Bound Hearts

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Chapter 1: Spikes Return

Spikes motorcycle squealed to a stop in front of the house. It has been a long time since he was back here. Two years to be exact, but to him it seemed like forever. He stood there looking up at the house wait for the moment when the lights would come on. He walked up to the door and as he reached it, it flew open. There with the light from the living room illuminating her face was Dawn.

She was more beautiful than he could remember. Her brunette locks swept down her back and now had a slight curl, her brilliant blue eyes had some how managed to become even bluer. Even her nose and mouth seemed perfect to him. While she had gotten only slightly taller, the rest of her had taken the time to become fully developed.

He was fighting against the urge to take her into his arms and devourer her, when she rushed to him and threw her arms around him squeezing tightly. He stood stalk still a moment before hugging her back.

"Nice to see you to luv."

" Oh spike I'm so glad your back, I thought you had left for good."

" It never crossed my mind to do that nibblet."

He slipped out of her embrace and walked into the house. Waiting for him inside was Buffy. She looked him over a weary look in her eyes.


"Hello Spike."

"Isn't this great Buffy." Dawn gushed. At the point her own words hit her ears she cringed for sounding sixteen again, seriously she thought to herself you are eighteen now not a simple child.

"Ya." Buffy said not sounding at all convincing.

Dawn smiled broadly despite herself she hadn't been so happy in a long time.

" Nibblet you gotta let me talk to big sis alone for awhile." Spike said keeping his eyes on the slayer.

Dawns heart fell and though she tried to push back the hurt Spike smelled it on her. He knew though that he couldn't react to it, not till he talked to the slayer.

Chapter 2: Claiming what's His.

Dawn walked away from the two near the door and began to head up the stairs going slowly to her room. As soon as he heard the door shut Spike began to speak.

" Alright slayer this is it, I waited the time we agreed to now its time you give me what's mine."

" She not a object Spike I cant just give her to you not that I wish to even if I could."

" I bloody well know she not a object, but that doesn't change the fact that we had a agreement. I go away two years allow her time to grow up and when I come back she's mine. That was the agreement slayer, if I known you were going to go back on your word I would have bloody well taken her when I had the mind to."

"No Spike what I said was that I'd allow you to take her, its up to her if she wants to go or not, though I don't see why she would."

" Why don't you bring her down and ask her then slayer, I'm running out of bloody patients."

" It's too late to do that sort of thing now Spike you'll just have to wait till tomorrow."

" It's not like I can come waltzing up here in the bloody morning slayer."

" Well then you'll just have to wait till tomorrow evening then wont you."

" The hell I will, I waited to years and I won't wait a bloody second longer so if you please I'll go ask her myself right now."

" The hell you will, over my dead body."

" That can be arranged." Spike growled as he swung a well-aimed punch at the slayer left cheek.

Buffy pulled back her body a few inches getting ready to drop kick him when a yell came from the top of the stairs.

"Will you to knock it off, Buffy's right this is my decision. Not hers and not yours Spike."

She stood there starring down at them a moment before she came down the stairs to wear they were standing.

" But bit."

"No Spike, there is no excuse for your behavior. But then there's no excuse for Buffy's either. Buffy if that's the agreement you maid then you have to follow threw, you cant just promise something then stall on your part of the bargain when you change your mind."

They all stood there a moment in the silence before Dawn again turned to Spike and starred straight into his eyes as if trying to read his mind.

" Did you mean it Spike?" She asked with a shaking voice.

" Mean what bit?"

" Do you really want me, want me to come with you."

Spike smiled to himself he knew he had won he could see the longing in her eyes, hear the fear of rejection in her voice, and smell the utter desire radiating off of her.

" I do bit, more than anything."

"Then I'll go with you, just let me go get some of my thing."

" But Dawn...." Buffy began to protest.

"No Buffy, this is my decision I want to go and you aren't going to stop me."