where are we headed?"

There was a pause. "I have no clue."

Just like last time, the booth stopped. "Cloaking activated."

Danny was smart. He closed his eyes to prevent being blinded by the flash. When he opened them, his dimensions were...normal!

"Guys!" he shouted, waking everyone else up. "We're home!"

"Yay!" Cosmo chirped. "Wanda's got her old butt back!"

"Hey, wait a sec," Tucker said. "Jimmy's dimensions are the same!" He was right. Jim was still 3D.

"Uh, guys?" Sam said anxiously. "I think we either have a directional error, or more craziness ahead."


"Look!" So they looked. And saw nothing.

Nothing but exstensive, churning waters, gently rocking the phone booth. They were deep in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, aka nowhere. There was a smallisland in thenothingness, but itwas very far away.

"Okay," Timmy said. "Anybody got any ideas?"

"Follow my lead," Jimmy said. There was a dramatic pause.


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