Susannah's POV

"So Father Dom, what's up?" Paul asked once Jesse had disappeared.

"Well you both remember that ghost that Susannah had a visit from a week ago?" he asked. Paul and I nodded. That ghost had been a scary one. Screaming her head off about how the girl that was suppose to find her did, but then almost died trying to save her. Instead this woman whose ghost was now haunting me killed herself to buy time for this girl that found her to escape. That's all the ghost would tell me and that I HAD to talk to the girl. Problem- no name, no address, and no real message. The ghost refused to tell me what I was suppose to say to the girl. "Well, I have had a visit from her. I calmly explained that we were searching for the girl, but without more information we couldn't do much. She screamed that I shouldn't need anymore information and that she could not give me more. She's becoming quiet violent."

"So let's just exorcise her," I suggested getting bored with this conversation. Hey! It was my lunch period. Surprisingly ghost do not run my life. Well, at least not all of them. I wanted to go find Jessica and see what Jesse was up to even though I'm so fully ignoring him still. That didn't mean, however, that I couldn't still you know love him or anything.

"I sort of have gotten the feeling from your descriptions, though," Paul added in, "that this girl she keeps talking about is in some kind of trouble." Whoa score for smart boy over there. Duh Paul. That's just why the she keeps screaming.

"Exactly, and whether she means to or not each time we talk to her we get more information out of her so disposing of her now will not help us save this child."

"So why don't we pull the information we have now and give it to Cee Cee. See if she can come up with some information. That's the stuff she's good at," I suggested. Cee Cee had helped us many times since she found out about me being able to see and talk to ghost. It hadn't taken her a while to figure out after she knew about me that Father Dominic could also see ghost. It had taken a little bit longer for Paul, but she still got it fast. Now when our job required us to do some research she had helped us countless times.

"Excellent idea," Father Dominic agreed.

"Alright so what do we know? She works with some sort of government group."

"She has short brown hair," Paul said.

Father Dominic's eyebrows cam together. "The ghost mentioned something about an unusual talent."

"Obviously it's not talking to ghost because then this ghost could just go talk to her herself," I hypothesized.

"She's in high school," Paul added. "Though, we don't know which year."

I didn't think I knew anyone by that description. "She also wears a star necklace," I added our last piece of information. Still I could not think of anyone that I had seen, talked to, or read about that matched the description. It was the special talent that threw me. I knew a lot of people with special talents (not any that would fit for this problem, but still…) or one that fit the physical description, but none that fit both.

"Oh dear," Father Dominic breathed.

Paul and I looked at him suspiciously and demanded he tell us what.

"I believe I know who this person is."

"Yeah and…?" I prompted him.

"I'm not a liberty to say," he said miserably. "Do not say anything to Ms. Webb at this time Susannah. I need to do a little more research if you don't mind." I smiled at him to tell him I understood. Then Paul and I left completely bored with the end of that conversation. I actually wished Jessica had stuck around. As crappy as she was she was interesting with this mystery hanging about her.

"So," Paul began once we were in the hall, "you really not going to say anything to Cee Cee?"

"Like hell I'm not. If Father Dominic knows this person the chance is Cee Cee does. And since it's my ghost I believe I have the right to know who this girl is."

"I don't know, Suze. Father Dom seemed a little freaked out when he thought he might know who it is. Maybe this is one you should listen to him on."

I raised my eyebrows. "Going all soft on me, Paul?"

He snorted. "Hardly." We began walking down the hallway. Like a sixth sense when we reached the courtyard I knew instantly that Jesse was not there. I nodded goodbye to Paul and took off towards the cemetery—always my first spot to look since he first moved to the school instead of my room. Sure enough I saw him and Jessica. Jessica was looking at a tombstone that I knew instantly was Jesse's. Jesse was studying Jessica with interest and it stirred jealousy in me.

Jessica looked up as I approached. "Oh hi," she said softly. "I didn't think anyone would ever come down here."

I shrugged. "I come down here often. Why are you so interested in that tombstone?" I asked in somewhat of a hostile voice despite my efforts to keep in even.

She looked startled by my question. "It made me think… you know about what would be written on my tombstone if I were to die tomorrow." She spread her arms in front of her. "Here I have no family, no friends, no one who would care what was written." Her eyes looked as if there was more to that statement but she didn't say anymore. "Is there are reason why you came here today?" she asked before I could respond.

"Oh, just to see the grave of a ghost I know," I told her honestly. I wanted to see her reaction. Would she think I was kidding or would she think I was trying to make fun of her?

Her reaction was not what I expected, though. She stumbled back through Jesse, who she could not feel, looking at me alarmed.

"You're… you're one of them?" she asked in a neutral tone despite her shocking reaction just moments before.

