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Summery: Uchiha Sasuke is a well-known bachelor who could get anything he can he wants. He had wealth, power, looks and women eating out of the palms of his hands. But now to keep it all he has to find a wife! But who on earth could be worthy enough to be called an Uchiha? I know! Let's have a contest! But why does a small pink-haired one seem uninterested in him?

Chapter One: The Idea of the Century!

A young twenty-five year old man sighed as he took a sip of his expensive wine as he listened to his best friend complain about different things, such as his ramen's taste, which, according to him, tasted like shit. He let out another annoyed sighed as he heard countless annoying giggling coming from another table. 'More damn stalkers.' He thought to himself before bringing the glass to his lips and taking a sip.

This action alone made the girls at the other table squeal in delight.

'Idiots.' He thought to himself, as he tried not to growl at them to get lost, something he had wanted to do since the beginning of entering the restaurant.

"Hey, Sasuke-Teme! Those chicks are staring at ya." His best friend piped up before placing another mouth full of noodles in his mouth.

Sasuke rolled his onyx eyes as he glared at him in annoyance before taking one last sip of his alcoholic drink.

Ignoring the blonde man's talk he stood up placing a 100 dollar bill down on the table before walking out the door, the fan girls' lustful gaze following him out.

The blonde blinked before slurping up the rest of his ramen and began to run out after him.

"Sasuke! Wait up!" The other young man whined as he chased after the dark-haired male. "Why the hell do I even put up with you dobe?" He muttered to himself as he stopped for his friend who only stuck his tongue out as he grinned, his blue eyes shinning in mischief in an almost fox like manor.

"Naruto, you are the biggest moron I have ever seen." He groaned out as he saw him run into a lamppost because he wasn't watching where he was going.

"Shut-up!" He snapped as he got up rubbing his nose, which was begging to bleed from coming in contact with the metal post.

Sasuke rolled his eyes before looking down at his watching and muttering a curse under his breath. He had only thirty minutes to meet his elder brother about a business deal.

A man he really hated.

"What would you like to order sir?" A twenty-two year-old woman asked politely to a waiting customer.

The young man smirked as he placed his menu down before he eyed the girl up and down liking very much at what he was seeing.

Upon seeing this action the girl's eyebrow twitched as she tried to calm her short-temper, even though she was fighting a loosing battle.

'Don't snap. Don't snap. Don't snap.' She chanted to herself as she forced a grin on her face the force she was placing on her pencil making it begin to snap under the pressure.

"Sir, your order?" She asked her fury rising, cheeks flushing from her anger.

"Yeah. I'll have whatever you got hidden under those clothes of yours." He cooed out as his fingers itched closer to her mini skirt of her waitress uniform.

An animalistic growl escaped her throat, her grin going up a notch, her anger about to reach its peak. "I'm. Very. Very. Sorry. Sir. But. Noting. Under. Here. Is. For. Sale."

The countdown began as his fingers went to her knee before going back up.

Ten. . .

"Sir. Please remove your hand from my thigh."

Nine. . .

"Sir, I mean it."

Eight. . .

"Sir, I will hurt you if that hand goes any nearer to my butt."

Seven. . .

"Sir. Remove. Your. Damn. Hand. Before. I. Completely. Remove. It. From. Your. Body."

Six. . .



'I should have began at five.' She thought as she looked at her clipboard that was now broken in half from the contact it made to the customer's skull.

A wince escaped from her pink lips as she saw him groan in absolute misery and pain.

"I am in real deep shit." She muttered as her hand went threw her short hair, an unusual pink color. "HARUNO!" A voice roared, shaking the entire restaurant, the customers wincing in fear.

Looking over she saw her boss disappear in his office, obviously waiting for her to join him.

"And that was the sound of my job dieing." The Haruno woman hissed in misery as she left the wounded male and walked to where her employer was.

'Dead-girl walk'in.' She thought to herself as she entered the office grimacing as her green eyes took in the sight of her pissed off boss.

"Err. . . Hi, Muichi-San!" She chirped towards the hefty man whose eyes at the time were slowly turning red in anger.

"Harunoooo." He hissed out as he clenched his teeth, his own anger rising as his pudgy and unkempt face turned reddish purple, a vein about to burst.

The female winced, knowing full well what was coming. "Um. . .Hai Muichi-San?" She asked innocently as she played with one of the buttons of her uniform blouse.


'I saw that coming.' She thought as she hung her head downwards, a sign of depression and defeat.

'That's my fourth job this month.'

Uchiha Sasuke couldn't believe what his brother was saying. "What?" He hissed out towards his brother's smug face.

"You heard me." The elder sibling stated as he flipped threw some papers, before bringing out the one he was looking for and handing it to his brother. "Read." He commanded, his black eyes showing mirth in his brother's misfortune.

The younger Uchiha complied as he allowed his onyx eyes to read over the paper, his eyes widening as he looked it over.

