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Chapter 1: Moving day.

Deanna Newell awoke to her mother and father opening her postered door in her room smiling whispering. "I wonder how she'll take the news." Her mother said. "Well, she'll have to live with it, since I'm not changing my mind." Her father said stubbornly. They continued to whisper back and forth, with the door open.
"Um, Mom? Dad? I'm awake now." Deanna said, pulling her covers off and stepping into her terry cloth slippers. "Is there something you wanted?" Deanna asked still groggy from the late night she had. It was early Saturday morning, and her parents usually didn't wake her up unless she had work, or they had big news to tell her.
Her mother jumped at the voice coming from the small bed along the wall. She stood up straighter and was about to say something, but her husband cut her off.
"We're moving to London. I got a job at the ministry. We're leaving tomorrow, so pack all of your stuff NOW!" her father said quickly, and slammed the door on an angry faced Deanna.
"WHAT! We're moving to LONDON? I refuse, I/m not going, you can/t make me, and I/d rather DIE than leave everyone here! Jeff and I were finally starting to..."
"Who's Jeff?" Deanna's happy mother said.
"WHO IS JEFF!" Her protective father said.
"No one, I'm up. I'll be packed and ready to go by the end of the day, I swear!" She said quickly so her father would drop the subject. It didn't seem to work.
"Who is Jeff?" her father asked again, but Deanna could here her mom telling him to drop it and be grateful she isn't too angry with them.
"Hmph," Deanna said. "London. Well, I guess I'll have to make the most of it. It's not like I have a choice in the matter. Come to think of it, I heard Knock Turn alley has a great joke shop, none of those childish bloodied lollipops and whatnot. I'm talking quality stuff, like..."but she couldn't finish her thought because her older sister, Janae came bounding in the room, obviously angry at the news she had just received.
"How could they do this to us! How could they just...just...Agh! I'm so incredibly angry!" With that she stomped out of the room obviously to go rant to her best friend Willy.
"She's so dumb sometimes, isn't she Eevie?" Deanna said soothingly to her Rhodesian-Ridgeback dog lying on the ground in its rug in the corner. Eevie just lifted her head, and then dropped it back on the ground, not interested in what she was saying.

Meanwhile, right next to the Burrow, a whole crew of muggle construction workers were erecting a huge house. So large it over-shadowed the Burrow ten times over. Ron looked out of his window and was greeted by a crane hauling lumber and other supplies to the workers on higher floors.
"Damn, that house is going up so fast, isn't it Ginny?" but Ginny wasn't paying any attention to her older brother, who was extremely envious of the new home being built. Ron scoffed, and looked back at the house.
"Just another thing for that great big git, Malfoy to hassle me about. I can just see it now.'Hey Weasel! Jealous of the great big house next to your barn?'" Ron said under his breath. Back at the Newell household, there was complete chaos while everyone was running about packing up their things, magically and otherwise. Mrs. Newell was a muggle, and was incredibly envious of her daughters and husband magicking everything into boxes, and trunks.
"Here mom, let me help you with that." Janae said bitterly, still exceptionally troubled with the move.
"Thanks honey. I'm just so frustrated with all this. Your father could have given me a little more time to pack everything up. And don't give me that attitude." After a long day of packing, grumbling from very member of the family, and lots of screaming from Aubrey, the youngest in the family, they set off for a large hill by the Newell's old home. Once they reached the top of the hill. They looked around for the port key.
After about a half hour of no luck in finding it: "Everyone look harder for the port key, it has to be here somewhere. The minister can't've hid it that hard, honestly, no one even comes up here anyways." About 5 minutes later a shriek came just over the top of the hill.
"Alas! I have found what has been missing." Deanna said solemnly.
"Oh shut-up and give it here" Janae said angrily.
"Jumping jellybeans Jage! It looks like someone's got a massive wedgy. I'm thinking, that you're going to have to catch me." Deanna said. She was much faster, and was in better physical shape than her sister, so she knew that she had the upper hand.
"Deanna! If you don't give me the port key right now, you are SO grounded!"
"Gosh dad, you're no fun!" Deanna said fake-sulking.
She handed the port-key, a very dirty cardboard box, to her father. He activated it and they all came forth and touched it at the same time. They swirled into a blur of their surroundings, the came to a thud on their doorstep. It was very crowded with the five in the family, plus Eevie, and a very agitated owl, named Gravy, the family's owl. They all were on the ground fighting to get up, so Deanna thought it would be extremely hilarious to bite people when they got in her face, which was very hard not to do so. Everyone including Eevie got bite at least once before they got into their new house.
"Goodness, all the magic in the world, and they can't get that new paint smell out." Mrs. Newell muttered.
Janae, Deanna, and Aubrey raced up the stairs to claim their rooms. Once they got to the top floor and looked into the rooms, which were at least two times the size of their old rooms. All of their things were unpacked already by new house elves, so they all collapsed on their beds from a long day of packing, and fell asleep.

