Title: Troubled Return

Summary: Another case, another perp and another victim. But what is it about this victim that left the SVU detectives shocked???

Disclaimers: Dick Wolf has asked for one million dollars per character, Eight Million or so in total, unfortunately I don't have that kind of money, so they're not mine …………………………………YET!

Author's note:
(Big wave hello) Hope you enjoy!


She stepped outside the airport doors. Finally she was home. She inhaled the bitter sweet aroma which surrounded her, felt the chilling cold breeze blow in her face and making her golden hair dance. Just like the old days she thought pulling her coat tighter. She looked around her, wandering where she should go first. She looked behind her and noticed that she was still standing in front of the automatic doors. Smiling at herself and hailed a taxi.

The taxi driver was a middle-age Asian guy. He smiled, got out of his taxi to help her put her luggage into the boot of the vehicle. She got into the front passenger seat and gave the man an address.

Throughout the trip, she looked out of the window into to the busy streets of New York City. The looming tall skyscrapers, the rush hour traffic along with the beeping of horns, the policeman and the druggies every now and then on the corners. Chaos. The cab driver seemed to be blabbing on as if there was no tomorrow that he didn't seem to notice that his passenger wasn't paying much attention to what he was going on about. She didn't mind. It beat awkward silence.

At last the cab stopped and she stepped outside. She looked at her building, and then around at the neighbourhood. It brought back a lot of good and bad memories. She slammed the cab door shut and went to get her luggage. She handed over a crisp fifty dollar note, thanked him and got out her keys. She walked up the ten steps or so to get to the main entrance doors and placed one of her keys into the hole and turned. Click. She pushed the door open and stepped inside the lobby. It was empty. She made her way to the fleet of steps on the other side of the lobby when she felt something hard hit the back of her head. Her eyesight went blurry and she blacked out before she hit the ground.


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