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'I do'

Megumi shuddered with pure pleasure as Sano slid the golden ring around her finger. He held her hand for a longer while and smiled at her. She returned the smile.

'Miss Megumi Takani,' the priest addressed her, but Megumi didn't look at him. 'Do you take Mr. Sanosuke Sagara to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and cherish, in sickness and in health?'

'I do,' she murmured, still looking up into Sano's face. She now, in turn, slid a ring around his finger. 'I love you,' she mouthed silently at him.

'I love you, too,' he mouthed back at her.

'With the power invested in me, I now announce you husband and wife,' the priest said. 'You make now kiss the bride.'

Sano swept Megumi into his arms, and she felt like she was on cloud nine. It didn't matter whether or not Sano had wings; he could make her fly anytime. He slowly bent down and planted a soft kiss on her lips. To Megumi, this was, by far, the sweetest kiss she'd ever received from him. This was the kiss which bound the two of them together.

She knew she was doing the right thing. She just had to look into Sano's face to know that this marriage was meant to be. She felt stupid for ever having doubts about her decision. This was the most right thing she'd ever done in her whole life.

They stood there, arms wrapped around each other as they kissed, oblivious to all the people clapping and cheering around them in the church. Megumi had invited her family, employees, patients…and Sano had invited his "friends".Megumi knew he meant fellow angels. When she had walked into the church, she was able to make them out so easily; they all had a faint glow about them which set them apart from the crowd. Megumi wondered whether anyone else could see them, or maybe she was the only one to see them because she had been around Sano a lot…but that didn't matter now…what mattered was that she and Sano were finally together.

Finally, Sano, gently, pulled away from her. Megumi opened her eyes and looked up at him, and saw that he was smiling, and saw, with satisfaction, that he looked genuinely happy.

'Thank you, Megumi,' he whispered.

'For what?' she asked.

'For making me the happiest man alive,' Sano told her.

'I have?' she said.

'From the moment you said I do,' he replied, smiling at her. He stroked her face. 'You're so beautiful.'

Megumi held her hand up to his own and held it against her face. 'Sano…I need to thank you, too,' she murmured.

'What for?' he asked, sounding surprised.

'For making me feel special,' she murmured. 'For making me feel lovable.'

'Did you feel otherwise?' he said, incredulously. Megumi, silently, nodded. Sano cupped her face in his hands in one swift motion. 'But Megumi, you have always been special! You didn't need me to make you special! I consider myself blessed to have you love me!'

Tears welled in Megumi's eyes. 'Oh, Sano…' she whispered.

'On, no, Megumi, don't cry…please, don't…' he said, sounding frantic.

Megumi giggled. 'They're tears of happiness, silly,' she told him. 'From now on, there will never be any tears of grief…because I know you'll always make my life happy, Sano.'

'You can bet on it, Meg,' he whispered, as he pulled her into his arms for another kiss.

'Oh, I will…' she murmured, before his lips fell on hers.


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