A Sacrifice

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"you've come to love me lightly, yeah you've come to hold me tight, is this motion ever lasting, or do shudders pass in the night?" -Interpol "Evil"

His eyes opened at exactly 12:13AM. He wasn't exactly sure why, but this is when it always happened. He had become accustomed to it though. He slowly pulled himself out of bed and pulled on a pair of shorts over his boxers and then a shirt over his head. He opened his door and began walking down a darkened hallway. If he were honest with himself he would know that he had memorized the time, the steps, and the turns necessary to make it to the room he now stood before. He could hear her begin to cry ever so slightly just like the first night this had all begun. She really had tried to keep it quiet so as not to alarm her teammates, but it hadn't been quiet enough for him. His senses were heightened to the point where he could hear a pin drop...on the opposite end of the tower. He punched in her code and walked in, they never greeted one another during these nightly visits, in fact they never spoke at all after that first night. It was mutually understood.

She sat on her bed, legs hanging off the edge towards the door. He could see her perfectly, the sheets were thrown on the floor and some of the objects in her room had been thrown about. He saw a small bear laying beside her on the bed. He had won it for her the last time they had gone to the Fun Fair. He walked to her bed and sat down beside her, causing her to look up at him. She smiled ever so slightly before letting it crumple again into a frown. Carefully hidden tears left their hiding places and made their way down her porcelain white skin. His thumbs stopped them and then wiped them away. He looked into her eyes wondering how much more of this she could take, how much longer this would last. She pulled him to her and embraced him, her chin hugging his shoulder. He held her as tightly as he could, feeling her body tremble. He was never sure if it trembled in fear, relief, or sorrow. On days when he felt optimistic he was sure it was the second one. The relief of knowing somebody was there for her, who wouldn't leave her side, proof that she wouldn't die alone. Most days he was sure it was one of the other two.

She pulled away ever so slightly so that their faces were only an inch apart. She shook her head when she saw his eyes, but he nodded. She looked away and then back at him before touching her forehead to his. It hit him with a force he was never ready for, no matter how many times it happened to him. The first time it had happened he had vomited and been unconscious for five days. He had told the rest of his teammates he had caught a bug, none of them believed him nor did they feel the need to press the issue either. She stayed by his bedside most days and they never said anything about that either.

He could see the nightmares she had experienced ones of death and destruction, the loss of her friends, the end of a world at her hands. He cried and now it was her turn to comfort him. She held him again, running a hand up and down his back slowly. She 'shhhh' ever so quietly and slowly and began to rock him back and forth. When his sobbing had subsided he pulled away and wiped away his tears and flashed her a sad smile. She reflected the sad smile and then stood up as he did the same. He hugged her again and then picked her up, laying her in her bed. He then picked up the sheets and lay them over her, somewhat clumsily, but then that's how it always as. The small bear was handed to her just as her lids began to close. He kissed her forehead and began putting the objects around her room back where they belonged. He had done it so often that he knew exactly where they went without asking.

He looked around her room to make sure nothing was left out of place. He heard her murmur in her sleep and he smiled before leaving her room. Slowly he made his way to his own room, navigating through the various objects left lying around his room, and lay in his own bed. Sleep came quickly, just as it always did for the both of them.

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