An additional scene to "Snakes". A follow-up conversation between Sara and Grissom.


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Author's Note:

I wasn't very satisfied with the ending of this week's episode, so this is my additional scene. Is this presumptuous of me? … probably, but I at least wanted more closure.

It was a good thing that the graveyard shift did not have a case that night, because on this rare occasion Gil Grissom was not up to the challenge. After a less than ideal chat we his colleague Sara Sidle he was having trouble focusing on his work. Thinking back he could hardly consider it a "chat", that would imply equal participation from both parties, and although he had gotten in a few questions, Sara had cut him off before he could say anything… personal. What would he have said? The question buzzed around his brain all shift and he still did not have an answer. He longed for her to come back to his office and give him a second chance… even if it was just a chance to make the same mistake. Come to think of it, that was what most of their relationship had been.

At long last it occurred to him that if he really wished to speak to her he could go looking for her himself. This thought came to him so late he realized he would be lucky to catch her before she left, shift having been over for nearly 20 minutes now.

Gil tried to regain composure as he sped down the hallways to the locker room, scared that he would find it empty, terrified that he would find… "Sara,"

It was moments like this that Grissom wished he had a team of writers on staff. If he had perhaps he could have come up with something wonderful to say, some way of communicating all the thoughts that were running through his head: his confusion, fear, attraction… but the writers were no where to be found. It was just him, his speechless mouth and the girl that used to sit in the front row of his seminar and answered all the questions, much to her peers' dismay.

His desperate search for something to say was interrupted by Sara's cell phone. With an apologetic look at Grissom, Sara answered the phone, "Sidle. Hey … yeah, shift is just finishing … No, it's been a slow night, paperwork mostly…" Grissom could not help but notice the blush on her face and the way she bit her lip to suppress … a giggle? This was a personal call. "Breakfast sounds great! … Yeah, I'll meet you there in fifteen. See ya soon."

Grissom believed he had a tight grasp on his emotions, but the look on Sara's face told him otherwise. His disappointment was met with both annoyance and guilt from his companion. For a long moment they just stood there, neither one sure what to say. Finally Sara broke the silence, "I met him at a coffee shop a few weeks ago. I haven't touch alcohol since… that night, so I got into the habit of going for coffee after shift. One day it was too crowded and we had to share a table…" Silence, "We all have to grow up eventually, you know?" When the look did not leave Grissom's face she tried once more, "That was a seminar, this is real life, remember?"

In spite of himself Grissom smiled, "What, do you write down everything I say?" Sara had to laugh too. "You're going to be late."

The tension in the room seemed to dissipate as Sara smiled once more, "See you tomorrow, Gris."

She was nearly out the door when his voice caught her attention once again, "Is he in law enforcement?" Grissom said with a raise eyebrow and a smirk.

"No, he's a vet."

Grissom's thoughts were bittersweet but his smile was genuine, "Perfect."

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