Leftover Love

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Warning: Wow, never had to put one of these here- ok this story contains some violence, and most importantly this is a story about two boys falling in like with each other. There will be Absolutely No Sex in this story, but there might be some innocent kissing and Anzu slobbering over some guy, go figure, anyways, if the thought of two people of the same sex being attracted to one another disturbs you please read another story. And please don't write me nasty reviews just because of this. However if you have other things to gripe about, go ahead. I'm strong, I can take it (hides under desk) Are they gone yet?

Summary: AU- Yugi Motou was not pleased. First his brilliant kidnapping ploy had been completely messed up when he had actually gotten kidnapped. And then he had foolishly fallen for the man who had kidnapped him. Stupid love. (YugixYami)

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Chapter 1

The boat passed slowly under the bridge, Solomon Motou tapping his foot nervously, waiting for the phone call. The second the yacht left the shadow of the bridge, his cell phone rang.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Deposit the million dollars inside the life jacket locker and exit the boat. Do not watch the yacht or your grandson will be terminated. You can find your grandson in a car in the parking garage on High Street in 1 hour. Mess up and you'll never see him again." A computerized tone growled in his ear before cutting off. Solomon hung up the phone quietly, crushing the machine in his fist as he clutched some of his hard earned money to his chest. With one last glance at the shore he threw the bag of money into the locker.

'This had better be worth it!' he thought angrily as he activated the earpiece he was carrying. "Did you get all that Kaiba?"

"Yes sir." Came his reply.


Yugi Motou pulled the voice changer off his cell phone and threw it off the railing of the car park. Moving quickly he grabbed a roll of duck tape and a pair of handcuffs, pulling open his trunk. The tape went over his mouth and around his feet. The handcuffs clicked on his wrists and then he grabbed the trunk lid, pulling it shut with him trapped inside. 'Come on Grandpa. Come and get me.' He begged.


It was a hot car. The model was new, just off the rack this year, with a leather interior, and a stereo system one could kill for. And it was just sitting in the empty car park. "They might as well just stick a sign that says 'steal me' on it." Yami Sands muttered as he headed for the gem, swinging his empty briefcase, and adjusting his choking tie from his three-piece suit. No one was around and he got to the car easily. Quickly he pulled out a lock pick, fitting it into the keyhole and twisting. The door popped open and that baby was his.

"Easy as cake." Yami said smugly as he reached below the wheel to pull apart the wires to hotwire the car. As the car purred to life, Yami thought he heard a brief thumping from the back, but the noise disappeared as he slammed his door shut. The real surprise came a few moments later when he went to pull out of the garage and found himself chased by police cars.

"What the heck?" he muttered as he pulled out quickly into traffic, dodging cars to shoot through a now red light. The police car behind him hit a truck that was going through the intersection, bounced back and crashed into the cruiser behind him, along with a civilian car. A large blast of flame followed Yami out as he turned off the main road and took several side streets to get to his home away from home, what he liked to call a complete dump. In reality it was a large, abandoned warehouse, filled with only a few essentials that Yami and his partner couldn't do without. Little things like food, clothes, and convertibles. Yami parked the car in the nearest spot by the office and left in search of Joey. He was going to freak when he saw that car.


Yugi Motou was furious. Here he was, brilliantly engineering a plot to get his grandfather's attention and a clear declaration of how much he cares for him when someone decided to mess up his plans. Either Kaiba had decided that the rescue needed to be low-key or someone had just taken his car, his baby, for a ride. As rage hit him, Yugi Motou did the only thing he could do tied and gagged in a locked trunk- he kicked the lid as hard as he could, picturing Seto Kaiba's smug sneer as his target. With any luck his grandfather's head of security would open the trunk and he could really bash him in the face. Yeah, that would be worth the whole trip.


Yami couldn't find Joey. The boy was usually out with Tristan, Anzu, and Mai till late drinking anyways so he didn't worry much. Then he heard a strange thumping noise. Cautiously, he walked back into the car showroom where it got louder, emanating from the trunk of his new gem. Hesitantly he reached up and knocked on the trunk door. For a moment there was silence, and Yami could almost believe that he had imagined the whole thing. Then the thumping noise came back, along with a strange squealing sound. "What the heck did I pick up?" Yami wondered out loud. He jumped back away and looked for a weapon. The closest thing he could find was a wrench. Lifting it as threatening as he could, Yami tentatively reached over and popped the trunk, peeking inside the unknown vehicle. Before he could blink a pair of black boots headed for his face. Yami yelped and dropped the wrench, preferring to slam the truck shut instead. Large banging noises and more squeaking sounds came from the trunk, but Yami needed a moment to breathe before dealing with it.

"There's a person in my car. I've kidnapped someone." Yami moaned, wiping his hands over his face hoping to find this a really bad dream. Finally he sighed and reached for the trunk, pulling it open again. This time the boots did not kick out. This time a face, angry and upset, appeared, startling Yami again. His kidnapee was a young boy! He looked very similar to Yami himself with spiky maroon, black, and gold hair. However this boy had the most amazing amethyst eyes that were now glaring at him. He looked beautiful, like an innocent angel. On impulse, Yami reached over and pulled off the duck tape over the boy's mouth. The sweet little boy then nearly bit him.

"Ow you jerk, that hurt! Let me go you idiot. You kidnapped me- how dare you! I demand that you release me and my car this minute or else my grand father will have you locked away for life." The boy yelled, kicking with his duck taped feet. Yami just stared at the boy, not even sure what the heck he should do. It was quite obvious that the boy kidnapped was the reason for the police chase. But what was he supposed to do with him? It wasn't exactly legal stealing that car. Yami was almost tempted to keep the boy for himself. Then he noticed the boy unlocking his cuffs with a key he had produced.

"Hey what do you think you're doing?" Yami demanded, reaching over and snatching the key.

"I'm trying to get out of here since you're too slow to comprehend." The boy yelled, picking up a tire iron and throwing it at Yami's head.

"Hey, hey, none of that kid. I know you're scared but I don't want to hurt you. We just need to get this straightened out and then you can go home." Yami said soothingly. Instead of calming the boy down, he screamed and picked up a cd case, throwing it at Yami.

"Do I look like a kid to you? I'm 17 years old for Ra's sake. My name is Yugi Motou grandson of Solomon Motou the gaming billionaire. If you don't release me I'll see you hang for this!"

Yami paled at this news. Beautiful and loaded? Why was life always so cruel? As Yami paused to contemplate a life in jail, he failed to notice as Yugi untangled his feet and ran out for the door to the warehouse. He was halfway there before Yami caught up to him and tackled him to the ground.

"Let me go you jerk!" Yugi screamed, kicking and punching wherever he could find body parts to abuse.

"I think you need a timeout for now kiddo." Yami declared, pulling the boy to his feet and dragging him down the hallway.


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