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Big Trouble in Sengoku Jidia

Episode 8—Sesshomaru's Obsession

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Inuyasha whispered harshly, his eyes shifted briefly to Akane and he knew she was in a very deep asleep. He silently wondered if his half brother was taking advantage of the girl, then lifting his eyes back up to Sesshomaru they seemed to narrow even more.

Without speaking one word, Sesshomaru stood up slowly, leaving the room for outside. Inuyasha growled low in his throat, 'Oh no, he's not getting away with that!' Inuyasha's mind snarled and Inuyasha rushed after him.

Once they were outside, Inuyasha was not going to spare his brother anything, "Sesshomaru, stop!" Inuyasha pulled out his Tetsuiaga and it transformed into its fang blade, with it in his right hand he pointed it at his half-brother. "I'm not about to let you off that easily, you violating that girl like that!"

Sesshomaru slowly looked over his shoulder regarding Inuyasha coldly, "Do not put yourself into a situation that does not concern you hanyou."

"Everything dealing with these humans' safety concerns me. Well, that is every human's safety except the girly-boy." Inuyasha took a step forward; his posture was rigid and tense.

"Put that thing away before you hurt yourself." Sesshomaru taunted before turning around to face him.

Inuyasha only held onto the hilt even tighter, "Why did you kiss that girl? You hate humans for one."

Sesshomaru took slow steady steps towards Inuyasha, his menacing figure that usually strikes fear into the hearts of most living creatures, he knew did nothing to phase his disgusting wretch of a half-brother. "Get this straight, I did not kiss the female, it was she who kissed me."

Inuyasha's brow arched, "Oh and you were just fighting her off so hard," was his sarcastic reply, he let his lip curl back revealing a deadly sharp fang, "I saw the whole thing, you can't lie to me! And don't you dare try to hide the fact that I smelled something else coming from you when it happened as well."

Striking at Inuyasha with a quick claw, Sesshomaru missed for Inuyasha jumped back. "Mind your tongue Runt." His tone was sharp.

"Ooh, looks like I hit a nerve." Inuyasha taunted while sheathing his sword. "What's going on? You are not one to travel with a band of humans and other Youkai willingly." He was suspicious all right and now Inuyasha was finally going to get some answers. "And now I see you kissing a girl, a human girl in which you claim to despise humans completely."

Its not that he will always confide in this half-breed, but right now Sesshomaru was not about to be picky his mind had been really uneasy lately, the need to confess was weighing heavily on his thoughts. "I will inform you, Inuyasha, but if one word gets out about this to any living creature I will not hesitate in striking you dead." He saw Inuyasha roll his eyes, the half breed was just asking for his death, irritation surged through Sesshomaru, but he needed to keep his mind on task. "Around the same time I had heard word about you and the human miko, I somehow became obsessed with a human as well." Sesshomaru almost laughed at his brother's wide eyes and the shock clearly exposed on his face, but he did not. "Do not look so surprised Inuyasha." His voice gave nothing away of what he was holding back, "This young woman was in fact this village's hime. Her name was Takara Yorimoto."

Inuyasha then smirked, "Ah, royalty, well even when you make mistakes you tend to make important ones."

Sesshomaru was irritated as he was interrupted and it shown in his voice, "I do not make mistakes. I ended her pathetic human life, for she had enslaved my mind forcing me to bend to the will of my emotions for her."

Rolling his eyes and shaking his head back and forth, "That is not enslavement," Inuyasha mumbled under his breath, "idiot."

The Taiyoukai would ignore that little comment since his half brother was often rude, "That girl in there, she is Takara."

Inuyasha looked back towards the room, his body twisting a bit, "Who, Akane?" Turning back to face Sesshomaru, Inuyasha saw him nod once. "That is ridiculous! That girl's name is Akane and her family is with her, don't you think they would know if she is who you say she is." There is no way that the girl in there is this Takara that Sesshomaru was talking about. Wait a minute…something seemed very familiar with this situation, Inuyasha's mind was suddenly assaulted with the possibility. "Wait, are you telling me that Akane is this Takara's reincarnation?"

"That is correct." Sesshomaru had always known that Inuyasha was slow on the uptake.

Inuyasha groaned and his left ear twitched in irritation, "I will tell you now, Sesshomaru, no matter how much that girl looks like Takara," He wildly lifted his arm in the air and pointed towards the room that everyone was sleeping in, "She is not her. She is her own person."

"It is true her behavior is no where near as refined as Takara's was." Sesshomaru admitted, "But there are some similarities with how they act."

"Well of course there's similarities," Inuyasha pushed both his hands in his sleeves holding his arms in front of himself, "but just because it is the same soul doesn't mean Akane will act at all like the girl from your past, there is no way!"

"And you know this, because?" Sesshomaru appeared and sounded uninterested.

