A little note before we begin. This was based on an RP a friend of mine and I are currently doing. We seem to get far many ideas all at once and we can only RP so much at one time! Currently we have two running, and there is no way we could have a third : P.

So, since I have finished 'Journey' (yes I KNOW Soul Brothers is there too : P) I decided to start this. Dunno how long its going to go, but this idea was spawned and could not be ignored. Oh, and before I forget, there IS a human in this story. Her name is Astro, and is my Alt ID. See, I know how people HATE females introduced, but as she is in the RP it's only fair to have her in this story too, as IT IS based on it. Don't worry though; Astro is a highly amusing being with lightning powers at her disposal. And she has a habit of being an utter PEST to Starscream.

What else …. Oh yeah! The main characters for this will be Jetfire and Starscream As you can probably imagine, in the RP they ARE in a relationship. So that means SLASH or references to SLASH. Don't like? Don't read.

Human Syndrome

1 – Playing and Experiments

The setting was Autobot Headquarters. The time was around about 9:30 at night. At the moment, all was well with the Autobots. There was no Minicons to search for, and there was no Decepticon activity. And so, the Autobots could relax and do some minor work …

Or in this case, some playing, and experiments …


A gleeful shout was soon followed by a howl of rage and a feminine giggle. Looking into one of the hallways, a certain white shuttle sprinted down it, a female sitting on his head and clinging for dear life, jetpack forgotten. Following from behind (or rather chasing) was an extremely ruffled up red seeker, panting, orange optics ablaze and glowing sword in hand.

"You are going to PAY for that, AUTOBOT!" He snarled, running after the white jet.

Jetfire was cracking up, running towards his quarters, thinking of the highly amusing prank he had played on the tense seeker. It involved a fair amount of trip wire and a little help from the girl on his head.

In simple terms, Astro had thunderbolted him though the wire. And he was not happy.

Jetfire ran into his quarters, and promptly hid behind the door.

Starscream ran into the room and shouted about seventeen different insults before he was thrown on a recharge bed. He growled deeply and looked up at a snickering Jetfire and the tiny blob of purple and black on his head.

"Come on Starscream, you knew it was going to come back at ya!" Jetfire said as Starscream jumped up with every fibre in his body displaying anger.

"OH? And just WHAT was I getting paid back for hmm?" The red seeker questioned with a huff.

"Pink paint." Astro snickered; pointing at the computer where Jetfire's blackened face was covered in neon pink mess.

The seeker tried to hide the dawning realisation and failed utterly. "…Oh. That."

"Besides Star, I thought you would be used to getting shocked." Astro continued, her jetpack ablaze as she flew down onto the white shuttle's desk. Starscream glared at her, but it was much less intense as before. Even the proud seeker was resigned to the fact that he was surrounded by a 'family' of morons.

"Just because it seems plugged into your head that its fun to shock me," He said with a growl in his tone. "Doesn't mean I'm used to it."

Jetfire chuckled and then proceeded to lie down on his bed. It was getting late even for them, and he had had plenty of excitement for one day. Why was it that whenever the day involved him and the certain red seeker standing up with his arms folded equalled crazy shit and adventures? Must be the way he acted.

Starscream took in Jetfire settling down for his recharge cycle, and smirked.

"Already tired, Jets? I thought you lasted longer than this?" He snickered.

Jetfire snuggled into his own arms as he lied on his front. He was well and truly used to Starscream's jibes and sadistic humour by now to merely smirk at them.

"Naw, just having an early night." He yawned.

The seeker huffed, irritated at not getting a snappy response. Sometimes he really had to remind himself that Jetfire was not Megatron.

"Fine then." He said, and sat at the end of the bed as the larger jet went into recharge.

Astro looked over at the seeker, looking down at the large space next to Jetfire and then to the door. Obviously he was contemplating whether to stay where he was to recharge or got back to his own quarters. The human grinned and flew over to perch on the seeker's knee, much to his sudden surprise.

"You know you like sleeping next to him," She said with a grin.

"Hmph! I do NOT." The seeker instantly rebuffed, glaring at the slumbering Autobot.

"I've never heard you purr louder than when you were by his side." Astro mocked.

The seeker let off a strange sound, like a growl mixed with a sigh. Of course, the girl was right though, He DID like sleeping next to Jetfire, but it would be a million years before he would ever admit that.

"Go on," She said with a tilt of her head. "It's not like it's a sin to be with him."

Starscream looked down at the human, then silently picked her up and walked over to where her own bed was. Placing her down, he then indeed flopped himself gently onto the recharge bed beside Jetfire. Shifting so their wings were brushed together, he turned to Astro.

"Unfortunately, it IS, Astro …" He said, paused, then snuggled his head into his arms and went into recharge.

The human waited for about five seconds when two things happened: Jetfire put an arm around the seeker's shoulders, and Starscream started purring. She grinned and then snuggled into her own bed.

Over in the Med Bay, Red Alert was mixing a set of chemicals together. He was getting sleepy himself, and unfortunately, when that happened to the Medic … things went wrong.

As it was, he added a compound for metal reversal, plus another chemical, and added it to a cube of Energon. He didn't notice it turn a violent green before he was outside Jetfire's door.


Red Alert was blown backwards as he watched the gas seep under the door of his room, before it was all gone. He gasped and shook his head frantically, clearing it. What had he been thinking?!

Still, he grabbed what was left of the cube and the traces of the chemicals used. How could he have allowed himself to slack off?! He was supposed to deliver a cube of healing Energon for Jetfire's headache (which he never let on about) and instead he let loose some gas he didn't even know the effects of?!

But he sighed. There was nothing he could do now …


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