Title: Gift of Time and Heritage

Author: nilereina

Pairings: RL/HP/SS

Category: Action/Adventure, Romance

Rating: M

Summary: Teenage Harry Potter is betrayed by those he truly thought were his family and friends...With the world turning its back, Harry is left to suffer the horrors of prison and his worst nightmares...But the world is about to realize their biggest mistake...An ancient race has come to collect their child...A chosen with a power that could destroy their entire world...And that isn't all, young Harry is about to embark on a journey of his heritage that no one knew about, as well as discovering a way to not avenge himself but to gain his greatest desire

Archive: Unique Realities, FFN...anywhere, just ask please

Warnings/Disclaimirs: Belongs to J.K. Rowling...Avians and Dark Predator belong to me...references to higher beings (Gods and Goddess) are not mine but credited to various sites used to gain information...M/F-Het, M/M-slash, M/M/M-threesome pairings...AU setting after Book 2, does not follow Book 3...implied but not graphic situations of torture, bloodshed, rape, child abuse

Author Notes: I didn't rewrite the whole story but I did redo parts of it, I even made some editing changes and corrections...Hopefully, the redo will appease all...Also, because many of you were confused- this is a jumping time-line story- it first starts in 1993 with Harry going to his third year and 1993 is the main time-line but when Harry is taken by the Avian the time-line differs depending on where he heads for training, such as the Gods...but it'll mostly jump from 1978-9 to 1993 and back, depending on the situation- those chapters will be re-edited for clarification and easy reading...Otherwise, please enjoy

Key Codes: Blah-- yelling, Parseltongue

Blah-- ancient languages, journals

/Blah/-- Flashbacks, visions

Blah-- thoughts, emphasis

Blah-- written letters, headlines, titles

Chapter One

A hot summer day found a thirteen-year-old boy, although his short height would tell otherwise, named Harry Potter sitting outside weeding a small garden for his Aunt in the backyard of Number 4 of Privet Drive, located in Surrey, England.

Dirty, pale hands brushed aside sweaty black locks of unruly hair from bright emerald green eyes, hidden behind a pair of thick and taped glasses as well as streaking dirt across equally pale features. Dressed in oversized, ripped clothing, hiding the scrawny thin body, Harry was feeling quite overheated from the long hours beneath the burning sun, where he was forced to yank out every weed from his Aunt's precious flower beds.

As he tried to finish his weeding, Harry began to recollect why he was being forced into this physically demanding labor, especially without a steady stream of ice cold water. His only family, and he used that term loosely, hated him. But it wasn't just Harry they hated. Their extreme dislike also ran towards his deceased parents, who had died just a few months after his First birthday, murdered by a Dark wizard named Voldemort.

His relatives extreme dislike probably would have loosened if Harry hadn't performed accidental magic as a child. But Harry couldn't help that he was magical or could do magic nor could he help that his parents were Lily Evans-Potter and James Potter, one a Muggle-born witch and the other a Pure-blood wizard. Although bloodlines didn't matter to his relatives, the mere fact that magic made the Durselys appear unnatural, abnormal, even freaky,in their defense, justifiably gave them reason to hate the Magical World. After all, they pride themselves on being the perfect, normal family to the public.

And if being magical wasn't enough, Harry himself was going to one of the most infamous magical schools in Europe, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a school his parents had attended. A school his Uncle desperately tried stopping Harry from attending.

Speaking of school, Harry had just received his book and supply list from his Head of Gryffindor House, Professor Minerva McGonagall. He received the school owl just a week ago as well as an owl barely two days ago from his best friends, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. They were going to Diagon Alley together to collect their school supplies and wanted him to join. But that day was today and unluckily Harry had chores. His relatives would refuse to take Harry anywhere if his long list of chores were not done, or done perfectly in their eyes, which meant doing the same chore for several hours. And by the time his chores were done Harry would not be able to attend Diagon Alley.

Then again, Lady Luck must favor him as his thoughts were interrupted by a shrill shout, "Potter!"

Sighing, Harry shoved himself up from the dirty ground and hurried to the back door that led to the kitchen. It was where he met his Aunt, "Yes, Aunt Petunia?"

Petunia Dursley, once Petunia Evans and sister to the deceased Lily Evans, simply glared at his question. She hadn't wanted to raise her nephew but feared what backlash could happen should anyone from the Magical World discover his abandonment; after all they did find him when he had turned eleven. She also happened to be a very thin, horse-faced woman with a long neck and a shrill sounding voice. And that voice was directed towards Harry with unrestrained scorn, "Wash up immediately and stay off my clean floors!"

Normally Harry wouldn't question his Aunt but today he was quite curious, "Uh, Aunt Petunia?" It was very, very rare to be called away from his chores.

But he never got to finish. "Now! Vernon's off with my Dudders on a Father-Son camping trip with a few business accomplices. I, unfortunately, have the car." He could see the hatred hiddenin her eyes as she stared at him in disgust, making him suddenly understand, "I'll be dropping you off close to that..that place. I have to meet a friend for a late luncheon."

Fighting back a smile, Harry hurried through the tidy house to the bathroom and his small bedroom. The bedroom was a nice change from the cramped cupboard beneath the stairs he had occupied for almost eleven years, only gaining thenew room right before attending Hogwarts. He hurried through the barren room; only filled with a ratted mattress and bed frames, one blanket, a splintered wooden desk and dresser. Just about everything else was locked in his trunk in the cupboard except a few essentials he had hidden under a loose floorboard, discovered by accident.

Moments later, Harry was riding with his Aunt in his Uncle's pride and joy, a newer version of the old station wagon, though Harry couldn't see what was so new about the thing since it looked completely used and beat up. Speaking of his Uncle, Harry was once again comparing his thin Aunt to Uncle Vernon and her precious Dudders.

Vernon Dursely worked at a well respected business called Gunnings. He wasn't too sure what exactly his Uncle did, all he knew was that he really didn't care. But his Uncle reminded him of a rather large pig. Vernon was a heavy-set man with pudgy fingers and a double chin. Even his eyes looked quite small and hidden on his pudgy features. Although, that never stopped Vernon from using his size to keep Harry in his place when he was younger. Harry always wondered if a steady diet would make a difference in both their lives, then again Harry spent more than half his life starving and being smaller than the average teenager.

But every diet the Dursleys did try made no difference on Dudley Dursley. Harry's cousin reminded him of a baby whale, which he once saw on the T.V. at his baby-sitter's house, Arabella Figg. Dudley also went to a private school, bullying anyone he desired. He was the biggest kid there as well as the worst. Not even when they learned that Dudley needed to lose weight, especially since the tailors around town were being hard pressed to properly size and fit Dudley for uniforms and clothing, did any of the diets work. But whatever Dudley wanted, Dudley got. Which could explain why Dudley was the person he was.

Before he could ponder further on his family, the vehicle came to a bone-jarring stop. Looking around, Harry could barely see the Leaky Cauldron's sign from his position. "Get out, boy. Three hours. That is all you have. Or else walk home in the rain."

Crawling out, Harry could see the white clouds steadily darkening, "Yes, Aunt Petunia." He stood still as she sped off. He knew that three hours wouldn't be enough because when they said that, it was cut in half or less. This meant Harry would be lucky if he had over an hour to gather his supplies. And with that motivation, he hurried right through the Leaky Cauldron and straight into Diagon Alley. First stop, Gringotts.