"One of them what?" I asked confused.

She lowered her voice to a whisper. "One of those mediators. You know those people that can talk to the dead." I was thoroughly shocked. I braved a look at Jesse and saw he was a surprised as I was. "Like Father Dom?" she asked. I was too shocked still to do anything but nod. "Oh my god. Paul is one too isn't he?" she demanded.

"Yes," I squeaked out. "How… how do you know about us?"

Now it was her turn to look alarmed. "I… I… just do okay? Listen don't tell the father I know okay? He doesn't know and I would like to keep it that way. I don't know how much he knows about… me and my… he can't know I know about him okay?"

"You… you can't see ghost right?" I had to ask.


"So you aren't aware that you have had a ghost following you all day?"

Jessica's gray eyes grew big. "I have?" She groaned. "Oh my god. What does this ghost look like?"

I blushed. I couldn't help in. The first thing that came to my mind was he's hot. I couldn't of course say that in front of him, not after the whole I love you incident. "Um… he's from the 18th century, if that helps," I said. "He's a friend of Father Dom and me.

Jessica's eyes narrowed. "Then why on earth is he following me?" she demanded.

"Um…" I shifted my weight suddenly uncomfortable. "From what I've heard—I'm kinda ignoring the ghost—Father Dom asked him to look after you, protect you."

Jessica swore under her breath. Then she looked at me with her eyes sparkling. "Oh my god! That's why you've been so cold to me!"

I brought my eyebrows together although I was sort of getting what she was hinting at. I glanced at Jesse to see if he was paying attention and I could tell he was. He was waiting for my response. It was obvious that he was a little mad at me for being so cold to Jessica and he still wasn't over the brat comment I had made in Father Dom's office, although he wouldn't say anything to me. He was giving me my space. "Huh?"

Jessica rolled her eyes. "Please don't play dumb with me. You think I didn't see you smiling your approval to the albino. It was only AFTER I sat down you started acting cold to me. And don't deny it. You're like in love with this ghost aren't you? And now you're ignoring him because you told him you love him and he freaked out. Am I right?" My jaw dropped as did Jesse's. Again I shifted uncomfortably.

"How did you know?" I finally got out.

She shrugged. "It's my job to see these things. You observe, collect data, and solve the problems. Or when it's not involved with you, you find every detail you can, examine it twenty million times, find the pattern, and solve the mystery. I'm not nearly as good as the people I work… worked with, but I'm better at the teenage stuff because I am one. Let me tell you though, don't let him get away. I'd stop ignoring him right now if I were you. You never know when you might be ripped away from him especially if he's a ghost. To be separated from the one you love… it does crazy thing to the body and heart. A black hole as tiny as the head of a pin in the beginning slowly grows till it consumes the heart. You soon can't feel anything, sadness, anger, laughter, love—they don't exist to you. You become a lone figure standing as a shadow of dark. Then the blackness starts consuming your mind driving you closer and closer to madness until you break destroying all that is close to you. One person brings you back to reality and you try once again to hook on to that love that was once your grounding to the world. That love though, by that time is no longer there and in essence you are holding on to nothing. Your appetite dies away and with it your body whittles away. You become a hollow shell until uselessness and old age take you to your next life." She paused the added, "That is, if he's your true love, but I heard a myth once that mediators only have one love in their life. It explains Father Dominic. I mean he's a priest. Isn't allowed to fall in love." She stopped again. "Tell this ghost of yours that I don't need nor want his protection and if Father Dominic has a problem with that then I will deal with him." Jessica turned away and left me alone with Jesse since the first time I told him I loved him.

We both stood some what winded form Jessica's speech. I looked shyly at Jesse. I had never told him about the physic telling me I would only have one love in my life. I had always thought he had figured it out, but considering how he had acted to my confession of love and how his face was twisted at this moment he hadn't. "Susannah," he whispered, "is it true about the myth?" I nodded even though I had no idea. It was the truth for me and that's all that mattered at that moment. Jesse stepped forward and hesitantly put a hand on each of my hips. "Susannah," Jesse said softly before the shrilly voice of Cee Cee called out to me.

"Suze!" She said running down to me. I pulled away from Jesse and saw the flash of disappointment in his eyes. "Paul told me that you wanted to talk to me." Jesse visibly tensed at Paul's name.

"Oh yeah. I need you to do a research for me. It's got to be secretive, though. I need you to find out if there's been a person of a certain description in the news recently."

"No prob. What's the profile?"

"Short brown hair, works with some government group, wears a star necklace, in high school, though we don't know which grade, and has a special talent."

"Female?" I nodded. Cee Cee smiled. "Awesome. I'll get the information to you soon as I can. Anything else?" I shook my head. "Then we should get to class."