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1. Osuwari sit

2. Arigato thank you

3. hanyou half demon/ halfling

4. MuranoKaze Village of Wind

5. Aikiku Love Chrysanthemum

Change of Power Version 2

Chapter One: Wishes Granted

It's been a week since Naraku was killed and life in the village is as it always had been, happy and some what calm. Things happened quickly when the gang came back to the village. First, they were dragged off to a party in honor of their victory over Naraku. After the party they were shown to huts that the villagers had built for them; one for Miroku, Sango, Kagome, and Inuyasha, and an extra room was in Kagome's hut for Shippo. The group rested well that night in their huts knowing everything was over. The next morning the entire village was awoken with a scream. The gang all rushed to the direction of the scream, the Bone-Eaters Well. When they got there they noticed Kagome in front of ruins crying. The well had been destroyed and she would never see her family again. She got up and ran to her hut and has been there ever since.

"Oi wench! Come out of that hut right now or I'll force you out!" yelled a fully ticked off Inuyasha

"Inuyasha even you can understand what it's like to loose your family have some compassion!" yelled Sango as she tried to keep him from breaking down the door.

"She has been in there a week Sango! She has barely eaten a thing since she found the well destroyed! For all we know the wench could be dead in the hut!" yelled Inuyasha as he threw open the door and ran in before Sango could say anything.

"Put me down! Inuyasha! If you don't put me down I'll say the word!" screamed Kagome as Inuyasha came out of the hut with her on his shoulder.

"I will as soon as we get away from the door to your hut wench." replied Inuyasha as he went to his hut and set he by his door.

"OSUWARI!" screamed Kagome sending Inuyasha into the dirt

"I wish that you could someday know how that feels!" yelled Inuyasha

"Well I wish you would open up more and act the way you truly are and not hide behind a mask!" yelled Kagome before she ran over to Sango fuming

"Here Kagome eat this." said Sango as she handed Kagome some ramen

"Arigato, Sango." said Kagome

Unknown to them, a shadow was watching them, a smile curling up onto her lips.

"Hmm maybe I should grant their wishes to test her love for that pathetic hanyou before I help her realize her true power." said the shadow as another feral smile came to her lips. "Tonight will be fun."

With that the shadow disappeared into the forest just as Miroku walked up to Inuyasha.

"What do you want Miroku?" asked Inuyasha angrily

"Nothing, I just came to inform you that I heard of a demon terrorizing a village in the westlands." said Miroku

"Those are Sesshoumaru's lands, let him deal with the problem." said Inuyasha

"Well I thought you might be interested, the name of the village is MuranoKaze and the demon has captured the Lady Aikiku niece of the late Lady Izayoi and granddaughter of the ruler of the village." said Miroku "They say Sesshoumaru will not help them because of something Lady Izayoi did."

"Get Kagome and Sango, we're leaving." said Inuyasha

"Why the change of mind Inuyasha?" asked Miroku

"Just get the damn girls already!" yelled Inuyasha as he pushed Miroku towards the girls.

"Hello Miroku." said Kagome when she saw him approach

"I have bad news girls, we are going to the Westernlands to solve a demon problem. LORD Inuyasha says we are leaving in a few minutes so you better pack before its off with our heads." grumbled Miroku

"Alright." said Kagome as she went to pack her things with a confused look on her face

"In five minutes they were on their way to Sesshoumaru's land, leaving Shippo behind saying they would be back soon. They walked until nightfall when they reached a neighboring village where the best inn had an ominous spirit that Miroku needed to exercise. They had two rooms; Miroku and Sango in one and Inuyasha and Kagome in the other.

"Where are we going?" asked Kagome

"To MuranoKaze to save the Lady Aikiku from a demon." replied Inuyasha as he looked out of the window

"You've never been concerned with humans before so why now?" asked Kagome

"You ask to many questions wench, go to bed." said an irritated hanyou

"Fine." huffed Kagome

Inuyasha watched as sleep overtook Kagome before settling himself against the wall with Tetsusiaga in his lap.

"Mother." was the last thing he said before sleep overtook him

The female demon snuck into the room with ease and frowned, having overheard the conversation

"It seems someone else is trying to open Inuyasha up. Oh well! I can still have my fun." said the demon before she whispered a spell and sent two knives flying towards the couple."Sweet dreams."

She smiled as she snuck back out of the inn and into the shadows of the night. Inuyasha awoke with a start and looked over to the sleeping Kagome.

"Yeah, she's peaceful until I open my big mouth, causing her to yell 'OSUWARI!'" said Inuyasha

"As soon as Inuyasha said 'OSUWARI!' Kagome was sent face down into the ground. She got up shakily and turned toward Inuyasha with tears in her eyes and blood coming from her nose and mouth.

"Why?" she said barely above a whisper


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