Seven months later.

The cigarette twirled in the air, creating a strange pattern of smoke before it landed, hissing from the wet pavement. Detective Fournier stepped on it casually, twisting his foot as he blew out the remaining smoke from his lungs, watching it fade into the air in front of him. His attention turned back to a young woman whom was making her way out a building, turning quickly back toward the door. The sound of keys echoed down the ominous street as the woman hurriedly locked the door. She turned on her heel and began to walk swiftly down the street. Surprised at her quickness, Luc began to follow with wide strides. As he began to realize Meg was going to turn the corner ahead, he quickened his pace to catch up with her, still a fairly far distance away. Then, something strange catches his attention. He glanced over his shoulder; quite sure he was being followed. Seeing nothing, he looked forward, now listening intensely.

Sure enough, there was another set of footsteps. He glared for a moment before turning abruptly in hopes to caught sight of the third party. He stopped in an assailer's pose, puzzlement played across his face as he stared down the empty avenue. The lamplights flickered then steadied, conforming the street's aloneness. "Huh." He said softly, straightening up and looking embarrassed. He ran his right hand through his hair, placing his other on his hip. "I could have sworn.." He trailed off, suddenly remembering Meg; he turned in time to see the wave of her skirt disappearing at she turned into the byroad. Cursing, he began to run forward.

All of a sudden a powerful force pushed him forward, and in a flash of motion he was whirled around. The force shoved him back into a lamppost, the impact making in cry out in pain. He cut off as a gloved hand was placed over his mouth, a tightening force now constricting his throat. He opened his eyes, flinching as he instantly recognized his attacker. His second cry was muffled and he gagged at the hold on his neck tightened."Now now, Detective, please do try to show some moral fiber." The Phantom said softly, as if speaking with a child. A strange growling noise admitted from the detective throat as he struggled against the Phantom. He was retrained easily, the Phantom had recovered. "I will remove my hand, if you promise to not shout. Do you?" He detective stopped struggling, glaring at the Phantom as he nodded his head. "Good." He removed his hand, stilling holding the detective against the pole with his other and his own body weight. The detective cursed at him receiving a disapproving look from the Phantom as he pulled an eight-gauge wire from seemingly no where.

He detective gasped, beginning to thrash about. The Phantom snarled, lifting his knee into the detective's stomach. He grunted but continued to struggle, trying to punch at the Phantom's face and managed to hit him across his jaw line. The Phantom jerked, but seemed unaffected as he rapidly spun around the pole, cross the wire in front of it and in front of the detective's throat. He pulled back, bending the wire and beginning to twist the ends over reach other until the wire had the detective in the strong hold.

In a sate of confusion, the detective stopped. Now realizing a wire was around his neck, his confusion only grew."Now that your fussing seems to be over.." The Phantom trailed off sarcastically, obviously irritated.
"What the hell are you doing?" Luc snarled, reaching back in a sad attempted to reach the twisted ends of the wire.
"Murdering you of course. Surely you did not think I would pointlessly wire you to a pole.." The Phantom murmured listlessly, placing his hands on the wire ends and beginning to twist them again, the motion slowly tightening the wire. The detective quickly brought up his hand, pressing it between the wire and his throat, palm pressed against his neck.
"Demented fuck!" The detective exclaimed loudly, tugging at the wire with his free hand.
"Really detective! Your language is appalling." He said in false surprise, now ignoring the detective as he began to struggle again. "You brought this upon yourself; I had to live on the streets for quite sometime, as you know, I was not in the best condition. A man without a home and wounded nonetheless! Luckily for you, an old tramp was kind enough to assist me. Really, because at that point I was imagining a much more violent death for you, I am becoming even less tolerant to those who seem to enjoy worsening my already horrible life." The Phantom sighed sadly; "I had to wait much to long to return here."
"I am not going to feel sorry for you." The detective spat with pointless courage."Pity? From you?" The Phantom let out a cruel bit of laughter, making the detective cringe. "No, the only thing I want from you is you to die." He began to twist the wire faster, beginning to be impatient.


Blood slurred out of the detective's mouth, he could feel the pounding in his head as he viciously tried to breathe. His mind seemed to be unable to focus on nothing but the pain, nothing but the tightening around his throat and his hand. He retched in panic, trying to move his hand in vain. A nauseating crack made the detective scream as the wire pressure clearly snapped his middle metacarpal bones. The pain was completely agonizing.

Giving the wire a last few turns, Erik let go and swiftly covered the detective's mouth, muffling what was left of his scream. The detective's chest heaved furiously; between his constricted throat and aching fingers, to continue yelling would be impossible for him now. Erik examined the wire, finding it was already cutting into the detective's throat. He glanced around, removing his hand slowly from the detective's mouth. The policeman would not make his round past this position for some time, by then the detective would be dead.

Erik ignored the slurred speech of the detective, looking toward the corner where Meg had disappeared. He turned his hand palm upward into the light, noting the smeared blood on his glove. "Perhaps I should clean up before I greet her."