He growled and clinched his fists in his own sleeves with the tone his half-brother was using with him, "Because Kagome is Kikyou's reincarnation and she acts nothing like Kikyou, at all. The only similarity they seem to share is their soul and miko abilities. Other than that, they are completely different." He couldn't believe it, Sesshomaru and a human girl? It was just as bizarre as Naraku just giving up without a fight and apologizing to everyone for being such a weirdo. "Perhaps you should not 'observe' Akane anymore, you would be doing it for all the wrong reasons."

"I do what I please." Sesshomaru was not going to stand here any longer and let this half-breed order him into doing anything. Maybe it was the fact that this human girl looking like Takara is what is stemming his new observation of the girl; he just can not get over that fact. Every time he looks at her the memories of Takara seem to rush back into his mind, her smile, the way she smelled. And it could be the fact this girl was reincarnated to take Takara's place with him as it should have been fifty years ago. 'A second chance', his mind whispered to him. Yes, the Takara look alike was meant for him. That is the only logical explanation his mind could come up with. And he would see to it that he did not lose this time.

"I'm a human being not a pig!" Wrung loudly through the guest room and Ryouga bolted upright from his spot on the floor, his blanket falling to his waist. It was morning, and it was just a dream. Ryouga sighed with relief that he wasn't going to be cooked up as Akane's breakfast. Feeling many pairs of eyes on him, Ryouga glanced around wildly, noticing there were people were indeed staring at him, he grinned foolishly, "heh, heh, bad dream I guess."

Miroku sighed, finally realizing that he and a few others of their group, that they were not demons, but cursed at some spring in China, which he had never heard of. But seeing it with his own eyes made him a believer. Cold water changes them to their cursed form and hot water returns them to normal. Very interesting indeed.

The group from the future started rolling up their sleeping bags and preparing for the morning. Ranma who was brushing his teeth walked towards the window, glancing out it seeing Shampoo and Ukyou speaking with that arrogant demon lord, what was his name again? Something long and weird he seemed to recall. Not really caring, Ranma shrugged and walked back over to his pack.

Soon breakfast was served and everyone tucked in, a pair of chopsticks shot from the side towards Ranma's pickles, but Ranma stopped its grabbing motion. He lifted his head calmly, looking at his father who was grinning foolishly.

"Give it a rest old man!" Ranma smashes his father in the face with his fist, "get your own food!"

"Ranma!" Genma sat up straighter throwing his fist in the air, "I am only helping you with your reflexes. As heir to the school of Anything Goes Martial Arts you must have quick reflexes!" he was as dramatic as he was full of it.

Ranma's brow arched and he took a quick look at his father's place setting and noticed he was out of pickles, "Why you… You're out of pickles you jerk so you were gonna steal mine!"

Genma's eyes widened as his plot was discovered while he looked over at his place setting, "Well would you look at that, so I am." He sounded falsely innocent. Genma heard Ranma's growl and the cracking of his knuckles. 'Uh-oh' Was Genma's last thought, before…

Outside Jaken paced back and forth, had he heard that correctly last night, his master was speaking to the half breed about the girl and now he's watching her as closely as he did that other human many years ago. Jaken peaked over his shoulder seeing that human's look alike breaking pieces of square stone with her hand, she broke six in one hit. Pretty strong for a human, but still she was a human. Was his master losing his mind or just his sense of Youkai pride? Last time this occurred, Lord Sesshomaru was not himself for weeks after. He had lost and as long as Jaken has known his master, Lord Sesshomaru has never lost to anything. If this was what his master wanted then he Jaken his faithful and loyal servant would assist his master, without him knowing it of course.

For his master, Jaken was going to take matters into his own hands so that there will be no problems this time, he headed towards the guest quarters of the palace and slid the door open where the smell of human food nearly knocked him over with its foul stench. Of course the first one to spot him coming in was Rin she jumped up from her place setting and ran over to him.

"Oh Jaken, have you come to play with me?" She smiled and bent down to hug him but he evaded her embrace.

"No I haven't Rin; you go finish your breakfast before Lord Sesshomaru says its time to leave."

Rin clapped her hands and spun around in a circle, "Oh yes, you are right Jaken." She giggled and jumped turning around, heading back to her place setting.

Jaken groaned, having narrowly escaped the killer hugs of Rin, she hugs so hard that she can cut off air to the body. Forgetting about Rin and her hugs of death for now, Jaken looked around for that one human male that had all the girls fighting over him. He spotted him fighting with a wet bear? They were having some kind of chopstick battle over pickles! Jaken rolled his yellow bulbous eyes before walking over to them.

The panda seemed to be finished with the fight and was sipping tea quietly, as Ranma looked angry, now digging roughly into his bowl of rice. Jaken pointed his staff's edge and poked it into Ranma's back and the pigtailed boy turned around glaring. "You're the human with the harem, right?" Jaken watched the anger in the human male seem to ebb a bit but then spike once more.

