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Wife Contest

Genre: Humor/Romance

Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura/Multi, TenTen/Lee, Hinata/Shino, Ino/Chouji

Rating: T

Summary: Uchiha Sasuke is a well-known bachelor who could get anything he can he wants. He had wealth, power, looks and women eating out of the palms of his hands. But now to keep it all he has to find a wife! But who on earth could be worthy enough to be called an Uchiha? I know! Let's have a contest! But why does a small pink-haired one seem uninterested in him?

Notes: Yes, I have indeed done an update on this. It has been years huh? I suppose I have a bit of an explanation. However that will come at the end of the chapter, but I will sum it up here; I loath the series Naruto. I find the series horrible. It is a shadow of its former self. Its annoying, shallow, slow, and focuses on the wrong things. I've lost my love, respect, and inspiration for the series. This is why I haven't updated. But I still love Sakura, and got inspired to try to do more for her. So thats why I am back (Still a summed up version)

You will want to know I have really matured in my writing and thinking. I have been attending college for some time now and my writing style has been greatly altered. So don't be surprised if you notice a big difference in the way I write and how I speak in my author's notes (I shudder when I look back how I acted)

Sorry, but these Naruto fics will take a back seat to the rest of my stories. If I do update them they will probably be really slow. But I decided to go on and give them another shot and see how long it lasts. But the other series are ones I just prefer. But I figure this is very unfair to fans of this story to not even attempt it.

So without further adue, here is chapter 11!

Chapter Eleven

And We Add Yet Another

'It is rather sad,' Hinata thought, lounging in the sand. She needed a tan anyway. Her life as living as an anime recluse has made almost as vampiric looking as Kin. 'I really could be dead here and yet I get nothing. Why do I associate with people if they don't even notice my suffering?' It would be one thing if they had noticed and not cared (i.e. TenTen), it was something else entirely when they don't even notice she hadn't moved from the sand for about thirty minutes.

Finally she gave up. No one was taking any notice of what she was doing. Any plan of starting to foam at the mouth was dropped. It wouldn't have done any good. Clearly her having a seizure didn't bother one living soul.

Fine. If thats the way they feel, see what she cares.

She'll just put laxatives in all of their food on their wedding day.

That's how little she cares if they don't pay attention to her.

Grumbling, she pushed herself back up on her elbows, taking a gander around. It was a mess of a scene, but not one that surprised her. With the present company nothing could really surprise her.

It seems that the two handsome men, somehow, lost their shirts. She's wasn't attracted to douchebag, so she was immune. They were now bickering and bitching to each other, even comparing muscle size to see who was better. The rest of the female population appeared to be needing medical service due to severe blood loss from their nose. The cameramen were pretty bruised up (service from a tantruming Uchiha) and also looked to be needing some sort of medical service.

That or acting lessons, since Gai was still milking his death-scene.

Jeeze, it felt like its been four years since he's fallen. Can't he just quit with the theatrics and get up already?

Her white eyes looked around for Sakura, locating the girl easy enough. Sighing she picked herself and waltzed over to her friend who was lounging in the sand, soaking up the sun as well. It seems, while tanner then herself, Sakura might be a anime-hermit as well.

"So," Hinata began, not about to continue with the idea she has been near death for thirty minutes. "How's life?"

"Life is rather...sucky." Sakura confessed, leaning against the palm of her hand. "I was not expecting all of this. Truly, I was suppose to be gone the first night. Now I have...that to deal with." She motioned to the two men, still whining like girls. "I dunno WHAT their issue is, or how it concerns me, but they are pretty aggravating."

Hinata looked over at that two men, shaking her head. "To think I am related to him. I apologize Sakura-chan. I had no idea he could be so...that."

"It was out of your control, Hinata-chan." She gave her friend a pat on the shoulders, trying to comfort her misfortunate friend. "You can't help it you were born with a girly-monkey of a cousin."

Hinata used a hankie, like a lady, to dab at her delicate eyes. "I know. But it still...the pain is still there. Uncle and papa once thought he would bring greatness to our family. Now look, he is making a mockery of the Hyuuga name on international television. I don't know how we will ever be able to live this down."

"Poor Hinata-chan." The petal-haired girl sniffled, "Poor, poor girl. Ah, hows your head?"

