Forgotten magic, illusion, sand, and change. These are the elements that compose the Sands of D'Resh, the westernmost region of the Moonlands. Few ever go there, fewer still leave the ever-shifting dunes, becoming lost in the sea of sand, or finding worse fates. Yet, there are still those who live in this harsh, barren realm, and they pride themselves on their resilience and their magic. They are among the few who can discern what is real and what is not in D'Resh, having been blessed with great strength by the legendary avatar, Durresh, the Magi from whom the region claims its name. Though deadly, D'Resh is quite beautiful at times, namely sunset.

Staring out into the sands was a young looking Magi, cloaked in deep purple robes, propped up on a staff adorned with a strange skull. Next to him sat a huge Magi, whose powerful presence was enough to scare even the most evil of Magi. White scales laced his body, glistening purples and oranges in the desert sunset.

"How long has it been since I last watched the sun set?" The powerful Magi stated, somberly gazing at the sands and sun. "How long was I in their midst, Nahara? How long did I subject myself to the evil of the Core?"

Nahara put a comforting hand on his brother's shoulder, still staring out into nothingness. "Stop beating yourself up. You did what needed to be done. There's no need to dwell on what can't be changed, Korremar. It's time to look forward, to what lies ahead, for all of us."

Still the wiser of the two, Nahara had a way of putting things that always made even the smallest task sound like a worthy cause. And what Korremar had gone through was no small task. The Magi had done what others had deemed impossible. Nothing is impossible, not with the power of the Avatar. He heard the words ringing through his head all the time, remembering how reckless he had been before setting out. Drajan had warned him, but he didn't listen. Being the embodiment of the Avatar does not make you invincible, Korremar. Remember that…

"Did it do us any good, though? Harror and Qwade, the two most powerful Shadow Magi, are still out there, somewhere, and now Naroom has fallen to the Dark Twins. How much good did I do the Moonlands? Everything has gotten worse since I went to that abysmal place…" Unable to think of anything to say, his brother removed his hand and rose to his feet.

"All we can do is help them. No one has the power to truly bring the fight to the Core but us. And now that you have returned, our power is even greater. Don't you see? Just the fact that you resisted the Core's tainting touch is enough to make your sacrifice worth while. Don't you see that?" The D'Reshi brothers stood on the dune, still gazing at the sun. Korremar's brooding shell began to crumble, and Nahara saw a look he had not seen in years on Korremar's face. The look that always told him everything was going to work out…

Further updates will follow, keep reading to find out what happens to Korremar and Nahara.