"Harem!" Ranma shoved the little demon's staff away rather forcefully, "What are you talking about? I don't have a harem!" He pounded his fist on the small table. "I don't want most of those girls, but do they listen to me… No they don't!"

Jaken blinked, "Listen human, I couldn't care less about your problems with women, I have just come to inform you that my master, Lord Sesshomaru seems to want one of your girls."

It was Ranma's turn to blink, "He does?" Automatically in his mind he saw visions of Shampoo or Ukyou looking pretty happy with that demon. This was great! But he didn't really want to let on how excited he was about that prospect, so he just looked completely passive, "So, like I care." Finally he will be getting rid of most of his girl problems, it was probably the best news he's had in a long time. There was no doubt that the demon could probably beat him in a fight, therefore making Shampoo give up on himself and go for the demon instead. It was almost too perfect. If that guy wanted them he could have them.

"So it does not bother you that Lord Sesshomaru can have one of your girls?" Jaken was sure that this human male would have put up at least a little bit of a fight for the girl, but if he didn't care then well his master could do whatever he pleased, even if it was with another worthless human female. "Very well then, I will inform Lord Sesshomaru of this news, it is probably best though no matter what that you do not interfere in the courtship of a demon, the last one who tried was blinded by my most gracious master."

Ranma stuffed a pickle in his mouth, "Well just so I stay out of his way, you best tell me what to stay out of."

Jaken cleared his throat and lifted three of his fingers in the air looking very informative. He loved explaining stories and information, Rin would never let him, so now was his perfect chance. "The key to all Youkai courting rituals are these three stages, Observation, Obsession and Possession." Jaken sat down in an Indian position, "he is practically finished already with stage one. Observation is when he spends night and day watching over chosen female, learning everything about her. Obsession I believe has just begun, I am sure I do not need to explain that to you, it is common knowledge. But Possession is different, not like a spirit that enters a body, this is actual taking the female and whether she is willing or not to bend to his will thereby becoming his entirely and my master is not one to say no to."

Ranma took a quick drink from his tea cup, "Well he might have a hard time with the third one, since all the girls that you say are in my harem…" He said with a slight irritation, "…are all fighters and have a tough spirit, which will not squish down easily." Standing Ranma shoved his hands in his pockets, "Good luck to him I say, for he's really gonna need it."

Jaken jumped to his feet, "I shall go and inform my master of your most kind offering up of your lady." Jaken jumped to his feet, starting for the door, he heard Rin giggling as she followed after him, running with her arms spread wide open. Jaken scurried out the door to inform Sesshomaru of the news that there won't be any trouble from the human male, unlike last time.

Hearing Ukyou's laugh, Ranma turned around and watched as she slid the door open, she stepped inside with Shampoo, they were actually holding down a civilized conversation for once. "Yo, it's just about time to continue on the journey. Are ya guys ready?"

"Sure Ran-Chan," Ukyou nodded, then looking at the rest of their group, she saw the hanyou tying his sword to his side. He then moved over to where Kagome was and started complaining that she was taking too long as she was tucking her sleeping bag back into her big bulging yellow bag. Ukyou then brought her attention back to Ranma, "How about you?"

"Yep, been ready for awhile now," Glancing around the room, Ranma noticed that one person wasn't in here, "Hey you two haven't seen Akane around anywhere have ya?"

Shampoo nodded not really wanting to answer the question. She did not want to help Ranma in finding Akane when she is the competition for his heart. But sensing that he might be a little worried she gave in. "Oh we see Akane, she outside."

"Yep, last time we saw her though she was talking and demonstrating her brick breaking that she does to those other Youkai traveling with us." Ukyou slid open the door and pointed outside in the direction, Ranma looked over her shoulder and saw the Wolf Youkai known as Kouga who had two of his friends with him pat Akane on the back a little roughly for she jolted forward a bit, but the demon was grinning and seemed to be congratulating her and he started walking away and towards the guest room. Ranma saw that little girl Rin throw a brick up in the air and Akane jumped up onto the bridge's railing and kicked it in the air and it broke into many pieces. The little girl clapped and Akane bowed with a huge smile on her face. Ranma stepped outside and headed in their direction.

"Perhaps you should come down from there." Sesshomaru said rather tonelessly to Akane, "After what happened last time you were up there you might fall and break your useless human neck."

Rolling her eyes, Akane was about to jump down when the demon lifted his hand in the air, shocking her. "What?" She would be ready to defend herself if this guy suddenly decided to attack her.

"I shall assist you," He held his hand out waiting, growing irritated as she continued to ignore his gesture.

"I can get down myself; I'm not exactly helpless thank you very much." The nerve of this guy! Akane couldn't believe it. She can handle most things on her own without help!

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed slightly, "You would refuse my assistance when I have gone out of my way to see to it that you return to the Earth safely? Ungrateful human."