The plum-haired girl glared, "Just fine. Thank you for asking, forty minutes after the fact." She sighed, trying to fix up her hair again. Perhaps she should consider growing it long. She would rather not look like she had a weird hair baby from Lee and Sasuke.

Lee, had the personality of an angel, but his looks...er...yeah.

And Sasuke...well no amount of pretty can cover up his bastardness.

Thats it, she was growing it out long. She was not going to look like either of them.

"Well...sorry, I was concerned about you. I really was. Head-trauma can be a serious thing. But luckily the sand wasn't to bad."

Hinata twitched, "Sakura-chan...I fainted before I hit my head. Shouldn't you have been worried about what caused that? I thought you were going to be a doctor?"

"I am, I am gonna be the best damn doctor in the whole world." Sakura said with pride, she seemed pretty confident she was gonna make it big. Though the money she was getting from being on the show certainly was going to help a bit. But Hyuuga Heiress had to wonder about the girl's skills.

How can someone this insane possibly be a doctor?

Hopefully she wouldn't be as insane as those doctors in those horror movies. Like that Saw fellow. Was he a doctor? Who cares, he was psycho, and Sakura was psycho.

Hinata gave Sakura a suspicious side-glance, making sure to stay away from her if she ever picked up a creepy puppet.

"Well I certainly wish you luck. I am sure with your...ah..." What? Intelligence? Ability to focus? "smile? You can do it?"

Sakura beamed at the, questionable, support. "Thank you Hinata-chan! I will try my very best." She looked around, "They gonna stop any time soon?"

"Who knows." Hinata sighed, "Wanna go back to the yacht and eat?"

"Can we confiscate the whole sitting area and play Grand Theft Auto?" Sakura begged.

"If I can have the first turn. I need to rank up my score." Hinata huffed, remembering there were some hoes she needed to slap around in her game.

With the deal set the two of them got up, walking over and picked up the unconscious TenTen's feet and dragged her back to the boat, leaving a body-trail in the sand after her. She would be picking sand out of some very uncomfortable places for a while.

Back on the beach, amongst the bodies of twitching girls, Neji and Sasuke were still bickering like women.

"You know she is pushing you away. You don't have much to give her." Neji noted, shrugging.

Sasuke crossed his arms over his chest, "Besides millions of dollars, about four mansions, a life of complete luxury? Oh yeah, I can't give her anything at all." He rolled his dark eyes.

"You always fall behind that front. Its not that impressive. In case you forgot, there are a few others who have just as much wealth or more. Besides, she probably sees you as nothing but a user. You just want to marry her to keep that luxurious wealth."

The Uchiha glared at his eternal rival, "My looks, my personality, my skills, they all are better then you or the rest of them. I am the best of the best. She's lucky I chose her."

"Lucky? More like cursed."

"Want me to make you swallow your fucking hair, barbie?" He growled, twitching. "Or better yet, I'll throw you to your hordes of fangirls, make sure they rape you."

Now Neji rolled his eyes, "Your comebacks severely lack grace or style. It is rather pathetic. And another clear sign as to why a girl like Sakura should be with me. Your stupidity will jut corrupt her. She obviously enjoys deeper conversations."

Sasuke gave him a look, "Excuse me? Look, Sakura is stubborn and gorgeous, but she doesn't seem all that deep."

Now Neji gave him a disgusted look, "Pitiful. I have just met her and already I see more into her then you." He shook his head, already knowing that Sasuke liked Sakura for her looks and because she was a challenge. It was sad. He really was nothing more than a spoiled brat.

The Uchiha heir gave him a glare, "What the hell does that mean?"

"Nothing that is obviously of any importance to a man like you. Someone who just makes a hasty judgement on a person by their looks and one sentence alone. You don't understand anything about that girl."

"I've known her longer." Sasuke snapped.

"Yet you have not taken the time to get to know her." Neji accused back. "You're just gloating and taking in the spotlight. You already know who you want and why you want her, not even taking a moment to think if you want her for the right reasons, or reasons that are even real."

Sasuke snorted, "There you go again, with your mumbo-jumbo Confucius talk."

"Its very easy to understand if you actually thought." He sneered. "Now if you will excuse me, I am going to apologize to Sakura, tend to my cousin, and have a good conversation that doesn't have the sole idea of getting a girl into bed."

