"I'll stumble into your gravity"

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"I submit my incentive is romance." Interpol 'Slow Hands'

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They sat with their legs dangling over the edge of the roof. Neither of them worried about the other falling because they trusted themselves. They trusted that they'd catch the other, support them, never let them be hurt. If one were to lose their grip, slide over the edge, the other was sure to catch them around their waist, pull the fallen one towards them, reassure them with the lightest of kisses, calm their fears, let the other know they are loved. When they looked at falling from that perspective, there seemed to be an incentive to slip.

His hand held hers, feeling the warmth. Most people assumed her hands would be cold as ice. He thought those people fools. The warmth in her hands, the bit of nervousness that showed in her eyes. Sometimes he thought she was more alive than anyone he had ever met. He let his eyes look over her face, not sure what she was thinking. He lowered his forehead to hers, a brief spark from the chakra, and then…

She saw them, she saw him preparing her tea, smiling. She saw him providing a shoulder for her to cry on, making her laugh, putting her to bed when she was tired. She saw all of this and a thousand other ways in which he had served her. He had told her that he loved in nearly a thousand different ways without ever using those exact words. Each act of kindness that played in her mind brought a rising flush to her face and her heart seemed to grow that much more. A tear softly slipped down her face and then another. He knew better than to stop them. She hadn't cried in so many years, she needed this.

He pulled away from her ever so slightly, allowing her to take it all in, not sure what her next action would be. They sat in silence for a moment, both of them looking at one another. She pulled him back to her and kissed his lips before leaning her head on his, another brief spark and… He saw how she smiled at him when his back was turned to her. How the sweater she had gotten him for a Christmas that happened two years ago hadn't been bought, it had been made. He saw that after he put her to bed she would often come to his room while he slept and sing softly over him. He saw her love for him and its intensity made him gasp ever so slightly. He briefly wondered how she could have hidden such strong emotion within her tiny frame without cracking, but then decided he'd rather live in the moment then think about how's and what could have been's.

"I can't be free of you," she said, her voice at its normal monotone pitch, but her eyes searching his eyes for release. "I can't be free of you and I don't want to be," she spoke and then bowed her head, awaiting her sentence, the end of the world.

Reassuring hands tilted her face towards his and kissed her and not for one second did she wonder why buildings weren't crumbling, the earth rupturing or even why she still existed. It wasn't the end of the world, but she still hugged him as if it were their last embrace. 'A hug that would have made Starfire proud,' Gar briefly thought, returning her hug, smelling her hair, knowing, knowing that this was right, that this was love.