Feeling the urge to roll her eyes but restraining herself, she had a feeling that he was not going to let up until he got his way. She groaned in annoyance, Fine, if it would make him shut his arrogant mouth. She squatted down and slipped her hand into his. "It's not that I need your help, but if it will get you to shut up." Akane was pulled rather easily off of the bridge's railing to land gently and almost gracefully on her feet.

What Ranma saw caused a sick feeling to pit in his stomach, he felt really uneasy as he continued towards them, his world was starting to spin, all he could see was red and it was directed at that Youkai. He needed to get Akane away from him, "Akane!" He shouted in her direction and both she and the demon turned and looked his way as he ran towards them and stopped, "Hey, whatcha doin' out here?" He eyed their still joined hands, until Akane pulled hers from the demons; he thought he saw a small shudder from Akane's body. I won't allow anyone to touch her but me, was Ranma's inner thought.

What Ranma did not know was that Akane did not want Sesshomaru touching her at all, and it's not because he was a Youkai, it was because he had tried to kill her several times and she was not about to be friendly with someone who tried to end her life, twice! She turned to Ranma and shrugged her shoulders, "Nothing really Ranma," Akane threw her hands behind her back, "What did you come out here for?"

He made the point to look rather uninterested in what she was doing out here, when in fact he was completely interested. Ranma wanted to get Akane away so that he could have a 'friendly' discussion with this Youkai that stood before them. "To tell ya that we're gonna head out now." He gestured with his thumb over his shoulder, "So ya should go and get your stuff."

"Oh right," Akane rushed past Ranma, turning back to him briefly with a kind, soft smile on her face, "Thanks for telling me Ranma," she could have sworn she saw pink tint his cheeks, she then took off in a small run towards the guest room for her pack.

Ranma watched over his shoulder as Akane moved quickly and entered the guest room, before turning his attention back to the Youkai. "The green thing, told me that ya seem to have a crush on one of the girls that travel with me."

Sesshomaru was confused with this human's choice of words, even if he did not let it show, he just did not answer the question. Sesshomaru was silent, just staring Ranma down with his cold icy gaze.

He forgot, they don't use words like that. "That you are interested," Ranma cleared up before crossing his arms over his chest. "So just out of curiosity, which one was it?" He noticed that this guy was just standing here not even answering, which to Ranma was messing up his mind, he had the strangest feeling that he already knew. "Well!" Ranma was impatient.

"I will not lose a second time," Sesshomaru's voice was cold as he regarded the human male with the same indifference. "This girl, this Akane is in actuality my Takara, I shall claim this female in time as my own."

"What!" Ranma's arms shot down at his sides, "I don't think so pal!"

Sesshomaru's elegant brow arched slightly.

"Akane is mine!" Ranma was filled with such hostility and anger, that Sesshomaru could feel it.

With a loud gasp, Jaken scurried over pointing his staff in Ranma's face, "But you said that you didn't—" The toad Youkai did not get to finish what he was saying for Ranma bunted him hard with his foot and the little toad went sailing away.

"That doesn't matter," Ranma glared up at the Youkai with such hatred, how dare someone else come in and try to take Akane away, he was not going to stand for that. "I did not realize that you meant Akane."

"That is not my concern human, you gave up all your rights to the female when you expressed to my retainer that it did not matter to you in the slightest." Sesshomaru was very business like in this manner, the human was foolish if he gave up the girl without even asking questions to find out which one it was that he Sesshomaru wanted, and a fool is no where near capable of protecting the female. As it stands, she is better of with himself rather than this incompetent human. "The deal is final." Sesshomaru turned away from Ranma and headed away from him.

"There was no deal! I don't know where you're getting that ridiculous idea from! Akane is not going to be passed around like a ham, she is mine and if anyone tries to take her…" Ranma's feelings of humiliation faded and were replaced by a strong confidence as he clinched his fist in the air, noticing that the demon lord did not even give him a second glance, he was being ignored. "Oh no, this is not over." He said quietly, mostly to himself. Akane was his, no one else's and if they tried to take her from him they will pay. Ranma is not stupid despite what Akane says; he can not challenge a demon without a way to be able to beat one. He needed to figure out a way to do that or else there is no way he will be able to win her back.

The morning started out strange enough, they were tracking some rumors of the beast known as Naraku residing somewhere far north, but how far north they were not sure. A beaten demon had given them some valuable information, many of the demons that Naraku had released from his body a long time ago seemed angry and bitter, except for terrorizing villages and killing humans, these abandoned demons wanted nothing more than revenge on their host that just left them for dead. They would get even.

Akane who had been feeling nothing but odd with Ranma's behavior started when they had left the village that morning, he had been pushing her to head up to where the head of the team was, pulling her along by hand. When she had tried to pull her hand from his, he only tightened his grip. She was getting downright frustrated, something was strange. She noticed around her that Ukyou and Shampoo kept staring at her bitterly, her joined hand with Ranma's. Getting nothing but an almost sinister evil glare on her face she smirked at the two girls and even curled her hand around his. This caused crimson to stain Ranma's cheeks for he was not expecting to feel her soft hand returning the hold.