The black-haired male snorted again, not at all impressed by Neji's 'good nature act'. He wasn't being fooled. "I'll get to Sakura first." He snapped, once more making it a competition. "You tend to your cousin."

Neji shook his head, a sensitive girl like Sakura clearly does not belong with an insensitive bastard like Sasuke.

Sneering, Sasuke turned to get his woman, perhaps seduce her to one of the deep jacuzzi baths that were on his private yacht, only to frown.

"Where is my Sakura?"

On the yacht;

"Where's my money hoe!" Hinata cried, tapping the controls of the X-Box.

"She's holding out on you! Throw her into the cannel!" Sakura cheered.

TenTen, holding an ice-bag to her head, just watched the two in horror. "I didn't even know you could do this in a game."

"We got a special version." Hinata cleared up, bringing out a weapon to smack the hooker around. "Hah! Three hundred points!"

"You two are sick."

"Only in the mind, TenTen dear, only n the mind. THROW HER IN THE CANNEL! You know she is gonna do this again!" Sakura ordered, shaking her friend to get her to do as she said.

"Fine, fine." Hinata sighed as she did as told, if only to calm the girl down. "There. How disappointing. I was wanting to get more money from her. I wanted some more points."

"Hoes have no soul. She doesn't matter."

"Yep. Very, very, very sick indeed."

Tsunade tapped her pretty nails on her desk, looking a little, an understatement, peeved. What should've been a great episode of sexy beach-ness, all she got was a bunch of unconscious girls and two males whining. By the time anyone had realized what was going on most of the tape had been used up.

It had been such a disorganized episode. Luckily the public seems to love messy and have powerful people make complete fools of themselves. Because it was still the number one ranking show in Japan, and it was on its way to becoming one of the tops internationally. Already there were youtube videos of Neji and Sasuke coming out of the ocean slow-mo. And those clips already had over a hundred-thousand views.

But the public still wanted some uncomfortable, cheesy, fake romance. Perhaps once they get some more tape they can get some clips of the men surrounded by the sluts in a hot-tub. That seemed to always rank in the views with the other shows.

Probably cause thats when the most shallow of displays are seen.

And people love shallowness.

At least she hoped so.

Cause she would need a lot of love for the souls that filled the the brim of this show.

But that wasn't her biggest worry.

No her biggest worry was the little fact that her boss, the man who owned the whole TV-production company was on his way to join in the madness. She knew part of it was for business. Today's airing had been a mes and did not meet his standards. Even if it brought in a lot of ratings, he has not been very pleased with the show.

Hell, it had taken her days to convince him, loads of bribes, and false promises to get him to let her do this. It has paid off, it's just the third show but it is making a lot news. Already there were talk-shows lining up to interview Gaara, Sasuke, and of course the star girl; Sakura.

So many business wanted to endorse the show, have their commercials air when the show was airing, there was already talk of DVDs, and eventually doing another season with an even bigger bastard and girls with big boobs but no personality.

Yet it was not good enough for a perfectionist like Gaara. He actually had some morals.

Who the hell in the media had any morals?

But he, sorta, had some. Of course it always tied back to his image. He wouldn't be pleased with this show no matter how much fame and fortune it brought him. He was a noble man. Standoffish and proud. To be associated with emotional garbage like this probably made him cringe.

Especially when the emotional garbage was filmed sloppy, filled with insane people who don't stick to scripts, and seemed to have no protection against random billionaires sneaking in on set.

Good for TV, very bad for Gaara's stress level.

And needless to say, as director of this current set, Tsunade was getting all the blame for what is happening.

So now, this temperamental boss of hers was on the way to chew her out, throw Neji off the set, get all the girls to stop being anemic, and possibly either flirt with and/or maim Sakura.

Tsunade really couldn't tell what he wanted to do with that girl.

Gaara rarely changed his tone, unless it was to the tone of insanity, so she had no idea if he wanted to sleep with her or slit her throat.

Tsunade also didn't know if he wanted to do it at the same time. He seemed like a violent sadist. Maybe he got off on torture in the bed. Who was she to judge?

Huffing, Tsunade fixed her long blonde hair, wondering if she could possibly have the excuse of being to drunk to meet him would be met with acceptance. If she started now she was sure to be suffering a form of alcohol poisoning by the time he got there. That could get him off her back for a few hours.

