AN and Teaser

Due to a request from a friend, I am going to now CONTINUE with this story. Thank you to everyone who have been reading, and to new readers alike. I hope you continue to enjoy the tale.

It will take me a bit of time to finish chapter 8, but IT WILL BE DONE! Add the story to your email alerts, if you want to make sure not to miss anything. It has been a very long time since I worked on this story, since my interest laid with Harry Potter, so please give me feedback, and let me know you are interested so I can keep focused on writing. I know it's been a long time coming, but I do assure you, I will try and give a whole hearted attempt at continuing this story.

Thank you Theilian, and everyone else who has encouraged me to continue.

Teaser of next chapter:

The two time travellers shot out of the room and raced down the corridor. Two trolls in a hanging tapestry were sent flying backwards as Sirius braced himself momentarily against the wall, pushing the fabric as he fought to catch up with his friend. The moth eaten trolls stood dumbfounded for a moment, as a small shrunken man supporting a bloody nose and covered in bruises breathed a sigh of relief, before the trolls turned round and began clubbing him once more.

James and Sirius raced down the corridor and halted suddenly as they reached the end, panting heavily, James arriving moments after Sirius.

"oh-" Gasp, "not fa… fair!" Gasp, "I had-"