As the day wore on Ranma had felt her pulling and yanking trying with all she could to remove her palm from within his, but he was not going to let go, he was never going to let go.

"Ranma, are you all right?"

Slightly startled after nothing but silence, he jumped then glanced back at her, "um…yeah, everything is fine. Why do ya ask?"

"You've been acting strange all day," She eyed him carefully, his dark pupils dilated as if thinking about something serious, but grinned and shrugged, then gripping her hand just a bit tighter.

"No I haven't."

Akane felt the urge to roll her eyes, "Oh yes you have, you've been hounding me ever since we left the village this morning." She again tried to resume the previous procedure of trying to remove her hand from his, even though it was warm and comforting. Akane did not like it when things were out of the ordinary; it made her feel less in control of herself. "Are you sure there's nothing bothering you, is there anything you want to tell me?"

"No, not at all," Ranma indeed looked very guilty.

Just the way he was now constantly near her and always touching her when he had never really done so in the past, except for when he was saving her from falling or carrying her around when Shampoo or Ukyou was trying to hurt her or make her try and hate Ranma and he would have to protect her. But in times like this, he never would just simply hold her hand and stay so close that he was afraid that she would fall through the earth and disappear at a moment's notice.

She was not buying it, "Ranma! Tell me what is going on, and I mean now!" Akane saw his mouth gape open like a fish, but no sound was coming out, "Do you want me to get mad!" It was too late, she was already.

"No!" Ranma immediately out of reflex yelled back, anger surging through him. "Y—You wouldn't understand!"

"Huh!" Now she was even more confused, add confusion and anger and it is not a pretty picture for Akane. Oh no, her temper raged on, "You have exactly three seconds to spill it." She warned tightly, her eyes boring into Ranma's.

Ranma sighed, relenting. He had to tell her. Had to tell her that some crazy demon had a little crush on her, but how to break it to her, how would she take it? Would she abandon him? That is what he worried about most of all. One day her getting tired of it all and just giving up on him and Ranma did not want that to happen. "Akane, this morning before we left I had a talk with." He gestured in Sesshomaru's direction and Akane looked briefly over her shoulder at the Youkai and then back at Ranma, she just noticed that they had stopped walking, everyone was watching and listening to their conversation, more like Inuyasha was irritated that he had to stop. But he too had witnessed something, and even though he was angry. It should be known just what this human girl had gotten herself into.

"And, well he said some pretty horrible things to me." Ranma continued "They were mostly about you, saying things that were implying taking you away from m—us." He finally loosened the grip on Akane's hand and regretted the feeling of her fingers slipping from his, her hand floating downwards to press against the side of her body. "And I was just trying to keep you safe, so that you wouldn't perhaps run off with him." he added quietly so that only Akane could hear it, her reply wasn't nearly as soft, it was completely loud and angry that Ranma cringed from the sound of her tone.

The alarm bells in Akane's head sounded loud and harsh as she shook her head, "What? That thing doesn't even like me. He tried to kill me Ranma, and he keeps trying too!" She saw Ranma take a step forward closer to her, and immediately Akane took one step away from Ranma. She needed her personal space and if he invaded it, it wouldn't be pretty.

"That doesn't matter! Don't ya see it Akane. What if you like him better?" 'Than me' Ranma added silently in his head.

Akane groaned, annoyed. How could he even think something like that! What would make him think that she would even tolerate such a demon! "Ranma, don't be stupid. Trying to kill someone is not exactly the way to win a girl's heart you know."

"Well who knows what goes on in your head Akane, perhaps you enjoy pain! I know you like inflicting it!" His eyes were narrowed.

Feeling her temper soaring, she wanted so much to slap that angry look off of Ranma's face. "Why you… Ranma I would never want anything as disgusting and ignorant as that ridiculous demon thing who thinks he's better than everyone else! I absolutely hate anyone who—"

She was interrupted suddenly; she did not even see it. The blur of white and now Akane dangled helpless by her throat, she was staring into the angry, golden eyes of Sesshomaru, and he squeezed his hand, his nails piercing her skin, causing blood to pour from the wounds.

"You will cease this mindless babble, do you understand me human, I will not be so lenient again." He sounded so controlled, this human was pushing it too far, what she said about him would not go unpunished.

Sesshomaru didn't realize how hard he was squeezing until he the scent of human blood tickled his nose and he actually saw the blood trailing down Akane's throat and it was quite a lot, ignoring the protesting from around him and the many people hitting him in various spots, nothing was affecting him. He felt a twinge of guilt at seeing her blood, his hand uncurled around Akane's throat and she fell to the forest floor in a heap. He saw Akane reach up and grasp at her neck, while taking in huge breaths of air.

