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Hey peoples…this is just a stupid little idea that popped into my head when I was bored. It's a really, really short fanfic and it's probably not very good.

This is for all you people who were not satisfied to see the way cool Yassen Gregorovich die at the end of Eagle Strike.

"Yassen had one last thing to say. 'If you don't believe me, go to Venice. Find Scorpia. And you will find your destiny…"

Yassen shut his eyes and Alex knew he would never open them again.

Or so he thought…

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Alex Rider ran through the woods at his top speed, getting more desperate and confused with every step. Who were those people? What would they want with a cabin full of noisy, English schoolchildren? Were they after him? Something whizzed by his head, hitting a tree and exploding into splinters, and Alex abandoned the questions, replacing them with the thought of survival. The air was getting colder with every step, and soon, Alex came across a patch of snow; and another, and another, until he was standing stock still, in a field of snow. Alex groaned. The footprints in the snow made it impossible for him to escape his pursuers. Yet, it was quiet, strangely quiet. Had the pursuers given up? Alex cocked his head and listened, hard, to hear the pining of hounds off in the distance. They had sent DOGS to go after him!

Alex took off again, wondering how long he could keep up the running. He knew he could easily run three miles within 24 minutes, but he also knew that the dogs had more stamina than him, and could go much faster for much longer. The barking was growing louder, and Alex increased his speed, careful not to slip in the snow. The barking grew steadily louder, and with a burst of snow and some flying blurs from the corner of his eye, Alex found himself surrounded by three large, ugly, ferocious dogs.

Alex stood frozen, with the dogs surrounding around him in a semicircle. The dogs showed no signs of wanting to attack, but stood there growling; trapping Alex. Showing as little movement as possible, Alex reached into his pocket, and pulled out a gadget from Smithers that he had never used and had been allowed to keep. It was a ring, that looked like it had been taken from the set of The Lord of the Rings, but one of the symbols on it was darker. Alex held his breath, and pressed the symbol; instantly, his fingerprint activated the gadget and Alex threw it on the ground in front of him. Sensing that something was wrong, the dogs lunged, just as the ring exploded. Alex ran again, leaving the yelps and the smoke behind.


Feeling a bit spent, Alex began to slow down just as another bullet whizzed pass his head, followed by another which grazed him on the shoulder.

Clutching his shoulder, Alex cursed and veered off to the right. A big mistake. Alex stepped onto a piece of ice, slipping, and found himself temporarily transformed into a human sled as he moved over the ice at an amazing speed, unable to control himself.

Stupid break thing won't work…different scene below….I HATE my computer

Alex's pursuer smiled as he saw the boy slide onto the ice and over the edge, into a deep ravine. The boy was as good as dead. If Alex had been a man, the pursuer would have gone down to the ravine to verify the death, but Alex was a mere boy. The fall down the ravine had certainly snapped the child's tender neck. The pursuer turned and began his trek back to the cabin where negotiations were waiting. He had barley taken three steps when a shot rang out of nowhere, and he crumpled down dead.

As graceful as ever, Yassen Gregorovich walked up to the man, and nudged the body with his foot. The man rolled over, his eyes blank, a bloody hole in his forehead. Yassen frowned at the corpse, and went over to the edge of the ravine. It was not too deep, and Yassen slid down easily, picking up the unconscious Alex.