First of all I'd like to apologize to everyone who follows this story. I haven't been on this site in forever and didn't think anyone was still reading it. So I was completely shocked when I logged on today out of the blue, and realized that it was getting hundreds, if not thousands of hits a month!
I was extremely touched, especially when I read the kind reviews left by my readers. And I also felt embarrassed and guilty for abandoning this story.
Please understand that it wasn't my intention to disappoint you just got to me. It gave me a beating and I stayed down for longer than I thought I would. And now that I'm finally pulling myself up's like I'm a different person.

It has been six years since I worked on this story. To be honest, I don't think I will be writing any more chapters, and for that I am genuinely sorry.
A lot of things have happened in six years, and I just don't have it in me to finish this story at this point in my life.
I haven't even watched Naruto in all this time! So my inspiration has kind of dried

I feel that I owe it to my readers to post this message.
If you have the urge to post a review and yell at me...feel free to do so =)

For those of you who just want to know what I would have done with the characters in 500 words or less, scroll down!
(note that this plot line is not canon...since I don't even know what canon is these days...)

























Sasuke still leaves Konoha (as in the original). Naruko is devastated.

Time skip 6 years!

Naruko works her way up to being a Jounin and is in the same team as Neji.
She runs into Sasuke on a mission...fight, make out, fight again.
She continues to run into Sasuke during missions (it's almost like he's finding her on purpose o_O)...fight, make out, fight, grope, fight, sex, fight again.
Meanwhile Neji finds out, admits that he's in love with her in a state of jealousy, but settles on being her supportive friend and shoulder to cry on.
Meanwhile Sasuke is planning on taking over the universe.
Naruko finds out Sasuke's evil plans...they fight fight and huuuuge fight...leaving both half dead.
Neji finds injured Naruko and brings her back to Konoha. She finds out she's pregnant with Sasuke's baby (yes I know, cliche).

Time skip 5 years!

Naruko is married to Neji. They have two kids. Oldest is a boy (actually Sasuke's kid) and a girl.
And she's pregnant with a third (always thought underneath the anal exterior Neji is a hot blooded extremely virile young man).
Sasuke sneaks into Konoha and seeks their happy family and totally rages on the inside.
War starts. Sasuke has totally gone to the dark side.
Neji is seriously injured in an ambush. His dying wish was to hear Naruko say she loves him.
She realizes that although he's always been at her side, supportive and loving, he has always been afraid that she only loved Sasuke.
She also realizes that Sasuke is her past, but Neji and their children are her present and future.
She proclaims her love for Neji. Neji totally doesn't die.
Naruko pops out her third kid, a lil boy.
Sasuke and his evil army invades Konoha.
Naruko and Sasuke duel.
Naruko is out of practice (from the pregnancy) and Sasuke gains the upper hand.
Sasuke is beating on Naruko and is making all kinds of evil promises about what he'll do to her important people...namely her husband and children.
In a state of desperation she tells him one of the kids is his, and he is so shocked he misses his shot.
Seeing how Naruko struggles to get up and fight even in her weakened state, understanding that she is no longer his, how he is the enemy now, and he threw everything away for this victory that now tastes as bland and nasty as cardboard...Sasuke realizes that he could have had it all.
Everything he has done was for nothing. Reality just doesn't have the same appeal as how he imagined it.
He laughs at his fate and charges at Naurko for a final blow.
She sees him coming and does the same.
At the last minute, Sasuke misses Naruko on purpose, taking her hit on the chest, effectively committing suicide.
Naruko holds him as he fell, smile on his face, seeing only his face in her eyes in his dying moment. Naruko goes back to Konoha with Sasuke's body. The war is over.
They live on.