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Because I am a Girl

Chapter One – The Troubles of Him or Her

The Sandaime could feel a headache coming from a mile away. Somehow, in all of his years of wisdom and experience, he has not foreseen this.

Five years ago, a formidable demon called the Kyuubi attacked the village of the Hidden Leaf. Many men and women were slaughtered in the days of battle. Finally, in the sacrifice of his own life, the Yondaime, developed a forbidden jutsu that sealed the Kyuubi in the body of a newborn baby. Peace was restored once again, and while it was difficult, Konoha was rebuilt. The Sandaime also came out of his retirement to help his village move on from this tragedy.

Yet life did not simply move on. The people of Konoha were angry. People simply do not move on when so many of their family and comrades were killed without reason. Especially when the Kyuubi was not truly dead.

When the Yondaime first developed his jutsu, his goal was to destroy the Kyuubi completely. However, he soon recognized the error of this method. The Kyuubi, in many sense of the word, is immortal. Therefore, even in the exchange of his own life, the Kyuubi cannot be sealed to die. The equation simply does not balance out. Even the death god does not have the power to kill something that cannot be killed. The only thing he could do is to seal the demon away from doing more harm, and allow him to die of natural causes along with the body of his host.

However, the host cannot be just anyone. The Kyuubi is a formidable being, in both power and persuasion. A being such as this cannot be contained within a formed mind without the danger of it breaking free or driving the host insane. The Kyuubi must be sealed within the body of a newborn child. So that as the child grows and develops, the seal will only grow stronger with time as well.

At this point, the Yondaime knew of only one person with whom he could trust this formidable task. A baby whose mother had returned to the battle lines soon after its birth, only to die hours later, from injuries and fatigue. A baby destined for a life of hardship and heartache, for it would soon lose its father as well. This baby was Uzumaki Naruko, the daughter of the fourth hokage.

The Yondaime had hoped that his child will be seen as a hero among his people, and that she will be loved and supported as she grew up without a family. Yet this was not the case. The people of Konoha saw only the demon that is seal within the girl, and in turn, only held resentment toward the Fourth only heir.

The Sandaime sighed. So far, he has taken care of the girl, sheltering her from the hardships of her life. But soon, she will have to live alone once more, within the hatred of the people. Only few of the Konoha's elite knew of this girl's true identity, the rest only knew that the demon was sealed within a baby, and that the baby currently resides within the Sandaime's care.

It has been five years since the days of the Kyuubi. Naruko is now five. She lives as any other girl, albeit lonelier. She knows that she is different; she could feel it in others' gazes, even her own personal caretakers. None of them ever said anything, but she knew. Yesterday was the first time she was attacked though. A small group of rouge villagers has bought their way in through the Sandaime's cook, and sneaked their way into the estate by the backdoor in the kitchen. From there, they proceeded directly toward Naruko's room. They beat her, yelled at her and spat on her, but to them this was still not enough. They needed to humiliate this little girl and let her feel the suffering that they felt; because to them, she was the Kyuubi. They tore at her clothes, despite the tears and screams of the five years old girl. Their anger driving them insane. They decided then that they would rape her. And they almost did. It was at this point that the Sandaime arrived with his elite guards. Within minutes, the men were defeated. But this event left a forever-prominent scar.

The Sandaime knew he could not keep Naruko with him forever, that sooner or later she would have to live on her own. Yet a girl, especially a hated girl, has little chance of surviving in the harsh world outside. The villagers knew of the child that held the Kyuubi, but they did not know that the child was a girl. And they would not know, until she has learned enough to protect herself from the dangers that face her.

It was then that the Sandaime made his decision. He would place a henge on Naruko, making her appearance male. Then he will seal the henge so that it feeds of his own chakra instead of the child's. This way, only he can release it when the time comes. After explaining this to a traumatized Naruko, she agreed. Even at this young age, she knew of the dangers and the terrors that face her. And it terrified her.

From that day on, Uzumaki Naruko, the daughter of Yondaime, became Uzumaki Naruto, the son of Yondaime.

Seven Year Later

Uchiha Sasuke watched in barely concealed shock as Naruto and Gaara fought.

This was Naruto?! What else is he hiding?

He was snapped out of his thoughts, however, when he saw both boys crash to the ground, many feet below, neither of whom moving. His concern for his teammate overpowered his initial shock, and he leaped down to check on the blond.

"Nauto! Are you alright?"

A muffled moan from the boy confirmed that he was indeed still alive. After a quick glance toward Gaara, making sure that he was still out, Sasuke moved to gently turn the blond so that he lay on his back. A quick glance showed many cuts and bruises; yet the true extent of his injury was unknown to the Uchiha.

Suddenly, Naruto gasped as his eyes shot open. Tremors attacked his petite body as he bit his lip to keep in any sounds of pain.

"Naruto! What's wrong? Come on, talk to me!"

His wide blue eyes slowly focused on Sasuke's dark ones, as he managed to whisper, "Something's wrong with the Hokage."

"What?" Sasuke said, confused. They were miles away from the Hokage. Did Naruto hit his head too hard? "The Hokage isn't here Naruto. I'm sure he's fine."

"No! Sasuke, you don't understand. There's something wrong with Sandaime! I think —" The rest of his sentence were left unsaid as a scream tore through his throat. Naruto's shakes got stronger.

Feeling helpless, Sasuke could only move to hold Naruto closer to himself, hoping to physically stop his shaking. All of a sudden, the shaking stopped, and no more sounds came from the small blond. Sasuke kept holding the blond, afraid to move, afraid that once he left go he'll find Naruto dead, like everyone else in his life.

As he gently rocked the blond back and forth, Sasuke noticed in the back of his mind that something was not quite right. Somehow, Naruto's hair was getting…longer. Not only that, it feels as if the blond was shrinking. Not shrinking as in he's going to become a mini Naruto, but his frame was becoming slimmer, more delicate. Somehow, Naruto felt like a completely different person.

A few moments after Sasuke felt the changes take place, he heard a small voice whisper into his neck. "Sasuke?"

It took Sasuke a few more moments to realize that this definitely was not Naruto's voice. The voice that he heard was soft and melodic, though sounding a bit weak and tired. But it was definitely female. Somehow, Naruto sounds and feels like a girl. Surely there is a logical explanation for this.

"Sasuke, let me go. I can't breathe."

There's that voice again.

Slowing, Sasuke pulled away from the body he held in his arms, almost afraid to look down. Taking a deep breath, he inwardly scowled at himself. I am an Uchiha, I am definitely not afraid to look at Naruto. Finally glancing down, his eyes met familiar bright blue ones. Sasuke exhaled. Of course this was still Naruto, what was he thinking. A second glance, however, made him take that thought back. The girl in his arms has long blonde hair down to her lower back. Her blue eyes held a questioning look. Soft pink lips slightly pouting as she took in Sasuke's stare, "What are you looking at, Sasuke-teme?"

The face was a girl's face. A very, very gorgeous girl's face. Sasuke looked lower.

Yup, definitely a girl's body.

He is now holding a gorgeous blond girl in his arms, who holds a strange resemblance to Naruto.

"Sasuke, you bastard! My face is up here!"

It was at this point that Sasuke's expressionless resolve cracked. His eyes went wide as he choked out, "N…n…naruto?!?"