Then again, Gaara was not known for mercy. He would probably use her incapability to escape his anger and ensure she stays at the hospital for a few more day months.

Perhaps facing him would be the more responsible thing to do.

"Screw that. I want to live." Running away. Yes, that was the best plan. All she needed to do was get her passport, her sake, and her pig. She'll make a new name for herself in Europe. He wouldn't think of finding her there.

"Tsunade-sama," Her BFF and assistant Shizune popped her head in. Her baby-belly hidden behind the door, "I just got a message from Gaara-sama to inform you that you are to not make any attempt to poison yourself or escape to Europe. He will find you and ensure a great deal of pain. He will see you first thing in the morning at the Uchiha mansion."

And like that Tsunade began to bawl.

"You can get off me now, you know." Kiba grumbled, rather tired of being used as a butt-cushion for a number of his housemates.

Iruka sighed, "Sorry Kiba. But every time we let you up you try to worm your way to the door." The scarred nose man looked at the TV which was now playing the news, according to the perky weather girl they were due for rain.

"I have to admit, I am more with Kiba." Shino stated, turning to his friends. "I find it wrong to leave a girl like herself in that situation."

Iruka tried to ignore their piercing glares, considering he was the one who got her into this mess. "What situation?"

"Iruka-san," Chouji sighed, "You know what we mean. Right now Sakura is alone in a world of high-class, snooty strangers. She is a deep girl, but she has been pretty much raised with low-class guys." He motioned to all of them and the pig-sty they lived in. "She doesn't really fit in well in that world."

"She is being made out to be some sort of barbarian. Now it is better then being the skanks, but still. So troublesome." Shikamaru sighed, looking in his jacket for his pack of smokes. Since Sakura wasn't around to bitch about his health he was gonna go through a few packs. "I can see she is the favorite of the show over all, but that doesn't mean its the best thing. She is in the public's eye."

"Not too mention she keeps getting molested by some play boy billionaires, and most all the girls seemed prepared to use their oh so pretty pumps to gouge her eyes out, and now she has absolutely no privacy." Kiba explained. "You know Sakura. She is actually a very private person. And her insanity is a front to hide her insecurities and sadness. And we all know the more insane she gets, the more upset and scared she really is."

Iruka slouched knowing it was true. Their girl was strong, selfless, private, and prideful. She didn't like to let her weakness be known. She hated being weak. So instead, she puts on the image of immature and uncaring. The louder and crazier she got, the more she had to hide. She distracted people.

It was fooling the world, but it wasn't fooling them.

Sakura was very scared.

She was lonely and overwhelmed there, but refused to show it. She was so stubborn and brave. She wanted to be a doctor and was ready to go and sacrifice her comfort to get that dream. But if she wasn't kicked off the show soon, it was going to be a big struggle for a girl who struggled emotionally like her.

It would be very unfair if she had a breakdown on television.

"Maybe we can see her when she gets back this weekend? I'll call of Kakashi. If we can convince her to put aside her pride and just flat out quit, she can come home and be back in her comfort zone. If needed she can always try and get a job at that TV-company. But surely she has enough money now."

"Medical school is very expensive. I doubt she has enough. I mean she's just getting two thousand dollars worth. Medical school can reach up to the hundreds." Shino explained.

"Yeah," Iruka tapped his fingers on the couch. "Now looking at what is happening, that price came in too low for her. Even if she stays till the very end she would barely get enough to cover bills over there. Forget food, books, and tuition."

"Ok, then its decided. We go and get her out of it. She's already gotten around six thousand already. Maybe she'll be fine with that and come back home." Chouji noted, "You can tell Kakashi we will stay in the background till the cameras are off. Then we will talk to Sakura."

The landlord gave them all a disbelieving look, they would stay behind the scenes? That was as unbelievable as the idea that the hooters Kin had were real.

"It...won't hurt I guess." He sighed as he reached over to get his cellphone, knowing Kakashi owed him this favor.

"Great, its all settled. NOW GET THE HELL OFF OF ME!" Kiba roared.

"Keep that loudmouth way of yours up and I'll feed Chouji beans." Shikamaru grunted.

The pleasantly plump man sighed, "I really wish you would stop using me and my gas as a weapon."

