The young girl stared down at her fallen relative with an expression that was equal parts confusion and worry. Then those eyes that were so similar to the eyes that Emilia saw everyday turned to her with yet another expression. One of curiosity.

"Who're you?" the young Stiles asked with a raise of her delicate eyebrows, "Are you one of my Uncle's collegues?"

It took a moment for Emilia to respond, she being almost as shocked as her partner had been, but after a moment, the Englishwoman nodded her head.

"Yes," she said at last, having finally recovered from both the young woman's arrival and Jack's reaction to said arrival, "Mr. Stiles works for me as my attache. He helps with my shipping business..."

"Well then," Alexandra replied quickly as she grabbed her uncle's arms, "You can help me carry him back to your house, wherever that is..."

Still in a mild state of shock, Emilia took a few moments to do as the young woman said. It took even longer to realize that she'd just obeyed a girl who couldn't be more than fifteen, if she was any judge. However, considering that the young woman was a relative of one Jack Stiles, it wasn't nearly as surprising as it really should have been.

So one rather shocked, and the other rather...gruff, they carried Jack all the way back to the house, Emilia leading the way while she held her partner's legs. And since it was a short trip, they didn't drop him more than twice.

The two of them made it up the stairs without incident (though Emilia was wondering if perhaps letting his head drop on the steps would teach him a thing or two about fainting and leaving two other people to carry him back), then placed him in his bed. They recovered from the exertion, then looked to one another.

"Alexandra Stiles-Harthford, exceedingly pleased to meet you..." the younger woman said cheerily, holding out her hand which was still covered in a traveling glove.

Emilia stared at the hand for a moment, amazed at the girl's strange combination of rather British sensabilities and American...well, the agent didn't really have any exact word (a polite one) for the quality that both Jack and Alexandra seemed to have in spades, but it was a certain gruff practicality that could either be very helpful, or could change into bothersome obstenency. But finally, she put out her own hand and shook, which made a smile break out on the young face before her.

"Emilia Rothchild," she introduced herself, "Very pleased to meet you."

However, after the two of them finished their introductions, both pairs of eyes turned to the figure on the bed, who, in typical fashion, began to mutter nonsense.

"Oh...Sheila..." he said in something between a moan and a grumble, "Yeah, give me some sugar...oh yeah..."

Alexandra pointed down at her uncle. "Does he still do this every night?"

"Still?" Emilia asked with a raise of her eyebrow.

To which the younger woman of the two let out a soft laugh.

"Yeah, still..." she explained with a wide grin as her eyes took on that dreamy expression of one taking a mental trip to the past, "Sometimes, when I was scared at night as a child, I'd tip-toe into his room and slide into his bed for the night. He never minded me...I was always his favorite. But the one down-side to all of this was being treated to his silly mumblings in the morning when he was supposed to get up."

"So," Emilia asked as she took a seat on one of the chairs that were in the room, "You were very close to Jack?"

Alexandra laughed. "Oh, yeah, real close. I was like a duckling on his tail, constantly following him to work all the time, asking him all sorts of childish questions that no adult really wants to answer."

"My Heavens!" the British agent cried out in horror, "He let a small child come to work with him!? How completely idiotic! You could have been hurt...or worse, killed!"

The American stared at the woman before her for a moment with an odd expression on her youthful face. Then, in a rather confused-sounding tone, she asked.

"What on earth are you talking about?"

"Well," Emilia stumbled, knowing that the previous comment had given away too much to someone who might not have known about her partner's actual profession, "It's just that, working as the attache to a big business, you could have been trampled or some such-"

"Attache?" she asked with a grin, "Don't know what he did before all of this spying business? And yes, Mrs. Rothchild, I do know what my uncle now does for a living, even if my family doesn't exactly approve of it."

Emilia was shocked. Dear God, didn't that man understand what the words 'SECRET agent' meant? Telling a child such information? Then again, her own mind whispered slyly, you weren't exactly all that inconspicuious. However, she shut herself up quickly as she realized that the young lady had continued to talk.

"-sure you know, my uncle was in a very different business when I was younger, and despite the horrible reputation for cruelty they seem to garner, lawyers are not, in general, that horrible of a bunch."

