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Chapter 7:

"Deanna…please?" George whimpered, and pulled a Bambi face. Deanna scoffed, rose to her feet, jumped onto the table, and said triumphantly

"George Weasley, I hate you with the fiery passion of a thousand sons!" She looked around her, and saw that every pair of eyes was turned towards her and most mouths opened with strange faces. Tammie was mortified; Ron was chuckling quietly, but was shot an angry look from Ginny. Mr. Weasley cleared his throat, and shot his eyes to both sides of him.

"I guess now is as good as ever…" he muttered. Deanna got off of the table awkwardly, and sat down slumped over the table.

"Children, Harry, Hermione, we've gotten an owl from Dumbledore. He said that Mrs. Weasley, Bill, and I have to report to headquarters immediately," he paused a moment to let the first part of his news sink in. Ginny shot Deanna a pleading look that said "I really wanna go tonight!" Deanna gave her a sympathetic look and faced back to Mr. Weasley.

He cleared his throat once more and finished quickly.

"So, we've talked to the Newell's and you are staying with them for the rest of the summer." He hurriedly sat down and shoved a chicken leg into his mouth so he wouldn't have to explain. Mrs. Weasley just looked at him in disgust, and stood.

"Children, your father and I spoke about it, and we think it would be better for you to stay away from headquarters for awhile. All that commotion would add extra stress and it would remind you about, He-who-must-not-be-named. We know that it's very hard to not think of him, but we thought you would be less reminded that he is still out there. As Mr. Weasley said, we talked to the Newell's and they said it would be quite all right. We thought that staying so close to home would be the best bet, and if you needed anything back here, you will be able to come and get it." Mrs. Weasley was interrupted by Mark who said happily, "We would love to have all of you! It will be quite a change of pace having nine teenagers in the house at once, but I'm sure we'll manage."

Deanna looked in shock.

JANAE! How can they do this without telling us first? I mean, I have EVERYTHING lying all around the house…oh Godric…all of my "laundry" is scattered everywhere. NO one is getting my bathroom…MINE! Deanna thought to her sister in a horrified expression.

Deanna, quit being such a big baby…You know you want George to be there. Honestly, the way you two look at each other is disgusting. What happened with you two anyways? What was that little "run in" in the bathroom that you reminded him of? Janae thought back. Deanna just gave her a death look that said all hell will ice over if you ask me again.

"I'LL TELL YOU LATER DAMMIT!" Deanna screamed to her sister.

Everyone looked at the two, and Janae just giggled at her sister. She loved getting her sister into trouble, especially in front of people she was trying to impress.

"Deanna! Watch your mouth!" her father bellowed to her, down the table.

George looked very smug, and Fred just looked at her in awe.

"What are you lookin' at you big fat flamer!" She screamed at him. Fred held up his hands in retreat, and Deanna looked like a pleased puppy that he gave up so easily. She shoved a spoonful of mashed potatoes in her mouth and stood up from the table.

"Deanna Newell! Sit your ass in that chair right now!" George growled in an angered voice. She looked so surprised at his sudden outburst, that she picked her plate up defensively and threw it in his face. George a foot inch and collided into Veronika.

"Bastard!" Veronika screeched into his ear. All the while, Fred was sneaking around to the other side of the table with a large, juicy cherry pie.

A large chunk of crimson tresses was pulled out of George's hair by Deanna, as Veronika sat on the squirming boy.

"Get his legs Ronnie!" Veronika grabbed his flailing feet and Deanna reached for his arms. The other twin was right behind Veronika and right about to squish the pie into her face, when a red haired girl came around the other side of him, and pushed it right into his face, and ran away in a sudden fury.

Deanna and Veronika carried George halfway back to the Weasley house, when Bill grabbed Arthur's blabbering head and turned it around to see the girls giggling, and making their way off with a tied and gagged flaming hair boy. Mr. Weasley just laughed at the scene.

"Kids…leave them alone for just one second, and they get bound and gagged, while being carried off with two girls…" Arthur turned back around and started up the conversation again. Mark and Tammie just looked at him quizzically, but didn't say anymore of it.

Fred raced after Veronika and Deanna, after getting back at his sister by pushing into the pond and sicking gnomes after her. He was sprinting as fast as he could towards the awkward sight and George's muffled screams egging him on to run faster.