Uchiha Sano's Last Will in Testament

To my sons, whom I dearly love and respect. If you are reading this than I have passed on from this world and too the next, joining your mother. You both have made me very proud to be your father, and I will greatly miss you both, and will wait for you both for your time, which I pray isn't for a long time. You both are my life and I want to see you happy, since it seems I was not always able to be with you both, and I am greatly remorse for that. I notice the pain in both of your eyes and it makes me feel sick to know that I am the cause for that. I hope what I leave behind for all of you, will some how help you both to forgive me.

To my eldest son, Itachi. I leave fifty percent of my fortune and business, as well as the summer home in Ireland. I truly hope that you have a happy life and that you will forgive me if it seems you are getting the short end of the bargain. But please don't blame your brother and don't blame yourself. I love you very much and I hope that you will look out for him.

To my youngest son, Sasuke. Words cannot describe how sorry I feel. You never got to know your mother or myself, which has led you to close yourself up I'm afraid. And I can only blame myself for that. Sasuke, to you I leave fifty percent of my fortune and business, as well as the rest of the winter and summer homes. You also receive the estate in Konoha, where you were born and where your mother passed. However, I have a condition for this. I have always wanted a family, and I was lucky enough to get it, but I took advantage of it and now I can never have the time back that I wasted, but you can. I want you to have a family and to be happy with that one woman whom you would do anything for.

So this is it. Uchiha Sasuke, for you to receive your fifty percent and estates you must marry a woman before your twenty-six birthday, otherwise, everything goes to your elder brother. Please don't be mad, although I'm sure it's too late for that. I just want you to be happy and I know that the only way for you to be truly happy is for you to have a family, but please don't take advantage of them.

I once again, must apologize for what I have done to both of you and I hope that with this you can both forgive me and find happier lives. I love you both.

Uchiha Sano

The young man could only gape at the will that was in his hands.

He had to what?

He reread the paper and saw that what his eyes had absorbed only moments before were true.

There had to be some sort of mistake, and yet there at the corner of the paper was the crest of the Uchiha family, a white and red fan, the indication that what he read was indeed true.

Itachi chuckled as he watched his normally emotionless younger brother gape openly life a fish. "It seems that you indeed need to have a wife before your next birthday, which if I remember correctly," He teased as he mockingly went threw a calendar. "Is in less that six months. If you don't, everything is mine."

Itachi's smirk grew as the younger male ripped the parchment into pieces, "Luckily I foresaw your immature response to this and made sure you looked over a copy."

Sasuke clenched his fist tightly, absolute rage pouring out of his being, "I refuse to take apart of this . . . this idiocy!"

Completely unfazed by his brother's snarl the older male shrugged as he leaned back in his chair, an evil and mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Then everything belongs to me."

Then, Itachi began to organize his desk, clearly ignoring the furious man who was about to continue his temper tantrum.

"This is. . . insane! I have to find a wife? Why the hell do I have to find a wife! And in less than half a year, no doubt!"

The thirty-year-old man just shrugged again before taking a look at his brother, leaning on his hands on his expensive desk.

"That's not for me to discuss with you. The only thing you need to worry about is finding a suitable wife or all your percentages of the fortune becomes mind." He then brought out a file as he continued his work. "You're a intelligent man, if you are desperate enough I'm sure you can figure something out."

Pulling out a pen he continued to work before he waved his hand in a shoo motion. "I'm very busy right now, so will you please be a good little brother and go away?"

Sasuke didn't need to be told twice as he stormed out of the office, clearly pissed off.

A young man, about thirty-two, sighed as he rubbed his throbbing head before giving the woman in front of him a tired glare.

"Want to run that by me again?" He asked towards the smaller than normal twenty-two-year-old woman who gave him an innocent grin in return.

"Got fired . . .Again." She practically sang out, showing no sign of sadness.

"That's the fourth one this month! Are you mad!" He cried out in desperation, as he glared at the green-eyed girl.

The pink-haired woman crossed her arms in front of her chest and huffed out, "Damn right I am! That pervert touched my butt and I just defended myself and I get fired! Can you believe that!"

The brown-haired man sighed in anguish. "You know very well that's not what I meant Sakura. Your falling threw jobs faster than Chouji can empty a plate, which is saying a lot." He explained with a sigh as he wrote down that Haruno Sakura's rent would be paid late . . . again.

"I know Iruka-Sama, and I'm very sorry about that! And I know that you have a business to run, with this apartment/bed home thing, but I will pay you back! I will find another job and get money for the rent! I swear it! Scouts honor!" She stated in sheer confidence as she lifted up four of her fingers.

"I think its three, Sakura." He deadpanned before he looked over at his rent book, scratching his scared nose. Sighing he knew he was defeated, there were many "LATE" marks next to Sakura's name but she always did pay him back.

"Well, you always do pay me back. All right." Iruka sighed out as he marked down to get her rent another time. "Besides, this place wouldn't be any fun without you. But what job will you get? Almost every single place here knows about you and how hard it is for you to keep a job. So finding a job will be extremely difficult for you."

Sakura nodded, a grin on her pretty face making her beautiful green eyes sparkle. "Don't worry Iruka-Sama! I'll find a job no sweat!" She chirped as she saluted him before running up the stairs to her apartment.

"This is going to be troublesome." A voice piped up earning Iruka's attention.

