9 – Changing Back

"It's mine!"

"I SAID its mine!"

"That chicken fillet is mine, dammit!"

There was a scuffle at the mat on the floor as Jetfire grabbed the piece of white meat before Starscream could grab it. The Autobot then opened his mouth wide and stuffed half of the fillet in, holding it with his teeth.

"Muh naow." He said, smirking as much as he was able.

Starscream stared, then snarled and darted forwards, taking the other end in his mouth and biting, glaring into a surprised pair of gold eyes.

"Miee!" Starscream said, his voice muffled but triumphant.

Jetfire blinked, then growled and pulled his end. Starscream growled back and pulled his end as well, and the two snarled and pushed at each other's shoulders until there was a ripping sound. With momentum, the two males fell backwards on the ground with a thud, half a piece of chicken in their mouth.

"What in the …" Astro stared at them from coming out of the bathroom as both men happily ate their piece of chicken. "You two are, like, the most UN-cliché pair in the history of romantic couples."

"Noe muh faul he ish un unromani pwa."

Jetfire's mouth was full with chicken and could barely speak.

"Okay, Jetfire? Simple rule: Don't talk with your mouth full." Astro said, disgusted.

The human looked thoughtful, then swallowed enormously and spoke again.

"Not my fault he is an unromantic prat."

Starscream tried to splutter, but his mouth was also full of chicken, so all that came out was a chocking sound.

The day proceeded like any other, except that Red Alert came in and said he had almost completely finished the formula to reverse whatever the first energon gas had done to the transformers. Starscream was deeply relieved at this news.

"Thank Primus I can get out of this body." He muttered, biting into an apple and spraying juice everywhere.

"Well, the first thing I'll be doing is asking Red Alert if it's possible to make chocolate flavoured energon." Jetfire said, grinning hugely as he bit into an enormous block of the stuff.

"Jetfire, that is downright disgusting." Starscream said, revolted, as the other man made his way though the block. "Astro told me that you can get tooth aches from eating too much sweet foods."

"Well, as I'm turning back to my transformer self in a few hours, I see no harm in indulging with what time I have left!" Jetfire smirked, and then tackled the former seeker to the floor in a crash of limbs and feathers.

"JETFIRE! What the slag!" The other growled at the sudden closeness of the bigger man, and pushed at his broad chest with both hands. "That chocolate made you go hyper?"

"Nooooo …." Jetfire purred, leaning down to nuzzle his neck. "It's like I said; I want to make the most of the time I have left …" He nipped the pale skin gently.

"Nn …" Starscream tried to push him off, but he found that he couldn't find the strength. "Jetfire … there's no need … we … we can do this … 'properly' … when we change back …"

Jetfire's grin was evil. "We can do both … mm …" And, despite the other's protests, he claimed his mouth in a heated kiss, pressing his full weight on the other's smaller body.

Starscream gasped, unable to squirm free, but soon gave in as the other kissed him deeper, and the former seeker found himself returning it, wrapping his arms around Jetfire's back, stroking the stump of his wings with a thumb. He wasn't surprised when he tasted chocolate in Jetfire's mouth, and he found it tasted a whole lot better coming from him. He grinned suddenly and rubbed up against him, and let out a satisfied purr when the other groaned in his mouth.

After they broke apart, Jetfire decided to treat Starscream as his personal teddy bear and snuggled up to him, much to the former seeker's annoyance.

"Hey!" He growled, nipping at Jetfire's ear. "Get off me, you right pain in the neck!"

"But I don't wanna …" Jetfire purred out, snuggling deeper into the seeker's neck.

Starscream hissed as he tried to squirm free, but that only seemed to make Jetfire want to huggle him more. And so, he was resigned to the fact that he was partnered with an insane Autobot flyer.

And so, the blessed moment came. Red Alert came into the room and was holding a slightly smoking cube of orange energon. The humans eyed it warily, and the medic sighed.

"As strange as it might look, this is the official cure. Hopefully a situation like this will never come about again."

"Are you sure that stuff isn't toxic?" Starscream said, glaring up at the cube.

"No, it isn't toxic." The medic sighed again. Clearly he was tired of this embarrassing catastrophe to him for one week.

The former transformers were back in the clothes they had been transformed with, as much as it took forever to change into, as both outfits were very complex. But, they didn't want to be reborn without armour on themselves.

And so, with Astro flying out of the room for safety, Jetfire took one last look at his hands. Although he was grateful to return to his normal form, he would miss such fun as eating and crawling though places he never could before in his small size. He sighed, and then smiled. Oh well, at least he would always remember it.

Starscream did not want to admit it, but it had been interesting being human for the short space of time he was one. He liked the warmth that he felt more so when he was human than as a transformer, and he also had enjoyed eating (once he got his food to behave for him) and sleeping. Although being human had made him somewhat more emotional than usual, he was also somewhat glad he got this unexpected chance. He smiled as well, and unconsciously he took Jetfire's hand with his own.

Red Alert dropped the cube on the ground, and orange smoke billowed out over them. There was a flash of light and some crackling noise, and a few minutes later the smoke cleared, revealing the two flyers back in their tall, metal, transformer forms.

'Phew,' Red Alert thought privately as he watched both flyers check that everything was in order.

"Thank Primus that's over with," Starscream muttered, flexing his wings to assure himself that they were there.

Jetfire merely flexed his fingers and ran a hand over his head. He sighed softly, as he silently thanked Primus for the small chance he had gotten, though unexpected. He grinned slightly, and watched as the seeker decided to claim revenge on Astro, who promptly shock him for his ungratefulness. This resulted in the seeker running out of the room to chase the girl, and Jetfire silently laughed at the normal sight. He then turned to Red Alert.

"Hey, Red?" He said as the medic turned to him.

"What is it?"

"Can you make chocolate flavoured energon?" The shuttle said with a massive grin.

All Red Alert could do was sigh once more.

The End

And so I reach the end of another fiction Sorry this took so darn long to get out. Between the workload of year 12, writers block and an attack of the lazies from it getting colder here (yes, you northerners, its almost Winter here :P) I could not get off my ass and finish this bastard of mine XD

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