Little BRAT Hiwatari

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Chapter one

1994. A seven year old...Kai woke up.

'Yay today is!' Kai thought.

Kai got out of bed and got changed, had breakfast and then brushed his teeth. Kai ran out of his room and ran down the hall.

'Yes he didn't...' Kai's thought's were interrupted

"And just what do you think you are doing?" Borris yelled

'catch me' Kai ended

"lap's of course! I don't want to become unfit or anything. So just what do you think you are doing exactly" Kai quickly stated

"I'm making sure no one's escaping" Borris snarled

"but can we be sure?" Kai asked very weirdly.

Borris was officially confused now and stoped and thought whilst Kai quickly ran off to where he was trying to get to before he was so rudely interrupted by 'the big meanie' (a.k.a: Borris). Kai got to his destination and knocked on the door.

"Who the hell is it?" Voltaire yelled at the door to his office (dun, dun, dun).

Screaming came from the other side of the door.

'oh great, just what I needed' Voltaire thought.

"come in Kai" Voltaire yelled over the screams.

Kai walked into his Grandfather's office screaming and then put out his hand. Voltaire put around $1000 in Kai's hand and Kai shut up.

"Hi Grandfather. How are you?" Kai said and sat on his Grandfather's knee.

"Well, actually..." Voltaire began

"oh that's great! Anyway I was wondering if I could have this!" Kai said giving Voltaire a magazine cut out.

"Hey...what's this?" Kai asked just about to press the little red button on the desk.

"That'samicrophonewithahightechcamaraonit, don't touch it" Voltaire yelled and hit Kai's hand.

Kai rubbed his hand as his Grandfather looked over the magazine cut out. It was a black and silver hand gun...latest model and silent.

"Kai don't you already have 5 hand guns, do you really need another?" Voltaire asked half heartedly.

Kai got off his Grandfather's knee.

"YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS" Kai said whilst crossing both his arm's across his chest and tapping his foot on the ground.

"But you already have five." Voltaire pointed out.

"I want it, and I want it now, and if I don't get it, I will scream forever and ever ,non-stop, until I get it!" Kai screamed

"of course" Voltaire sighed and pressed the little red button on the desk,

"ah, Grandson would like a new hand gun can you please order it for me?" Voltaire said as he faxed the magazine cut to her, and pressed the little red button again, thus, making the screen retract into the desk.


"NO you forgot to say genetically perfect Grandson instead of GRANDSON!" Kai yelled.

Voltaire threw $500 more at Kai.

"I love you too Grandfather" Kai said and then left the office.

15 minutes later...

Borris ran into Voltaire's office.

"Sir, I'm sorry for the intrusion, but I have reason to believe that your Grandson is going to come here soon and I..." Borris started but was interrupted by Voltaire's out-burst

"OUT!" Voltaire roared and Borris ran out as fast as his feet would take him.

'His head of security and yet his alway's the last to know these thing's.' Voltaire thought to himself.

"Idiot" he laughed.

Kai and the DemolitionBoy's waited for Borris in the training room.

"Maybe ,if we're lucky, he might have died a horrible, horrible death" Tala said hopefully.

"Nah, I'm not that lucky" Kai replied.

"I wonder why his late" Ian thought aloud.

"who care's? Oh, hey do you guy's want anything?" Kai asked

"my sanity back" Tala snickered, he was being sarcastic.

Just then Borris walked in...

"excuse me being late but I had to talk with Mr.Voltaire" Borris explained.

"Borris I have a proposition to make" Kai said with his most ego-sentric voice.

"Oh, and what's that young Kai" Borris snarled.

"I want a farrary and if I don't get one I'll hold my Breath until I die then your little world domination plan goes bye, bye and my Grandfather will hold you responsible, oh and Tala want's his sanity back" Kai stated proudly.

"As if you would you little trash-pot" Borris spat.

Kai took a deep breath in and then stoped breathing.

5 minutes later...

"Any minute now he'll start Breathing again" Borris reashored himself.

"Ah, Sir his turning blue" Tala stated.

"FINE" Borris screamed in defeat.

Kai started to breathe again. Borris took out a note-pad and scribbled ; Buy Kai a Ferrari, on to a piece of paper

"AND?" Kai yelled.

Borris wrote underneath his first note ; and give Tala his sanity back.

"Happy?" Borris asked Kai.

"Very" Kai replied...……….and they begun their intense training.

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