Summary: Inuyasha/Ranma ½ Crossover… Inuyasha is confused with Kagome's going to a new school, high school was it? And… Ranma and the gang get suckered into going into the past by Cologne to defeat Naraku who threatens the present.

A/N: In this chapter I am going along with the Japanese school system where the school year starts in April, and not all of her friends from Middle School will be going to her high school since they all had to take entrance exams to get into a variety of High Schools and you go to the one that accepted you. Kagome will make a few new friends which are my own original characters. They won't have much to do with the plot just Kagome needs some friends while she goes to a new school and all. Now on with the show!!

Big Trouble in Sengoku Jidia

Episode 1—Kagome's New School

Kagome stepped outside slipping on her shoes and looked up at the light blue sky, the scent of spring hung in the air. It was the very first day of her first day of High School. Out of her friends only Ayumi took the entrance exams and got into the same school as Kagome did. Kagome was going to miss seeing Yuka and Eri everyday, heck even Hojo went to another high school. Kagome glanced down at her new uniform, unlike her old Middle School uniform this one was very different, they were full dresses much longer in length, a light blue color with a white shirt. Sighing Kagome took her first steps in the direction of Furinkan High.

"Kagome, Kagome!"

Turning around hearing a familiar voice Kagome saw Ayumi running in her direction. "Good morning Ayumi." She said cheerfully.

"Oh I am so glad I caught you, so are you excited about going to high school?" Ayumi said panting a little from her trying to catch up to Kagome.

"A little I suppose, how about you?" Kagome said walking with Ayumi.

Nodding, Ayumi sighed. "I am very nervous, mostly because it feels that we are completely alone without Eri and Yuka."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." She smiled at her friend, "But perhaps we'll meet some new friends and we can still see Eri and Yuka on the weekends."

Watching the ground as they walked Ayumi sighed, "True, but it's not the same thing." The two of them approached the open gate of their new high school, many students were walking through. Kagome could hear the chatter of excited high schoolers, and one very loud angry female voice shouting…

"Ranma! Get back here!"

Kagome turned slightly and saw a pretty girl with short hair chasing a boy with a pig tail, who was not in a school uniform, he was wearing black pants and a pale blue Chinese style sleeveless shirt; he seemed to be laughing as the girl was chasing him, bent on doing some kind of harm to him. Kagome was one in the crowd of students that had stopped and turned all their attention to the other pair as another boy a tall one wearing a gray haori, or kimono, Kagome wasn't sure and dark gray almost black pants stopped them, extending a wooden katana.

"Ranma Saotome, so you once again have angered the lovely Akane Tendou, for that, I Tatewake Kuno will make sure that you suffer!"

"Aww man, come on Kuno don't you have anything else to do than to bother me?" Ranma groaned out.

Kuno pointed his wooden katana at Ranma, "You will address me as upperclassman Kuno, prepare to defend yourself knave."

Ranma rolled his eyes, "I don't have time for this." And he jumped into the air placing a well aimed kick right into Kuno's face knocking the older boy down and running straight ahead.

"Ranma, Ranma wait!" The one known as Akane Tendou chased after Ranma who was running into the school.

"Sao…Saotome…I…will…never…admit…defeat." Kuno sputtered before passing out.

Ayumi was stunned with just what went on here, were they going to be going to school with them. "Well that's not something you see everyday."

Kagome was shocked, of course out of all that she had seen from her travels back and forth from the present to the feudal era, should anything out of the ordinary surprise her? She shook her head and grabbed onto Ayumi's arm. "Come on we better get inside and find which classroom we are in before we are late."

Finding out that Ayumi was in a different class than she was, Kagome slowly made her way up into classroom A-101. She opened the door and poked her head inside, no one she recognized was here, taking a deep breath she entered the classroom and took the desk by the window. This would be her seat for the whole year, as she waited for her first teacher to arrive she sat down.

A girl with long black hair sat down in the seat next to Kagome, she turned and faced her. "Oh I am so nervous…" She smiled unsurely.

"Hmm?" Kagome turned her attention to the girl who just spoke.

"I am sorry I didn't mean to voice that out loud."

With a smile Kagome answered, "Its all right, I too am a little nervous myself." She saw the girl return the smile. "I'm Kagome."

"Sakuya." The shy girl responded. "Can you believe it; we got into one of the strangest high schools. I've heard so many stories about this place. For one that Principal Kuno is quite insane."

'Kuno' that name sounded familiar, where had Kagome heard that name before? Shaking her head from the thought she shifted in her seat. "Well I don't know about that, hopefully it won't be too strange huh?" She smiled.

The door to the classroom opened and in walked their first teacher of the morning,a Mr. Takamada, following him was another man, one with wavy hair, he was wearing a very loud Hawaiian shirt and Kagome blinked and looked at the man behind her teacher, was that a tiny palm tree growing out of his head?! Her eyes squinted; perhaps she needs her vision repaired. "Is it just me or does that man have a palm tree growing out of his head?"

"It is not you, I see it too." Sakuya answered. "See I told you he was strange." She giggled.

