Title: Troubled Return

Summary: Another case, another perp and another victim. But what is it about this victim that left the SVU detectives shocked?

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Elliot and Olivia were standing in front of Rant's house. They were ready to pound open his door but decided to knock before they did. They heard footsteps and then the door swang open.

"What?" Rant was standing there in his pyjamas. He blinked a few times and starred at the detectives. "How can I help you?"

"Step outside, please." Said Olivia

"Who are you?" asked Rant as he stepped outside.

Elliot walked behind him and cuffed him. Rant look surprise and started to struggle and pull the cuffs apart. "Anthony Rant, You are under arrest, anything and everything you say may and may not be used in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney, if you can't afford one; the state of New York will provide you one." Elliot recited

"What did I do? I just got back from a holiday! My alibi will check out!" Rant started screaming.

"It did but not any more." Said Olivia as she helped Elliot get Rant into the police car.


"What do you want out of me?" asked Rant.

Olivia and Elliot were still in San Francisco. Casey had just flown in to help them.

"The truth!" said Olivia

"Well then I want a lawyer." Said Rant as he crossed his arms

Olivia and Elliot walked out of the interrogation room as Rant called his attorney. Casey was waiting for them

"Munch and Fin just said to question the judge's wife, Marsha." Said Casey

"Yeah we'll do that after we question Rant." Said Olivia just as an officer come in. All three of them looked at him

"Rant didn't call his attorney!"

"Then who did he call?" asked Elliot now crossing his arms"

"Marsha Barton" Olivia and Elliot looked at each other.


They arrived at the Barton Residence. It was the housekeeper who answered the door.

"I'm detective Benson and this is detective Stabler. Is Mrs Barton home?"

"Ah… no, she just left. Do you want me to leave her a message?"

"No, do you know where she went?"

"She didn't say. She said that she had something to do, and left."

"Okay. When she gets back can you get her to ring this number?" Olivia said as she took out her card, but stopped to realize that she was in San Francisco. Instead she pulled out a card which she had gotten from the San Francisco detectives. "Ring this number and as for Detective Benson, okay?"

The housekeeper nodded and closed the door.

When Olivia and Elliot reached the car, Olivia asked "Where do you think she went?"

Elliot shrugged.

They headed back to the police station. When they arrived, Detective Yuroke came out and said, "There's someone I think you would like to see in interrogation."

Olivia and Elliot entered the room and turned to look through the mirror. There was a lady siting inside.

"It's Marsha Barton." Said Yuroke as Olivia let out a grasp.

Elliot looked at Mrs Barton and then Olivia, "What's wrong?"

"She's the blonde chick." Said Olivia

Elliot took a closer look. A San Francisco detective came out of the interrogation room.

"She wants a lawyer."

Olivia starred. The detective was about to walk away when Olivia stopped him. "Has Rant got his lawyer yet?"

"Yeah, Ms Novak's with him right now."

Olivia nodded and went to the interrogation room where Rant was. She starred at the mirror.

"My client wants a deal. You give him a deal and he'll tell you everything and anything you need."

Casey starred. Should she make him a deal that Rant would accept? It was mean that she wouldn't have to go to trial; however the detectives would bit her head off, like staving vultures and a dead animal.

"First degree rape and second degree attempted murder."

"You've got to be joking me. His only going to get a few years off, second degree rape and third degree attempted murder."

"No. He'll be out in seven. My offer stays where it is. Take it or leave."

Rant's attorney opened his mouth to argue when Rant said, "How about I'll tell you who sent me and you give me the deal that my lawyer suggested."

Casey cracked a smile and turned to the attorney and said. "He sounds desperate, is it because his admitting that his guilty?" She turned back at Rant, "I'm sure your lawyer will explain that, that information was what you were already giving me if you took my deal. You either take my offer or I'm leaving and you will never see that offer again."

Casey starred at Rant for a few more seconds and then stood up. "See you in court."

Olivia was still staring at Rant and his attorney, when Casey tapped her on the shoulder.

"You okay?" asked Casey

"Yeah… Yeah, I'm fine. We have Marsha Barton."

"Yeah, I heard."

Olivia nodded.


Elliot was already questioning Mrs Barton when Olivia entered the room.

"Oh come on. Don't tell me that you have no idea why ten thousand dollars was transferred from you account." Said Elliot

"Look my client shares accounts with her husband, have you asked him?"

"Yeah we did, and he doesn't have a clue why. Now you can tell us. We know you payed your brother to give Rant an alibi. Now we want to know why you paid Rant."

Mrs Barton looked at him. "Cause he was being a good friend."

"So what, you just give out 'rewards' of five thousand dollars whenever you feel that one of your friends are 'good'?"

Mrs Barton didn't answer. Elliot sat down opposite her.

"How long have you and Rant been going out for?"

Yet again Mrs. Barton didn't reply.

"Does you husband know about him?"


"Maybe we should ring him and ask him what he thinks about it." Elliot suggested

Mrs. Barton looked up till her eyes met Elliot's. They were hard and cold.

"I don't care what he thinks. He started it!" She fired back

"He sent you on a blind date with Rant?"

"No!" she rolled her eyes. "He started sleeping with his, good for anything clerk. What's her face. Don't you think I noticed? I could smell female perfume on Mark every so often. So I put two and two together. He would work overtime a lot more as well." She took a deep breathe.

"So you had to do something about it." Said Olivia

Mrs Barton looked directly at Olivia. A smile was starting to form. "Of course, I found Anthony. A real gentleman. He would do anything for me." She paused, enjoying every word that she was saying, 'Then I found out about his past, you know jail. He agreed to do it. Naturally it took a bit a persuading but after a while he agreed. I heard Mark say that she was going to New York so I gave Anthony a ticket and that little rat's address. He waited for her and once he saw her, he did as I said. She'll die. That should teach her a lesson never to mess with me or my family."

Olivia and Elliot starred at her. Her lawyer bowed his head.


It had been two months since Alex was attacked. Nothing changed much. The detectives visited her every so often, Olivia and Munch a little bit more. Her attacker, Rant, and his 'partner' Marsha Barton were sentenced to prison. Work, was still the same.

The detectives where having a meeting in Cragen's Office.

"You tried the parents yet?" Cragen looked at Fin and Munch

"No one's home. Neighbour…" Munch started when he was interrupted. The phone was ringing.

Cragen hastily picked the phone. "Cragen."

"O… yes…… okay thankyou."

He slowly put down the phone. He had a serious look on his face. The detectives stared at him.

"Alex's awake."

The End!


Author's Notes:

Okay, I apologize for the crappy ending, oh my god! I should stop apologizing! I'm going to drive myself insane! Anyway what do you think?