A/N: Parody? Poetry? More like a parody of poetry if you ask me. Was in a very silly mood today.

It's All About The Ears
By Wheezambu

When I first saw the show,
I have to admit
It puzzled me some,
Quite more than a bit.

"This looks kinda cute,"
I thought with a snicker.
I sat back to watch
And set down the clicker.

A half hour later,
I knew I was in love
With my new favorite show,
Like a gift from above.

That's how it started,
My current obsession,
To have every episode
In my possession.

It wasn't enough,
I still had to have more
Until I felt like an addict,
Or anime crack whore.

So I went looking online
Like a junkie for a fix.
I Google'd "Inuyasha"
And dropped into the mix.

I found sites, I found shrines
I found fanart galore!
I even found naked pictures
Of the dog boy I adore.

I found forums, discussions
And fanclubs you see
I joined the community,
Even started RPG!

Then came the fanfic
Oh lord, here we go.
When you can't get enough
You can write your own show.

You can live out your fantasies,
Run with the crew,
Or write fluffy romance,
Some of which is quite blue.

There are sweet little stories,
Yummy sugar coated mush
About how Inu and Kag
Love each other so lush.

Some stories are dark
And dripping with drama.
Some are so scary
You'll run home to mama.

Some tales are for fun.
Some are just cool.
Some are pure art
And some just high school.

And then there's the hentai,
You know who you are,
That write the good smut
Maybe take it too far.

And let's talk about those pairings,
Some get pretty wild.
There's something for everyone
Whether it's hot or it's mild.

That's canon as hell.
They've been meant for each other
Since she fell down the well.

Some hate that worst
Love her or hate her
She still got there first.

Of Miroku/Sango
What more can I say?
Sometimes love hurts
When your hand's in the way.

Alternative pairings,
Now those can be fun.
Adventurous romps
That involve everyone.

Now that's really hot
Somehow just not.

Shippo and anyone
Strikes me as wrong,
Jaken and ANYONE
Makes me gag before long.

Poor old Kaede
Could use a good romp
I'd like her to find
A nice bishi to glomp.

As adults is quite fine.
Just have them grow up first
Or it's over the line.

Is still pretty sweet.
As long as it's plausible
It might be a treat.

Now Koga/Sango
They're unlikely to mate
But if written well
The sex would be great.

Then there's Sesshomaru,
So fine he's unreal.
There's a legion of fangirls
In line for that meal.

Not my favorite fic,
Making it believable
Can be a real trick.

It's a personal fave,
Must be the chemistry
They're my all time best rave.

And original characters,
We've all had a few.
You've got to be careful
No one likes Mary Sue.

If Kagome gets pissed
Set her up with her own
OC for a twist.

Now you know he'd be glad
If she'd bear his child,
But would Sango get mad?

He sure seems to get jumped
By even more horny OC's
Than his brother has humped.

Then there's Naraku
So cruel but so hot.
A fluffy romance suits him
Oh yeah NOT!

Kagura? Kanna?
Incarnations annoyed
By the lack of good fics
Starring wind and the void.

And what about Yaoi?
Slash hentai at its best.
Doesn't everyone like
To see their bishis undressed?

Some fics are so naughty
That they have been sworn
To the files of AFF
Since FF nixed the porn.

So why do I watch?
And why do I write?
Because I don't have a life
That fact I won't fight.

But there's something compelling
And something so fine
About this fantastic world
From Takahashi-san's mind.

Good versus evil?
Romance, drama and fears?
When asked I just say.
It's all about the ears.