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Chapter 9

The gun seemed to slow time down until everything around them just froze. All Yugi could see was the sleek and deadly piece of metal pointed at his lover's face. 'Not lover,' Yugi reminded himself, 'Not yet.'

Once again an irrational part of his brain was yelling at him to punish all the idiots who were keeping him from having his fun with Yami. The smart voice in his head was tired and urged him to look away when Kaiba blew the thief's brains out so he wouldn't have to clean up before he went to bed. The safety clicking off the gun reminded him that he should probably do something besides look like a statue.

"Don't." the words came out of his mouth without thought. Yami turned to look at him then, crimson eyes open in a hopeful expression. Seto never turned, but Yugi expected that of the security chief.

"Are you doing this for him?" Kaiba's voice dripped disgust, and Yugi was grateful that the brunette had not turned to look at him. He didn't think he could handle seeing the disappointment in the eyes of someone he actually gave a damn about.

"No," Yugi answered quietly, "I'm doing this for me." Time seemed to move once again when Seto sighed and lowered his gun, a wistful look on his face that almost made Yugi laugh.

"You owe me." The brunette scowled before turning and kicking an unconscious Bakura on the floor harshly in the stomach.

"Ya know I think I felt safer when I was holding the gun." Joey said slowly, dragging a hand through his messy hair. "What kind of an idiot would give that manic a gun? I bet he kicks puppies for fun."

Yami took the two steps separating him from Yugi and suddenly the violet-eyed youth lost the ability to think anymore. Joey's complaining faded into the background, along with Seto's witty insults. All that remained was two pools of crimson staring into him, and two warm arms wrapping around him.

"Are you alright?" Yami murmured into his ear as he hugged him.

You worry too much Yami. I'm too cute to kill." Yugi responded with a smirk as he leaned deeper into the taller boy's chest. He could feel the rumble of Yami's deep laughter in reply, and then he felt a firm hand close on his shoulder, and shake him out of the lovely fantasy his life had created.

"Yugi if you want them to live we have work to do now." Seto butted in, glaring at both Yami and Joey at the same time. Yugi sighed but nodded. It might have been his imagination but he thought he heard sirens in the distance and he knew Yami wouldn't be safe once they got there. Something had to be done.

"You've changed," Seto remarked suddenly as he glanced across the car at the passenger seat.

Yugi paused from staring at the passing scenery and glanced over at Kaiba, surprised that he had actually spoken up for the first time since they left the showroom. "What's your point?"

"We've known each other for a long time since your grandfather hired me to work for him. I made it a point to get to know every detail about him and you by default. The only real way to keep you safe was to know your every thought so I could plan for any move you two might make. Your kidnapping? Another typical childish act of a spoiled rich brat. I saw that coming for weeks. But back there in that showroom- I had no idea what you were going to do. You surprised me." Seto admitted grudgingly and took advantage of the red light to lean over close to his charge and glare at him. "Never do that again."

"I missed you too Kaiba." Yugi teased with a smirk. Then his expression changed as he thought about the warm welcome waiting back at home for him.

"Hey brat, pay attention!" Seto called to him as he parked the car and opened his door. "It's up to you now."

Yugi glanced at the brunette for a second before taking notice that Kaiba had parked his car in front of an apartment building rather than driving to the mansion. "Where?" he questioned as he watched the security chief yank open the back door of the vehicle and drag out a protesting blonde.

"Hands off jerk! I can do this myself ya know!" Joey scowled as he pushed the glaring brunette away from him.

Seto simply slammed the back door closed and sneered at the blonde. "Suit yourself mutt. I imagine I'm supposed to be grateful you didn't slobber all over the windows and shed on the seats." When Joey growled and flung himself towards the taller boy, Kaiba was ready for him and merely sidestepped, letting the thief throw himself to the pavement.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" Seto asked the spiky-haired youth who had pulled himself across the passenger seat over to the driver's side.

"No doubt in my mind." Yugi assured him with a smile as Joey got back to his feet and came over to join them. "Kaiba, thank you for everything. And Joey, well good luck. You're gonna need it with him."

If looks could kill, Yugi would not have been tearing out of the parking lot. As it was, Seto remained frustrated while Joey decided to throw caution aside and sling an arm around the brunette, leaning on him while he spoke. "Hey Scowly, I'm hungry. How's about ya take us for some eats."

Seto stood still as he contemplated which was the most painful way to kill off this stray when a young voice spoke up behind him. "Brother you came home early? And you brought a guest? How nice!" Mokuba raced up to hug his older brother, beaming at the idea of company.

