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'It's all your fault! My son is dead because of you!'

'Mrs. Yamachi…please…'

'I'm gonna sue you for not taking proper care of my Taito! I'm gonna see to you ending up in jail where you belong…even if it's the last thing I do!'

'Listen to me! I had nothing to…'

'No, you listen to me! You're going down, Megumi Takani! And I'll make…'

Megumi sighed in exasperation and returned the phone receiver to its place. She pulled the newspaper lying on her desk towards her.

BOY COMMITS SUICIDE screamed up at her in bold, block letters.

'Taito Yamachi, a 16-year-old teenager, was found dead at the foot of a pedestrian bridge yesterday at 6 a.m. in the morning. The boy had committed suicide by jumping off the bridge before landing 75 feet away on solid ground and meeting his death. Taito's shocked parents say that they have no idea what made him do that…"Taito was a sweet, sensible boy!" a sobbing Mrs. Taito insists. "No way would he've committed suicide with his own will!". More on the case on page 17."'

Megumi threw the paper away and buried her face in her hands, feeling the tears build up in her eyes.

Three weeks ago the Yamachis had brought their son to her office, along with the boy's problem of having being causing himself self-injury over the last two months for no particular reason.

As a professional shrink, Megumi handled Taito's problem with care, studying it from every prospective and point. She had had many interviews with Taito, trying to figure out the reason behind all this, talking to him in a way which wouldn't frustrate or infuriate him.

In the third week, Taito seemed to be responding to the treatment, his attitude became friendlier and less sharp, and he claimed to have stopped causing himself any injuries.

He had also said that he didn't need come and see her anymore.

This was against her better judgment, but his parents were so happy by the progress they ended the treatment immediately.

Two days later, the results of this rash decision were printed on the front page of each and every newspaper in the country.

She had rather expected this, but she never expected the Yamachis to come attacking her with the death of their son. Wasn't it them who had ended their son's treatment? Weren't they the ones who refused to listen to her when she tried to convince them to go on with the treatment?

So, how did it suddenly become her fault?

Feeling upset and aggravated, she started sobbing.

It's not fair! It's simply not fair!

Suddenly, the intercom crackled on, and her secretary's voice filled the room.

'Dr. Takani, I've got a patient waiting here for his appointment' she said.

'Tell him to go away, Ikue…I don't feel like talking to anyone' Megumi muttered.

'But this patient has come asking to see you for the last two days, but you were always busy to see him' Ikue replied.

Megumi sighed. 'Fine, let him in' she said. 'But just him, alright?'

'Okay' Ikue agreed and disconnected.

Megumi quickly dried away her tears. She checked her reflection in the mirror, and heaved a sigh of relief when it seemed okay.

There was a knock on the door, and a man with spiked brown hair poked his head inside.

'Do come in, sir' she said pleasantly.

'Thanks' he said, stepping inside and shutting the door after him. 'I'm so glad you agreed to see me, doctor'

Megumi nodded. 'Have a seat, please' she said, indicating the leather couch before her desk.

The man plopped down on the couch, looking extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

Megumi noticed that, and smiled reassuringly at him. 'Let's start by you telling me a little about yourself' she said.

'Okay, what do you want to know?' he asked.

'I'd like to know your name first' she said.

'Uh, right…it's…um…Sanosuke Sagara' he answered.

'Okay, Mr. Sagara…what do you do?' she asked.

'I'm a police officer' he told her.

'Oh…well, then, are you married? Do you have kids or…?' she said.

'No, I'm single, I live alone downtown' he said with an edge in his voice that told her to stop asking questions about him.

'Okay…so, what's your problem, Mr. Sagara?' she asked.

'Okay, two weeks ago, this girl showed up at the station saying that there's a guy stalking her or something…she was really scared and worried…' he said. 'She said she'd been receiving phone calls in the middle of the night from this guy and he's been threatening her and everything…anyway, the girl clearly wanted a bodyguard'

'So they assigned you to be the one, I presume?' she asked.

'Yeah' he admitted. 'Anyway, I took up the job and stuck to the girl like glue…of course, I always kept my distance and everything, so that stalker wouldn't suspect that the police was on the case…and I was really good at being the bodyguard, even the girl said so'

'What happened next?' Megumi asked.

'Well, after a while, the girl said that the stalker's gone and that she hadn't been receiving any calls lately…she said that I could leave' he went on. 'Of course, that was against my better judgment as a police officer…the stalker could be just lying low until I go or something, before striking again…but the girl wouldn't listen, and I couldn't force myself on her, and so I left'

'And…?' Megumi urged him, rather expecting what she was going to hear next. This guy's problem was so familiar…

'The girl died…that guy came in the middle of the night and shot her dead' he said, rather irritated. 'Anyway, the girl's folks came in the next day and started showering me with accusations, of how I hadn't done my job well, and of how it's my fault that she died, and…'

'But that's not fair!' Megumi suddenly cried out.

'Huh?' Sanosuke looked up, startled by her outburst.

Megumi flushed. 'Uh…I'm sorry, it's just…I think you've heard about that kid who committed suicide, right?' she asked.

'Yeah, of course I did, I mean, my department's investigating the case' he said.

'Well, I don't know if you know this…but I was that boy's shrink' she murmured.

'So?' he asked, promptly.

'Well, the boy had this problem of self-injury, that's where you injure yourself on purpose out of frustration and…anyway, the point is, the boy's parents ended the treatment sooner than what was meant to be, and he went and committed suicide…and the…' she said.