Deanna didn't seem to notice all of the new furniture in her new bedroom. She awoke to a strange looking room, very unlike her old room, but very comfortable. All of her posters were on her walls, with large amounts of space in between them. Her new furniture was beautiful. A canopy bed carved into cherry oak stood in the middle of the far wall, a full sized dresser stood across from it, in cherry walnut as well. Two night tables on either side of the bed had American magazines on the tops, with new electronics on top of them. The walls were painted dark blue, and the chi was fabu!
Deanna rolled out of her bed and noticed a sliding door to the left of her. She opened it and shrieked. Her mom came running in exclaiming "I know its dreadful darling, but don't cry, it's going to be fine, ok!"

"MOM! Get a hold of yourself. CHECK OUT MY CLOSET! Oh my gravy boat mom, I love my new room, I love our new house, I love the world!" She loudly exclaimed, getting lost in her new sanctuary. Her mom slipped out and went downstairs to see the rest of the house, and make a large breakfast for the family.
Deanna eventually came out of her sanctuary, only because she was stinking it up.
"Ugh, I haven't washed in days!" Deanna muttered, walking out of her room. She looked high and low for the bathroom door, singing, more like screaming, ninety nine bottles of rum on the wall, until she bumped into Janae.
"Hey, umm, have you seen the bathroom?" She asked.
"You haven't seen yet!" Janae exclaimed, very unlike her usual brooding self. "Follow me!" She dragged Deanna back into her room, and pointed to the portrait of a swimming merman.
"Peaches and cream" Janae said looking at a slip of paper on Deanna�s new dresser.
The door slowly slid open and opened up into an immaculate bathroom. It was painted a light mauve color, and had a marble bathtub filling most of the room. There were about 15 knobs on it.
"Janae, did we all die in a crazy go nuts terrorist attack?" Deanna asked trying to hold her breath.
"Ummm, I hope not." Janae responded puzzled by her sister's remark.
"Good, then leave me alone, because I smell, and I want a bath. LOOK AT IT!" Deanna screamed.
Janae shuffled out, after she told Deanna that she recommends the 4th knob to the left. "It smells scrumptious" she said, taken aback herself by what she had just said, and then "shuffled out"
Deanna enjoyed a luxurious morning spent in the tub until her mother called her out for her favorite breakfast. Sunny side up eggs, toast lathered in butter, fried hash, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Tang would also suffice, since they didn't have any oranges because of the move.
"It's ok mom! I'll have EXTREME TANG! YEYAW! I love Tang! I love Tang! I LOVE TANG!" she screamed throughout the new house, now because of glade plugins, smelled of freshly washed linen.
"Deanna! Quit screaming, you'll wake the neighbors!" Her father said motioning with his head to their house, was very small compared to the new one they were currently in.
"Hmm, I wonder if anyone hot lives their." Deanna asked herself.
"Oh Deanna, get your head off of boys and sugar for a moment, and fix your mind of the important things! School starts next week, and we have to get all of our stuff tomorrow at umm, what was that place called mum?" Janae asked her mother.
"Diagon Alley dearest." Her mom responded focusing more on her new edition of Time magazine.
"Yeah, Diagon Alley" Janae said, still not sounded like herself. She sounded more like a 5 year old, waiting to open presents on Christmas eve, than the 17 year old that she was.
"Janae, you sound like a 5 year old waiting for mom and dad to wake up on Christmas morning." Deanna smirked at her sister.
"Excuse me? I'm 5? If I'm five, then you are 4. You are a year younger than me you know." Janae pointed out to her sister.
"Thanks sis, I never would have guessed!" Deanna said sarcastically, but Janae never had the chance to respond, because the door rang, and outside stood 6 Weasley's brimming with pride of their new neighbors. All except one, a red headed, red cheeked, red eared Ron.

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