Looking over his shoulder the brunette male sighed as he came across another brunette male, looking very bored and tired.

" Well, Shikamaru, Sakura hasn't failed in paying me back yet." He stated with the up most confidence in the woman before looking back down at his book.

"By the way Shikamaru, where's your rent?"

The young man sighed. "How troublesome."

"You have to WHAT!" Naruto screamed in complete shock as he listened to what his best friend, a.k.a the brooding heartthrob had to do.

Sasuke growled as he glared at his best friend, a.k.a the moronic dobe.

"You heard me, dobe." He snapped not feeling up to repeating everything again, but since it was Naruto he held no choice. "For me to get my share of the will, I have to find a woman and marry her before my twenty sixth birthday."

Naruto gaped openly as he tried to find the words to talk, not fully comprehending what he was being told.

Sasuke smirked, as he glared smugly at the blonde. 'At least one thing good came out of this. I got the dobe to shut his mouth for once.'

Unfortunately the moment of silence was only a few seconds long, as Naruto found his voice and began to rant, very loudly.

"But you only have about five months! That's the amount of time it at least takes for a nice wedding to be planned out! It's next to impossible to get this done!" He complained as he shot up and began pacing. "I know that every single woman wants you, but that still makes it difficult! We have to find the perfect one, but there are too many girls! Oh boy! Let's think . . . Only five months to do this. Now let's stay clam. Damn it Sasuke don't panic! Stay with me man!" He cried in hysteria towards the calm and aloof man.

The Uchiha only raised an eyebrow towards the panicky man.

"Naruto. Calm down, neither of us will be able to think clearly if you go on like this." He stated calmly before he closed his eyes to think.

They stayed like that for a moment before Naruto spoke.

"A game."

The dark-haired man looked up from his thinking position to glare at the other man. "What?" He snapped harshly towards him, his eyebrow rose.

The blonde man grinned, as he paused for a moment showing that he was begging to think out the plan. After about another two minutes he finally spoke up, looking back at his friend.

"We'll have a contest!" He chirped out happily before he took a sip of his coffee, loving the feel of the extra sugar he added and the caffeine go threw his bloodstream.

Sasuke blinked a few times a look of confusion wiping across his face. "A contest? What the hell do you mean we'll have a contest?" He asked as he tapped his fingers on the wooden coffee table showing his impatience.

Naruto sighed as he took another sip of his caffeine drink looking up at the ceiling trying to put his thoughts together. "You can throw a contest and pick out the perfect girl from . . . let's say twenty!"

Sasuke blinked again as he thought the idea over. "Twenty women could live in one of the estates with me. And . . . . I guess every week or two I could eliminate the ones I want nothing to do with, and they leave."

The blonde grinned, feeling the caffeine taking affect on his hyper personality. "Yeah! Yeah! And once you get down to the final five you can go on individual dates! Then you eliminate three of the left over five till you have two and...You pick between them! Viola! You can get hitched at least a month before the due date! Now let's see . . . The first day you will eliminate five. Then every week you eliminate another five, until you're down to two! Now how should we choose the perfect twenty?"

The dark man smirked as he looked up to the hyperactive male. "How about using a little thing called the Internet?"

Sakura grinned as she ducked from a ball of flying sushi, laughing she re-picked the said sushi back up and tossed it back. "HA! Puppy-Kun, you're aim sucks ass!"

The male across from her with wild brown hair and red tattoos under his eyes gave her a grin as he too dodge the food. "Hey pinky! You throw like a girl!"

The young man laughed as his dog licked the droppings on the floor, yipping happily.

Iruka sighed as he watched the two throw food at each other, a normal routine for meals. Inuzuka Kiba and Haruno Sakura would begin to have a little spat over something that would then turn into a loud screeching argument, that would lead to a brawl, which would then lead to them forgetting about their fight and throw food at each other instead.

Across the table a fat male snorted in absolute bliss at the food, reaching up every once in a while to grasp a piece of the food being thrown and stuff it in his mouth.

Akimichi Chouji loved food, and was not one to allow it to go to waste. Nara Shikamaru sighed in annoyance as he slowly ate his meal, dodging all the flying food, as he gave his best friend, Chouji, a tired sigh.

"Kiba, stop playing with your food." Another voice piped up as he munched on his rice cakes.

Iruka sighed, Aburame Shino Kiba's best friend and one of the only few who could control his wild behavior.

"Shut-up Shino!" The brunette roared before a face-full of food landed on his face. "Now look at what you made her do! She got a good shot! Idiotic bug-boy!" He snapped before he threw his own food towards the female who was laughing and teasing at him.

"Chouji! Stop hogging the food! I need some to beat pinky here to a pulp!" Kiba called out as he threw more at her.

The landowner gave off a whimper as he slammed his head down on the table, an action that was completely ignored by all the other occupants of the room.

He loved the small flower; he really did, as did everyone else. But he was afraid that their little flower would loose all her girlish qualities. She was too boyish for her own good.

And unfortunately the males in the apartment complex held a big brother relationship over her and were actually quite content with the fact that other males didn't look at her, he wasn't.

Iruka knew she needed to be happy and get a family.

'I need to find her a man.'


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