Keira's Lament

Rating: PG.

Summery: A poem I wrote down about what Keira thinks of Jak's change in Jak 2.

Disclaimer: I don't own Keira or Jak.

LES: Go easy on me. I'm not very good at poetry.

You are the light of my life.

You got me though the wind and strife.

The love between us was true,

That spark in your eyes of deep ocean-blue.

A hero, you maybe,

But our love went deeper than the sea.

That day I lost you, I died.

For hours and hours I must've cried.

I've lived for two years and a quarter,

My sanity just on the border.

Then, one day, you can back

And I missed the precious things that you lack.

There's a Darkness in your soul,

It's Dark Eco. You are full

Of anger and spite.

You fight the Baron with all your might.

Don't you know when revenge you boast,

You hurt the ones you love the most.

What happened to the boy I knew?

He faded away into the blue.

Yet, deep down inside,

That boy might still reside.

One day, I might wake up and see him there,

Those blue eyes, so full of cheer.

Until then I must wait.

I just hope it isn't too lateā€¦

LES: Well? What do you think? Please let me know. Except no flames. All I do is laugh at them and that would get boring after a while.