"Lawyers?" the agent asked in complete confusion. What on earth could her partner, one of the most roguish individuals she'd ever met, have to do with lawyers, other than perhaps being screamed at by them? Just what HAD Jack Stiles, who was currently muttering about a 'comet' and a 'daisy' like some drunken barman, done before his work for his country? It made her feel rather silly that she hadn't throughly read through the information she'd been given on her partner, but Emilia hadn't expected any surprises from such an upfront gentleman like Jack.

"Yes." Alexandra answered with a nod as she began to realize just how little this woman knew her uncle, "He was a rather celebrated lawyer in Boston before he gave it all up for the life of a spy. I mean, I'm sure even you have heard the name of Mr. Jonathon Stiles? The lawyer who-"

Emilia nearly fainted to the floor, and it was only her training and iron will which kept her from doing just that. To think couldn't be that...he couldn't...he wasn' couldn't...

"You mean he's-"

"Yes," Alexandra repeated again. But this time, there was a noticeable chill in the young woman's voice, "He is. Though I'm quite sure that you never even considered the possibilty that he COULD be. I'm assuming you swallowed his act hook, line, and sinker."

"His...act?" Emilia asked, still in shock.

"Yeah, his act..." the young woman said. Now the chill was in her eyes as well. "That 'I'm-a-big-lug-with-no-brain' act that he plays like a pro. I mean, I figured that the Frenchies would buy it and totally underestimate him. It's part of the reason I decided to visit. I wanted to see his work up close since I intend to go into the business myself. However, I never thought that-"

"That his own partner would be so completely oblivious to his backround..." Emilia filled in, her voice mostly shame and embarrassement.

"Indeed." Alexandra replied, her tone a little more warm. Obviously, she had heard the emotions in the agent's voice and figured out that the Brit was very sorry for her mistake of thinking Uncle Jack an idiot. And to her mind, the blonde deserved it.


"Shhhh..." the younger girl hushed her, "He's waking up."

"Oh." Emilia said lamely.

Immediately, those brown eyes focused on her own, brown eyes that held a strange sort of fire that Emilia knew from her partner as being totally instopable.

"Don't say anything, okay?" Alexandra asked, suddenly seeming much younger. Dear God, but the girl had been charge a moment before, a position that Emilia usually thought of as her own. But somehow, this teenager had pulled this spot from her with a little information and a very well-used set of facial expressions.

"What?" Emilia asked, forgetting what the girl had said during her thoughts.

"I said not to say anything about what I told you, okay?" she repeated, "I mean, I don't want it to affect anything, and I know that Uncle would be rather upset with me should he find that I told you."

The elder woman in the room looked at her for a moment, then nodded her head.

"Then I'll be going..." Alexandra said quickly as she began to leave the room, "Must unpack and such. Later."

And then the girl was out the door and gone, leaving Emilia with a groggy and confused Jack Stiles who was even now coming out of his faint, still muttering nonsense. However, after a minute, he began to make sense.

"Em?" he asked tiredly.

"Yes, Jack."

"Did what I think happened...happen?" he asked unsurely.

And all she did was nod, not trusting herself to find any other words.
Meanwhile, in the room that she had picked out to be her own for the two months she intended to stay on the island, Alexandra was unpacking her few possessions from the case she had had with her the entire trip. She was also very close to having a spaz attack.

"What on earth was I thinking?" she asked herself nervously, that strangely in-charge young woman entirely lost in the frantic wreak that was now one Miss Alexandra Stiles-Harthford.

"I can't believe I did that. How did I do that? I can't do that!" she berated herself, all the while stuffing her clothing into the various spots, "I just...I got smart with Emilia Rothchild, one of the most experienced agents in the British Intelligence! And I told her about Uncle Jack. And I told her...Oh god, what was I thinking! I'm a bloody twit, not a general!"

And as these words sunk into her brain, she realized with a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was a long way from home, and probably in the proverbial stew-pot. But there was a bright side.

"Well, at least she took it well enough. This might actually work. I mean, from what Mother told me, I was thinking I'd have to lock the two of them into a room till they killed each other or went at it like rabbits."