Ranma in a moment of stupidity pushed the demon lord back away from Akane, with a "What the hell is wrong with you?" Directed at Sesshomaru, then ignoring what was still considered the enemy, Ranma kneeled down to Akane and grabbed at her hands and forced them away from around her neck, he could see the very deep puncture wounds from Sesshomaru's claws. Saying Ranma was angry was an understatement.

Kasumi gasped and started digging around in her pack, pulling out the first aid kit. "Ranma, here. Use this." She headed over to her sister and Ranma bending downwards holding the first aid kit out to him.

Ranma grabbed it without a thought, then looking at Akane he could see the tears in her eyes and he groaned in frustration. He picked up Akane and practically swung her over his shoulder and ran towards the river.

"Ranma, put me down." Akane demanded, but she knew he wasn't going to listen to her as he hurried towards the river. He sat her carefully down on a fallen log near the bank of the steady flowing river.

Sitting down on the log next to her, Ranma opened the kit and grabbed a cloth dunking it in the water; he was so angry that if he said anything now he wouldn't be able to control what came out of his mouth.

Looking at his bowed head as he continued to wipe the blood off of Akane's puncture wounds, she silently wondered why was he taking care of her like this? She could do it herself; his hand he was using was shaking. "Ranma, are you all right?" Here she was injured and she was asking him of he was all right.

"I don't like it when people hurt you." Ranma answered his voice sounding gruff and strained.

Akane's eyes widened and she tried to move away from him, but she did not anticipate his other hand coming up and cupping her neck keeping her still. "Ranma you don't have to do this." She was getting angry, how dare he say something like that when he hurts her all the time.

"Now is not a good time to talk to me Akane," Ranma was pulling the white bandage material from the medical kit.

That jerk! How dare he? She wrenched her neck from his palm and stood up, "Ranma, I don't need your help!"

"Sit down Akane." Ranma stood, there was a strange angry heat within his blue eyes as he stared down at her, and his tone was one that he had never really used before. Today she was going to listen to him whether she liked it or not. He noticed she wasn't budging so he grabbed her about the shoulders and shoved her back down on the log she hit it rather hard and her backside ached. Ranma hadn't ever been scared of anything in his life, but when he saw that demon trying to kill her. It pushed his normal behavior over the edge and all he felt was rage and the need to protect her was completely overwhelming.

"Ranma!" She was shocked to say the least, there was no way she was going to let him treat her like that, so she made a move to get up again, but his hands shot out keeping her on her bottom. She tried to shrug him off; still trying to struggle to move away from him but the next thing she knew was the she was on her back looking up at a very angry Ranma. "What are you doing? Get off me!" Akane tried to squiggle out from underneath him; she felt his weight come down on her as he had straddled her body to keep her lower half from flaying around. He gripped her wrists and pressed them down against the ground.

"Stop it Akane," He demanded.

Her eyes blazed with the fire of rage, "Get off me." What was he going to do to her? She couldn't let him know that she was scared and she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing it. "Ranma, I'm warning you!" His grip released one of her wrists only to come down and cover over her mouth, her free hand moved up to slap him hard across the face. With his quick reflexes his hand that held her other wrist shot up and grabbed at her hand that almost connected with his cheek, her other hand came up just as he had anticipated and he was able to grab both her wrists in his hand and slammed them back down onto the ground above her head.

Ranma could see her eyes widen in pure fear as he had completely immobilized her, something no one has ever done before. He leaned forward his mouth hovering near her ear. "You are going to listen to what I have to say, I just want to make sure you hear everything, I am not trying to hurt you." He felt her body still tense but relax a bit beneath his. "Akane, I was scared." He said into her ear, leaning more of himself against her his eyes closing, he heard her sharp intake of breath and he moved his hand away from her mouth. "I thought you were going to die Akane, that demon hurt you and I will not ever forgive anyone who does anything like that, to you."

He moved his hand away from her wrists and opened his eyes, looking at her still bleeding puncture wounds, he gathered some of the blood against his fingertips and heard Akane groan, "hurts doesn't it?" He lifted his head from her neck along with his fingers and showed her, her own blood. Ranma was way too close and it caused Akane's cheeks to flame, he was being so thoughtful and caring and it made her heart melt. "You're lucky only this happened to you with that big mouth of yours." Ranma then said.

"What!" Akane's eyes narrowed into angry slits, what she thought was a sweet moment had vanished, "Ranma, get off me right now."

With a long sigh Ranma released and backed off of her, Akane sat up straight and as soon as she did her palm connected hard with his cheek.

"How dare you do that to me you jerk!" She yelled in his face, her fists clinching tightly upon her thighs.

Perhaps he did deserve that slap; he knew he scared the living daylights out of her. "No one should hurt you Akane."

Akane crossed her arms over her breasts looking away from him, "Is it anymore different than when you hurt me?"

Ranma's body jolted, shocked at hearing what she said, "Hell yeah! I don't draw your blood and try to break your neck."