"They are noxious fumes that can burn lungs to shriveled puffs of black ash." His best friend explained. "We need all the fire-power we have to control the dog."


"See Kiba? You're too hyped up. Can't let you go." Iruka explained before he left a message for his friend. "Alright...now who wants pizza?"

"I DO!"

After all, they can't fret over Sakura on an empty stomach.

Luckily for Tsunade she did get some more footage, but it wasn't the kind she had wanted. Neji and Sasuke had bickered the whole time. Each now trying to compete on who can kill Sakura's housemates the fastest.

She had to pity those poor souls who probably had no idea they were on a hit-list.

Now they were all back at the mansion, everyone being tended to medically or were asleep. It was near eight after all, and they had traveled a bit of the night to get back. Sadly, her and her team (the spoiled Sasuke included) were unable to sleep.

There was a meeting at hand.

And at the foot of the table was an intimidating red-head, his bottomless green eyes glaring about those before him. "I am very well considering pulling the plug on this whole mess."

Sasuke shrugged, not as impressed as the rest of them over Gaara. The two of them, being apart of the young and gorgeous billionaires club, have had a few run ins already. "Doesn't matter to me. I already know who I am picking."

Tsunade glared at the dunder-head before glanced at Gaara with a sigh, "I know it looks bad. Trust me, this is not my best work. Things have been hectic and messy since day one. However, you have to admit, the numbers aren't lying. This series is HUGE. Your company has already ranked in millions. There are already other companies around the world rushing to start their own edition. Shallow, pathetic, and messy it may be. But it has started a huge trend."

"You do understand that now my name is associated with this shallow, pathetic, mess? My company has produced some of the best shows. I have never been into the idea of a real-life soap opera."

"I understand. But as the owner, you have to realize you need to put your dislike for a type of show aside if you want to make it big. And this is making it big." Tsunade explained, one of the few who could talk to him, outside his family.

"It feels like it is only big because its a mockery." Gaara noted, his impassive voice not changing tone. Not always a good sign. "I do not want my company being well-known as the jester of the entertainment world."

Tsunade winced, he had a point. She would have to choose her words carefully or he really will pull the plug on the show. "It just means we have to challenge ourselves next time. I don't want to give up on this show simply because its not going as we had originally wanted. We just gotta work harder to get it back on track. And it also means we have to work harder on our next big show as well."

Gaara watched her for a moment, before nodding, "That is true."

Cha-ching! Just gotta use words like "challenge" and "give up" and these men couldn't possibly say no.

"I don't appreciate you trying to seduce me with words, Tsunade." Gaara warned, and she gave off a meep. "But I do see your point. Should the show stop now the other companies will reap in the rewards. And while I hate what this show is and what it stands for, I will not have another company take it from me. But you," He pointed to his director, "have better shape this shit up."

"I can do that sir. I am pretty sure there won't be any more surprise. We will also be careful about who we let in. Though I suppose any guards weren't aware they had to say no to a Hyuuga. Especially when he did have a valid reason to come into the show." She tried to explain why there was now an extra Hyuuga on set.

"I don't care about reasons. When they show up with your permission, or more specifically without mine, it looks bad." He warned, not taking any excuse.

"Yes Gaara-san," She sighed, hoping the meeting would be done now so she could hit the hay and the bottle of whiskey under her pillow. She needs it after all of this.

"Good, now perhaps we can get started on talking about the plans for the show that will be airing this weekend."

She banged her head on the table, not caring what attention she got.

"Oh, hey guys." A surprised Sakura greeted from the door. She was still in her pajamas, not expecting anyone to be up as she got ready for the day. "Didn't know anyone was up."

Sasuke, and even Gaara, eyed her up and down in appreciation. And that's when Sakura noticed the new man.

"Whoa! Who's the hawt panda?"

And all at once, everyone slapped their faces.

Author: Well...ta-da? Not sure how it measures up to the previous ones lol. The others were pretty poorly written. But maybe one day I'll rewrite it. I am trying to be a novelist, if I can make it big and don't need to work perhaps I can use up my time and redo a lot of my stories XD

Ok, I'll explain myself here. If you all don't really care...uuh...o_o that's fine but I figure that it is only right to tell you guys why you had to wait so long.

Be warned...you are entering the ranting zone.