'The parents came in saying it's your fault, huh?' he continued for her.

'Yeah!' she said, agitated. 'I mean, what's their problem! It's not like I told him to jump off the bridge or something!'

'Hey, your problem's like mine!' he exclaimed.

'I guess, that's what got me so frustrated…' she murmured. 'Anyway, I'm sorry…you were saying?'

'Oh…well, I told the parents that their daughter had told me to leave so it wasn't really my fault, but they wouldn't listen to any excuses' he mumbled.

'Well, I don't see the problem here, Mr. Sagara…I mean, if the parents are suing you or something, you should go talk to a lawyer, not a psychiatrist…' Megumi told him.

'No! It's not that! I mean, I know I haven't done anything, but I ended up feeling guilty…and that feeling's been growing ever since' he said. 'My friends told me to forget about, but I can't, I don't know how…I really need you to help me, doc…I'm so sick of seeing that girl in my sleep every time, with her shattered skull and everything! I just can't seem to get her out of my head!'

Megumi stared at him, lost for words. This guy's problem was so like hers, but…how could she help him when she had failed to solve her own! Was she, Megumi Takani, the best shrink in Japan, going to fail in doing her job?

She felt the tears building up in her eyes for the second time this day. But she didn't want to cry now, not in front of her patient.

'Doctor, is everything alright?' Sano asked, concerned.

'Yes, yes, I'm fine' she choked.

'Uh…I could come some other day if you want' he said, looking uncomfortable.

'No, I'm sorry…stay' she said, smiling at him. 'I just feel so subjugated, and I just hate having to go through that feeling again!'

'Again?' he repeated. 'Where you ever wronged before?'

At that moment, Megumi forgot that she was the doctor and he was the patient, she forgot that she was supposed to be solving his problem instead of sitting here babbling about hers…she just felt happy to at last find some one to listen to her, to find some one who actually cared about her problems…

'It's always been like this, ever since I was a kid' she murmured. 'I'm the eldest child, I've had to take care of my younger sibs, I was supposed to help my mother in the daily chores while my brothers and sisters played and enjoyed themselves…and whenever something went wrong, I was the one to be blamed…everything was simply my fault! If my sister broke a plate, then it's my fault for not watching over her…if my brother hurt himself, it was my fault for not taking proper care of him…it was simply unfair!'

Sano nodded, leaning forward in his chair to listen better.

'Nobody cared about my feelings, about what I had to say, my ideas were always rejected, my appearance always picked on…' she said. 'I was just lucky to be allowed to go to school, and it was like a sanctuary to me…and when I finished university and moved away, I thought that I was finally going to be given the justice and freedom I've been deprived of…but I was wrong'

'Why? What happened?' he asked.

'My work simply wasn't appreciated, when things didn't work out for the people I treated, they blamed me for it' she said unhappily. 'You think I achieved all this glory and fame and good reputation in a snap…no, it took me years of hard work to get this…and I can't bear to see all of this going down the drain and destroyed by the Yamachis! It's simply not fair!'

'Oh, doctor…' Sano murmured.

'It's not fair!' she choked, feeling the tears rolling down her cheeks. 'Everything's always my fault, and it's not fair!'

She buried her face in her hands and sobbed, relieving all her anger and aggravation along with her tears.

She felt strong arms wrapping around her shoulders, and she sobbed harder than ever at this warm gesture, burying her face in Sano's chest.

'C'mon, Megumi…can I call you Megumi?' he asked softly, and she nodded. 'You know it's not fault, you know you haven't done anything wrong…it's not always fair, but you know you'll survive due to your knowledge of you innocence…you just have to keep telling yourself that you never did anything wrong, and you'll manage'

'I never did anything wrong' she said through her tears.

'Yes, that's it, keep going' he urged her. 'It's not your fault, it's those dumb people's fault'

Megumi laughed.

'Go on, say it' he coaxed her.

'It's not my fault, it's those dumb, stupid people's fault!' she said. 'They think they're so good and perfect when they're not!' She looked up at him. 'How did that sound?'

'Better than I said' he said, grinning.

'Oh, thank you, Sanosuke!' she said happily, wrapping her arms around his waist and hugging him. 'I feel better already!'

'Good' he said, easing her arms away. He bent down so his face came in level with hers, and wiped her tears away gently with his thumb. 'I want you to keep that attitude, okay?'

'Don't worry, I will' she assured him, smiling.

'Good' he said, and straightened up. 'Well, doctor, I have to get going now, got work to do…it was nice talking to you'

And with that, he turned around and walked towards the door.

Megumi watched his broad figure as he left through the door, and uttered a gasp.

She had completely forgotten about Sano's problem!

She got up to her feet and hurried to the door. She looked into the corridor, but he wasn't there.

She hurried to the receptionist desk. 'Ikue, did a man with spiked brown hair pass from here?' she asked.

'You mean the man I sent to your office?' the secretary asked, looking puzzled. 'No, he didn't'

'What! But…but…' she sputtered.

Feeling totally perplexed, she walked back to her office unsteadily.

Where the hell did he go!

Walking into her office, she passed that couch he had occupied, and noticed a small slip of paper...and a small white feather...

She bent down and picked up the card. She smiled as she read the words written there.

'I'll always be there to guard your back, Megumi'

Even as she read them, she felt like she could hear the words vibrating in the room.

She squeezed the paper tightly.

'Thank you, my angel' she whispered.

It felt just great to say it, and she felt that nothing would, now, harm her, with a guardian angel such as Sanosuke watching over her.

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