"So who is he brother?" Mokuba asked as he stared at the blonde. Suddenly his eyes lit up as he stared from Seto to Joey and back again. "Could it be, have you finally found someone?"

"Mokuba no, you have the wrong idea- pup here is just a no good thief that I ran into," Seto tried to explain as the idea of being anything to the mutt ran through his head.

Unfortunately Wheeler was in a mischievous mood. "Ah so your younger brother is on to us Kaiba. I guess there's no chance of hiding it now. Name's Joey Wheeler squirt. Now why don't ya go get us something to eat and then I'll tell you all about meeting your brother for the first time."

Yugi was hurrying to shove most of his clothes into a duffle bag when his grandfather made the usual grand entrance into his bedroom.

"You're late. I expected you home for dinner." Solomon scolded. "Does this mean you're finished playing kidnap victim or are you just home to change clothes?"

Yugi flinched a little at the harsh tone in his grandfather's voice before he looked up to stare at his grandfather.

"My lawyers are currently coming up with the appropriate statement for your public appearance." Motou added.

"There's no need to. I plan to tell everyone the truth about what happened right from the beginning, including the fact that this was all my fault." Yugi finally spoke up.

"Really? What brought on this sudden surge of responsibility?" Solomon asked.

Yugi shrugged before zipping up his duffle bag and throwing it on his shoulder. "It's past time that I grow up and accept my responsibilities. But don't think this has anything to do with you. In fact, I won't be here when you return from your business meeting. I'm moving out."

Solomon Motou glared at his grandson for several moments, trying to figure out what new trick Yugi was playing. Finally he sighed and grabbed the boy's wrist, pulling him around to face him. "You're still my grandson, no matter how much you want to change that you know."

Yugi's amethyst orbs narrowed at his grandfather's words. "I know." With that he pulled himself loose and headed outside for his car leaving Solomon standing alone in his room.

Yugi was surprised how empty the parking garage was at two in the morning. Then again, what did he care. Slowly he reached across the driver's seat to the passenger's side to pick up the bottle of wine he had bought on the way over. With a sigh he stepped out of the car and slowly walked around it, humming quietly under his breath. The silence was actually kind of nice after everything that happened in the past few days.

Finally Yugi came to a stop in front of the trunk of his car, the exact place that everything had started so many days ago. With a smile he pushed the lid up, freeing the contents of the trunk.

"It's about time," Yami scowled, stretching his arms and legs from being cramped up in that small space for so long, "I thought I was going to suffocate in there."

"Liar." Yugi teased as he hoisted himself to sit in the trunk next to the thief. "It's actually quite comfortable in here."

"Maybe for you," Yami grumbled, wrapping an arm around his lover's waist to pull him closer. Suddenly he noticed the object in Yugi's hand. "What's that?"

Yugi obediently handed it over. "Red wine, huh? I suppose this makes it a celebration of sorts then?" Yami asked popping the bottle open and taking a gulp of liquid. "Although with the past few days you should have brought aspirin instead."

Yugi didn't respond, instead he reached over to try to grab the bottle and take a taste himself. Yami pulled back, holding the bottle just out of the boy's reach. "Wait a second, aren't you too young for alcohol? Come to think of it, how old are you anyways?"

While Yami was pondering this question, Yugi reached up and grabbed the bottle, taking a large swig. "Old enough." he replied with a smirk.

Yami let out a groan and sat back, staring at the empty parking lot surrounding them. "You know the view's pretty nice from here."

Yugi paused in his attempt to get smashed to stare at the "pretty nice view." Shaking his head he corked the wine and dropped it on the pavement. "You've obviously can't hold your liquor."

"No aibou, I mean it. Don't you think this is such a beautiful view?" Yami insisted, grabbing his lover and pulling him onto his lap so he could see this view from his perspective.

Yugi was seriously doubting his partner's sanity. Empty parking spots did not look beautiful. Deciding to try to fix his lover, Yugi reached out and pulled Yami's face down to his, gently kissing the thief. The gentle kisses turned more serious as Yami enthusiastically joined in, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy and coaxing Yugi's mouth open so his tongue could slide in.

After a long moment the two separated and Yugi turned back to look at the empty garage with a kinder expression. "You know, this place could grow on me." he declared with a smirk. Yami laughed and pulled him back into the embrace. They stared at each other silently for a moment before together lifting their legs and pulling them into the trunk of the car. Once in Yami reached up and grabbed the lid of the trunk, pulling it down till it slammed shut on the two lovers, alone together in the trunk of their car.

Outside the car, the parking garage remained empty for hours to come. It really was a nice view.