She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, "You might as well draw blood, Ranma."

Seeing her blood still flowing from its wounds, even though the flow had diminished greatly, he lifted his fingers and pressed the pads of his fingers against her puncture marks. How can he say anything to that, she was right. But then she is just as hurtful, and this is not the time nor the place to discuss this at all. "He held your life in his hands Akane; I don't ever want to see that happening to you again." Ranma shifted onto his knees and moved around to face her, "I am sorry about scaring you earlier." He reached up into the medical kit which was still resting on the log and grabbed another cloth and the antiseptic spray for germs.

She shrugged, "Who said I was scared?" Akane lied, of course she was. Feeling the cloth again against her skin Akane shook her head. "Ranma stop it; stop pretending you care about me."

"I'm not pretending." He wiped the blood off her body, then spraying some of the antiseptic on her wounds and she cringed uncomfortably but didn't scream out in pain. Ranma reached up against for the bandaging material.

Akane gasped, looking up at him. She saw he held the bandage above her neck, just holding it in mid air, "Are you saying you care about me?"

Gulping in a large breath of air, Ranma could only nod; his hand was shaking this time for a different reason than anger. He unsteadily wrapped the bandage gently but securely around her neck then tying it off.

Tilting her head downward, Akane stared at her fist as her fingers opened and closed, her bangs covering her eyes, hiding them from sight, "Ranma, what makes you think that I would even consider going with someone like that demon?"

He shrugged, "Let's face it Akane, that guy seems to be every girl's fantasy guy. How could you not want to?"

Her eyes closed, her cheeks tinted red. "It has nothing to do with that, I will not choose someone just simply because they are beautiful. And besides I rather like the way you look." She said her voice barely above a whisper.

"Ah," He gasped with his eyes wide as he stared at the top of her head.

Unknown to Ranma and Akane, three pairs of eyes watched them closely, two from up in a tree and one from behind them shielded by tall weeds and large rocks.

Kagome nudged Inuyasha with her elbow, "What did she say? I can't hear it."

Rolling his eyes, Inuyasha crossed his arms over his chest. "She said it has nothing to do with that," He replied in monotone, "I will not choose someone simply because they are beautiful. And besides I rather like the way you look." He growled lightly, "Kagome why are we spying on them, and how in hell did I let you talk me into doing this? It's stupid!"

Kagome giggled, "Because those two are in love."

Inuyasha stared at her with a blank look on his face, "What? Have you lost your mind! They hate each other; they can't go two seconds without flinging insults."

Turning to him, Kagome's eyes narrowed, "Are you calling me a liar?"

"Kagome, think about it, if they were in love they would be all over each other like I've seen with those other girls."

Lifting her finger up in the air, Kagome said with an almost authoritive voice, "They are in denial, it's the only explanation."

"No way, that's just your wishful thinking. I can tell that he likes those girls hanging all over him, much like the way you like Kouga flirting with you." Inuyasha looked away from her, hoping that she won't see the scowl that crossed his features.

"What!" She growled, "I do not!"

Inuyasha's head snapped around and he looked her dead in the eyes, "Oh yes you do, you get all red and stuff when he cuddles you close." He cleared his throat, "Oh Kagome, be my woman." He raised his voice an octave, "Oh Kouga, you say the sweetest things." Inuyasha actually giggled.

"Why you… Inuyasha you stupid jerk! I do not like Kouga flirting with me. How dare you even suggest something like that?" Her fists were clinched and her face was all scrunched up in anger. "At least I don't go after the walking dead!"

"Hey! You take that back, I do not do anything like that and you know it!" Inuyasha pointed a finger rudely in Kagome's face.

Ranma and Akane's quiet moment was being disturbed from somewhere up above; they both lifted their heads, looking upward into the trees.

"Yes you do, how dare you accuse me of flirting with Kouga when you're still in love with a dead woman! So I have every right to just leave you here and go off with who ever I want even if it is Kouga!"

Inuyasha jumped up onto the branch, "You wouldn't dare betray me and our cause with someone else! And besides he can't even compare to me and you know it, you're so stupid Kagome! So go ahead, go run off with that wimpy wolf, I don't give a damn what you do!" He snarled without thinking, he just wanted to say something that would make her as mad as he was, but he tended to forget about one very important thing…

How dare he turn around and pin this whole argument on her, like she'd even want to go with Kouga, that jerk… Kagome's eyes blazed, showing very well that she was angry she opened her mouth… "Inuyasha, Sit!"

That wasn't the best course of action for Kagome at this time; she did not count on the force of the command to cause him to break through many tree branches on his way down to the ground. She heard a loud scream which sounded a lot like Akane and Kagome climbed down the tree quickly, snagging her pale blue uniform on a twig tearing it a little. These stupid long dresses were a nuisance! Next time she went home she would never wear her high school uniform to the past ever again!

