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Coffee Break

Vincent Valentine growled, hurt, and angry. His blood boiled, his anger rose… Chaos would arise any moment to take over his mind, body, and the battle at hand. Vincent didn't like it, but he understood the occasional necessity… His inner demon had the uncanny ability to completely annihilate any enemies in his path.

Yep… Chaos would arise any moment…. Vincent grunted, grasping at the scratch across his chest. It stung. Any moment…he would transform, to become the vicious entity that resided within him…. Any….minute…now….

Vincent frowned.



Calling the vicious blood thirsty demon, hello? Looking up at his comrades, Vincent realized that the battle had been won without him.

What the hell?! Vincent frowned, standing after a few potions and a cure spell, following the others, though entirely introspective.

Excuse me? What is going on? Vincent demanded, pointing the question inwardly into himself, and at Chaos in specific.

Eh? For not having a physical body, the demon gave a very strong impression of arching an eyebrow.

Where were you?! Vincent pressed. Chaos shrugged. Or at least gave the impression of shrugging, as it truly had no physical presence in the black depths of his rather demented mind.

Huh? Chaos replied. Vincent frowned, glaring. Chaos couldn't see his glare, but it was felt. Uh…. Coffee break.


My coffee break… you know….take ten? Mid morning break, a hiatus…its against the labor laws not to give those in your service at least one small break. Vincent couldn't believe what he was hearing.

You're kidding…

No…. good grief, Valentine. I can't be evil ALL the time! I need my TLC too, ya know!

Vincent's jaw dropped.

You're not even real! He argued. Chaos made a hurt sound.

Not real?! NOT REAL?! OF COURSE I'm real! I am that which haunts you in your mind, spawns your nightmares, plagues your life! A pause, But jeez. I need a break sometimes! Vincent groaned.

You're a nightmare!

Yes, I am.

That's not the point! What if I died?! You'd be dead too, you know!

You were fine…suck it up you pansy assed whuss!

Pansy--WHAT?! Vincent had just about had it. He smirked. Fine. No wholesale slaughter of innocents for two months. You're grounded.

A sudden surge of agony flew up from Chaos's consciousness.

No! Please! I'll be good, I promise! Oh, don't take away my fun Vincent, PLEAAAAASE!

Vincent smirked. He'd never realized the demon was /that/ easy.

Well, perhaps…



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