"Dee! Bogey at five o'clock! FASTER WOMAN!" Veronika screamed.

"I can't captain! The ship is takin' on more water!" Deanna yelled back at the girl in a sailor's accent. The "ship" had indeed become extremely wet, as Harry and Ron had raced after them with their goblets of water, and aiming at the two girls, missed and George was drenched.

"Oh come on Deanna! You were on the track team for 5 years before you went to Salem. (A/N the American Wizarding School) You've played Quiditch for 5 years, AND you do two billion push ups before bed every night!" Veronika yelled to her. George's eye lit up at this, and looked at Deanna with new admiration.

"Ronnie! Disapparate! On the count of 3! One…two…three!" There was a loud pop and the three people were suddenly gone.

"Dammit!" Fred said under his breath, Ginny racing after her brother again started whopping and yelling was thrown an evil look, and Harry and Ron looked at each other wondering how the two had already gotten their apparition license.


"Whew! Good thing you thought of apparating Dee, or else Fred would be on top of us like butter on Rice-a-Roni!"

"The San Franciscan treat…ding ding!" Deanna said in a sing song voice finishing the jingle. Suddenly, an evil smile crept over Veronika's face and Deanna just looked at her questioningly.

"This better be good." Deanna murmured.

"Oh…believe me girl. This is good." Veronika said rubbing her hands together. George looked like he was about to wet himself furiously.


Fred paced furiously in his room that he shared with his twin. He had just received a ransom note from the girls down the street.


If you ever want to see your brother again,

Send us your cologne, 'cuz baby you smell MARVELOUS!

Ronnie, that was highly uncalled for!

Sorry Dee. What we really want is some of your products.

Not those silly fake wands, or chocolate flies,

But the REAL merchandise that you hide underneath your beds.

Good Gravy boy, do you really keep it under your bed?

That's the first place I would look!

We expect payment for this silly boy by 7:30 tonight.

Failure to do so will result in a beautiful man returned to you when we say so.

Get looking!

The nerve of them! They really thought they could hold someone for ransom? But…what could they possibly want with the top secret stuff? Fred thought to himself. She got down on all fours and wiggled himself under his bed.

"Oh yeah baby, shake that ass!" A female voice said coming from the corner of his room.

Fred jerked his head up suddenly, resulting in hitting his head extremely hard on the underside of his bed.

"Tsk tsk. You really should get used to my voice Freddy. Honestly, you'll be hearing a lot of it in the next year. And I do mean a lot."

Fred wiggled out from under his bed again and rolled onto his back, looking towards the location on the voice, but…there was nothing there!

"What the F—"Fred started.

"Fred! Such harsh words. One would think that you've never seen a scantily clad woman before." Said the voice.

"Veronika…What are you doing, and how?"

"How what Freddy? How did I fit into this, or how did I get into your apparate-proof room?"

"Erm, both." Fred said after a moments thought. Veronika giggled

"Well Freddy darling," she said in a mock British accent, "As for the clothes, let's just say it took a lot of help from my good friend George, and a lot of lubrication. As for the apparition, American apparition is a bit different than England. The spell is a deal less complicated, so that is why we already have our license. I'd teach it to you sometime, but I think you might even mess that up." She told him, suppressing a giggle. Fred turned a deeper shade of red, just by looking over the girl's body.

"You say…George helped me…I mean you with this?" George asked meekly.

"Oh yes Fred… I imagine he likes being with us. You see, Deanna is over with him right now doing Godric knows what…and that can only mean… I mean since we bought identical outfits and all. I was actually sent away when Deanna pounced George. I think it was in her room actually. Ya know big, luxurious, fluffy bed. Big, scented candles. And a big hunky Weasley tat Deanna just can't keep her hands off of. I just thought maybe, just maybe, we could do the same. I mean, the outfits are the same. The men look the same. Deanna and I passed off as twin last summer..." She trailed off, stepping closer to him, so her body was pressed up to his.

"Veronika…" Fred said in a growl.

"Please baby…Call me Ronnie. That's what you call your younger brother is it not? Just pretend I'm him, and…ya know" she said with a wink, the dissapparated as she saw the blood rush to Fred's face in pure rage.

"VERONIKA!" He screamed after her, and then opened his door, almost unhinging it. He quickly apparated outside, and ran all the way to the neighbor's house.

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