Kagome dropped down to the ground and what she saw caused her jaw to drop, but a huge laugh was threatening to come out of her, Inuyasha was on top of Akane, via sit command, his face seemed to be imbedded in her breasts and Ranma face was just priceless his blue eyes shooting fierce daggers, he looked like he wanted to kill Inuyasha.. Akane's face was bright red and her eyes were wide in shock, her arms stretched out from her body, her fingers curving upwards.

"Get off me!" Akane screeched when she saw Kagome looking down at her, "now!"

Kagome cleared her throat, "He can't get up until the subduing spell wears off."

"How long will that take, ugh I don't care get him off me!" Akane yelled loudly and Inuyasha's ears flattened against his head.

Ranma stalked over and grabbed Inuyasha by the hair and pulled hard, and the half-breed's head came up. "Get off her you pervert!"

"It's all Kagome's fault!" Inuyasha growled back, he felt the effects of the spell wearing off and he jumped up, knocking backwards into Ranma sending the other boy to the ground. The hanyou in red spun around, "It was the spell you jerk!"

Ranma glared up at Inuyasha, noticing the dog-boy's face was indeed very red. "That doesn't matter, you should have fallen somewhere else!" Ranma got to his feet and approached Inuyasha, cracking his knuckles.

"Idiot, it is unavoidable where I fall when Kagome sits me!" He threw a glare over his shoulder in Kagome's direction.

No sooner than Inuyasha's hand flew towards his Tetsuiga hilt, the rest of their huge clan tore through the brush and appeared before them.

"We thought we heard a scream." Soun Tendou said while looking at Inuyasha and Ranma, who were staring each other down, if any of them made a move it would be to attack each other.

Rushing over to Akane, Ryouga fell to his knees at her side, "Are you all right Akane, it was your scream we heard, wasn't it?" He hung his head, "Ranma did something terrible to you, didn't he?"

Akane blinked, "What, no…he didn't do anything."

"Ranma Saotome." Kuno pointed his bokken at his enemy, "How dare you violate Akane Tendou, her innocence and purity has been ruined because of your filthy lusts!"

"WHAT!" Ranma yelled.

Covering her face with her hands, Akane shook her head back and forth mostly in embarrassment. "Kuno it wasn't like that. Ranma didn't do anything to me."

"Exactly!" Ranma crossed his arms over his chest, "You've got it all wrong and why would I want to do anything with an unsexy, uncute tomboy like her!"

Kuno looked shocked, "I won't allow you to speak about Akane Tendou that way you insolent cur!" Kuno started forward striking with his bokken, "Prepare yourself Ranma Saotome for you will feel the piercing death of my blade!"

"OW! What the hell? "Something had flown hard and hit Ranma in the back of the head, he turned around and saw Akane's arm outstretched and the most angry look upon her face, "What'd you do that for!"

"You jerk Ranma! I hate you!" Akane was breathing hard, as her anger surged through her body.

"What'd I do now!" Ranma's fists clinched.

Akane groaned, "I try and explain to everyone what happened to help you and all you do is make fun of me! You stupid bastard! Freak, girly-man!" She ranted off any insult that popped into her head.

Not too far from them Sesshomaru was watching what was going on with a curious eye, these humans were sure loud and annoying, he was not one to interfere in arguments, but if this one drove his chosen female away from her male then perhaps he should intervene into this situation, but before he could, one of the other females said something.

"Quiet all of you," It was Nabiki who had spoken up and immediately Akane shut her mouth, Nabiki could hear music and singing.

Kasumi heard it too, "Do you hear that?"

Miroku nodded, "I hear that too, it sounds…so… pretty." He looked in the direction of where the sound was coming from.

Soon all arguments were forgotten as they all focused on the sounds coming from with in the woods.

"Maybe we should go and investigate?" Came Happosai's reply, and all the boy's nodded agreeing with him.

Sango disagreed, "Uh wait a minute you guys, what if it isn't safe. What if it's a trick?"

Nodding Akane felt something strange pass through her as she listened to the singing, "It could be like in that Greek mythology we learn about in school, there were these immortal beings called Sirens and they would bring male sailors to their deaths by singing so beautifully that it enchanted them, and they would crash their ships on the rocks and drown."

"I learned about that too." Kagome listened more to the singing and it definitely was beautiful, "What do you think?" She turned to Inuyasha but he was more focused on the sound as well, "Inuyasha?"

And without speaking all the male human and half human members of their group took off towards the singing, the girls groaning in annoyance ran after them, the only ones not affected by whatever it was, was Sesshomaru, Jaken, Kouga, Ginta and Hikaku.

Pulling on Sesshomaru's pant leg, Rin looked up at him, "What is going on Lord Sesshomaru, why are the boys acting like that?"

Sesshomaru was silent as he studied what was going on, this sure seemed very familiar to him; he had a feeling he knew exactly what was going to happen. "Jaken protect Rin." And he took off into the woods after the humans.

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