Now, I use to think Naruto was a great series. I thought it could become something great and big. However, it has fallen short. Very short. To me, characters are very important. It doesn't seem that way to Kishimoto. All I get (before I just simply gave up on the series) was that it was a series to just make Naruto some sort of god.

Needless to say I got bored of Naruto (the character) very, very fast. Now, you might think I am being biased, and I will admit to that. Sakura is one of the best female characters I have ever come across. She has so much going for her, she is deep, she has such sides to her I don't normally see in a stereotype anime girl.

And yet she is shoved aside.

I hate that.

And I don't think it is any excuse he can't do females. Honestly I don't. A creator, especially one of such an impactful series, needs to learn to try and branch out. One has to learn to step outside of their comfort zone and work with all the wonderful characters they have made. And I am not just talking about Sakura, but all the girls. Gai, Lee, Neji, Shizune, Chouji, Shino. These characters aren't just side characters, they make an impact and have their own story.

One that doesn't always have a tie back to the blonde-haired gary-sue. Naruto was a good character. But he wasn't amazing. Now he has become so perfect he is dull. Everything, everyone, its all about him. Just because the main character is the main character does not mean it all should focus solely on him. Not every villain should think he is awesome, not every girl should love him, not every victory should be his, not every thought, support, love, hate, filler, mystery, etc should be about him.

The same with Sasuke. These two males have been too over-powered and made the favorites. Everyone has now been made just to give them more spotlight. It sickens me. I am a character person, to me they are more important than the plot. To have an entire series filled to the brim with original and fascinating characters and yet have their only use be for Naruto or Sasuke? Its a sin to me.

I wouldn't be as intense if it was all about Sakura, but you better believe I would still be complaining. These characters are great, yet they are given NOTHING. Just a pat on the back, with a "you made Naruto look so awesome". Or the girls are there solely for love. Ok, I am a romantic, but the girls have so much too them then falling for a hot guy.

It is sickening that is all he is making them. Why not give them more? They are great! Yet nothing, but to give love to Naruto and Sasuke.

So, I have given up on the series. I won't read any more. Not unless there are thirty straight chapters of nothing but Sakura and the other characters I am done. Been done for a long time. And I am NOT going back into it.

However, I do want to get back into the writing of it. So I am gonna make the attempt. I hope you all understand and accept my frustration even if you don't agree with them. You don't have to make a comment, I am not trying to get sympathy or start a debate or argument. All I am doing is explaining myself.

Now, I want to thank Celtic Oak. We've never talked, but one day I just had to read her Gaara/Sakura stories again and that is what got me inspired to give this another try. So thank you for writing such amazing Naruto-fics that got me to try this out once more!

Edit: A review made me realize I hadn't explained myself fully. I have given up on the series, but I see fanfiction and series as two different things. I have still enjoyed the Naruto-fanfics, just not the anime or the manga. The fan part, for the most part, I have still enjoyed. And I haven't written anything simply out of spite. But its very hard to be inspired for something when the original no longer gives you the joy it once did. I loved what Naruto once was and what it could've been, that's what makes the hate stronger.

I still love the fanfics, I have always wanted to continue my Naruto fanfics. Every time I got on I would look at them with longing but could never find anything in my to write it. It was a horrible empty feeling for me since it was the Naruto fanfics that really got me started on everything. So please, don't miss-associate hate of a series for a hate of fanfics, fanart, and my own personal fanfics.

Also, I had wanted to explain this further but I lost focus (darn cold), that a lot of my style has changed. Not just how I write but how I feel when I write. I was about sixteen-seventeen when I last updated this. I'm twenty-two now XD my sense of humor and what I like to read has changed. So just warning you guys, if you don't enjoy it I really apologize because you weren't able to grow with me. But I do hope I can continue with at least one or two of my Naruto fics.

And I didn't want to write my rant just to rant, but to give you all a reason. It felt down right rude of me to return without any form of an explanation. And I understand a lot still love the series, so I thought I should explain why I can't enjoy it any more. If that somehow affects the way you read, I am sorry. But we all do have different opinions :)

Thank you reviewer, and I am being serious here (I know it can be mistaken over internet), because I had truly wanted to say all of this but in all honesty forgot. Your review sorta...reminded me of what else I had wanted, and honestly needed, to say.

Thank you for taking the time to read, review, and return to this story. Hope you all enjoyed the update!