Nodding, Kagome took a breath. "Yeah, you weren't kidding." She watched as the the man smiled, a sparkle seemed to shimmer from his teeth and he turned around and left the classroom. Mr. Takamada soon spoke up getting all the students attentions and class had begun.

The lunch bell wrung loudly through the school, Ranma opened his case looking for his lunch

"Boy am I starved." He was shocked to find that his lunch was not there. "Ah man don't tell me I forgot my lunch at home."

Akane turned around, "Oh here you can have some of mine, I made it myself." Akane grinned happily as she held out a box of what looked like green mush, rice balls and weird shaped monster cookies. Ranma cringed.

"Uh… no thanks."

"Ah come on, don't be that way. Have all you want." Akane continued to smile, but as Ranma backed away from her, her eyes narrowed. "Well are you gonna eat it or not!?"

"No way! I wanna live till my next birthday!" Ranma took off in a run he had to get away from Akane and her terrible cooking.

"Ranma!" Akane chased after him holding the boxed lunch. "Come back here Ranma!"

Ranma raced passed the students eating their lunches coming to a hill where a few more students were eating. He jumped up into a tree and hid. If Akane caught him she would force him to eat that horrible cooking of hers and then he would die. Or so he thought he would die. He saw Akane coming closer and she stopped near the tree trunk looking around in both directions. Feeling a bit of relief when she started walking to the left, he visibly relaxed. When all of a sudden a bike landed on his head and he fell forward slightly.

"Ranma, you come on date with Shampoo this afternoon?" The blue haired girl said in her very cute way, her feet still pushing down on the pedals. In her flattened hand she held a food carrier.

Falling out of the tree Ranma hit the ground where as Shampoo did a flip and landed gracefully next to him. "Is Ranma okay, does Ranma need Shampoo to take care of him?"

"Er, no." Ranma sat up right crossing his arms over his chest.

Shampoo giggled and kneeled down next to him, "Look I bring ramen for Ranma. You want?" She leaned against him placing the delivery box in his lap.

"Oh so here you are, I should have known!" A female voice said behind them.

Hearing Akane's angry voice, Ranma's eyes widened a fraction and he turned around seeing Akane glaring hard at them, her fist clinched at her side. "Look it's not what you think!" He said his hands waving in front of him.

"That's right!" Another female voice said coming towards them, "Because Ranma is going to eat my okonomiyaki." Said the girl with long brown hair with a giant spatula strapped to her back that now stood before Ranma and Shampoo.

"Youdreaming." Shampoo shouted, "Ranma is going to eat ramen that Shampoo made special." She said throwing her arms around him hugging him.

"Hey stop that!" Ranma nearly shouted, trying to pry Shampoo's arms from around his neck. He looked back at Akane who was getting even madder, he saw her twitch and that was never a good thing.

Ukyo pointed her finger at Shampoo, "Get your hands off him ya hussy!" She shouted.

"Who you calling hussy, spatula girl!" Shampoo jumped up shouting back at Ukyo.

"Oooh I know your tricks, you probably put something in that ramen!"

Shampoo jumped away from Ranma and was now engaged in a heavy argument with Ukyo, which turned into actual fighting, Ukyo pulling Shampoo's hair, while Shampoo kicked and grabbed at Ukyo, both of them pounding on each other in their own little cloud of dust.

"Ranma…" Akane growled next to him, and he jumped up startled.

"Hey, I didn't do nothin'" Ranma said looking her in the eyes.

"Explain what you were doing with Shampoo then!"

"It's not like I asked her to hug me or anything," Ranma turned away looking in the opposite direction, and then back at her. "Like I'd want to eat anything she made, who knows what she put in it. But then again it's probably a lot safer and a lot tastier than that slop you made. I'd probably live after eating it too." He added as an after thought. "Besides who'd want to eat something made by an uncute tomboy like you."

"Ranma… You jerk!" Akane shouted in complete rage and pulled her fist back and punched him so hard that he sailed up and through the air.

Ayumi who was sitting near the whole confrontation had her chopsticks nearly hanging out of her mouth, she was stunned at what had just happened with those other students. She looked over at Kagome who had a similar expression on her face as she too watched the entire scene. "Kagome, I don't know about you. But this is going to be a weird year."

Kagome nodded, "I think I will agree with you on that." She answered going back to her lunch.

Ranma flew through the air pretty far until landing in the school pool. He swam over to the side and pulled him…er…herself out.

"Geeze, Akane didn't have to hit me so hard." Ranma-chan said as she wrung the hem of her shirt in her hands. She was about to turn away when a large body grabbed her and lifted her into their arms roughly.

"Pigtailed girl, my love!" Kuno said hugging her harder.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Ranma-chan punched Kuno hard in the face and he dropped her. "Where'd you come from?"

"What did you do that for my red headed beauty? Come with me and together we shall…" Kuno didn't get a chance to finish for Ranma-chan kicked him high into the air.

"What a freak." Ranma-chan panted and turned around. "Oh yes this is a great start to the year." She said sarcastically heading off to search for a kettle to turn back into her male form.

Well that's it for episode one, I hope you all enjoyed it. Remember to review.


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