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Bad Day?

The wedding was on again and this time Ron was his normal self. Ron glanced over at his lovely red haired friend. She looked wonderful in a blue dress. They were sitting at a regular table this time. Kim had agreed to come with him as a friend. "Finally no more kid's table." Ron said. "Thanks for being my dateā€¦.ahh friend" he changed as Kim glared at him. But then she smiled "Admittedly, not as awkweird as I feared." as she returned to eating her cake.

"Some more cake Ron." offered Sean as he gave Ron a piece of cake.

"Is that Sean?" asked Kim.

"Why thank you Sean" said Ron "See, KP, a piece of cake."

"Ron, what did you.." asked Kim smirking at him.

"I just gave him a little attitude adjustment" Ron said as he patted the repaired equipment that nearly made him a truly evil villain bent of hoarding all the Nacos of the world and made Drakken so good that it drove Kim and Rufus crazy.

Ron returned to eating his cake. Kim glanced at her blonde haired friend, who admittedly to herself looked rather nice in the suit he was wearing. She was so happy to have her real friend back. The past few days had been a little weird. From sneaking into the Villian convention to fighting Ron at what had been Drakken's lair. Kim had to admit to herself. Ron made a better villain than Drakken. His inventions worked, his plans worked. He even caught me before I could do anything. Although calling me by my full name did catch me a little off guard. He played me so perfectly. He let me escape and get to his machine to turn it off. But that was just a distraction. He had built a better weather machine while I was worried about the first machine. If Drakken and Wade had not fixed the helmet so Drakken could change Ron back, she didn't know what she would have done.

Ron saw Kim looking at him out of the corner of his eye. 'What is she thinking about me?' he wondered. He remembered some of what had happened. Being changed, being the Bad Boy, something he never had done, was something that had had an effect on him. I hope she'll forgive me for what I did to her. It all started that night at her house watching that dopey show "Agony County" where the outcast loves and is loved by the heroine. The guy tells the girl, we can only be friends. "Yeah, right" he thought to himself. That is just like those TV guys. Drag everyone along then in the end put the loser and the pretty girl together. Like that would ever happen. The loser/bad boy never gets the girl.

The whole time had been as Kim put it "awkweird". He had sort of asked her to come with him to the wedding. She had sort of suggested it, then with a doubtful scared look on her face had pulled back. He had been so nervous asking her that he had to open up his shirt he had gotten so hot. Luckily the show she had been waiting to see started. That is when he found out that she sorta liked the bad boy type. She called it the misunderstood jerk. "Like there is a dif." I had said. "Uh-huh" she said "a hottie diff." "Oh so you like the bad boy." I had said. "Well, sometime I.." Kim stopped and said "No not at all" as her dad walked by. Then she had continued with the cutest look on her face "but some girls do." "Oh, really" I had said and sat back in thought. That was the start of the whole thing.

Kim had finished most of her cake and reached for her cup. "Oh man, empty". She got ready to get up when Ron noticed her empty cup. "Would you like some more punch, KP?" Ron asked standing with his own empty cup. "Please and thank you." Kim said sitting back down and giving Ron her cup. She watched Ron walk off to get her some punch. Ron had tried to be the bad boy to impress her. She knew that now. He had never done anything like that before. I mean we have always been friends, but when he did that he seemed to be taking things between us a little more seriously. The thing is what do I think about what he did. I mean I offered to come to the wedding with first. What was I thinking, me go to a wedding of all things with Ron. Then, that next day he turned up at school dressed like that character at school and acting like a jerk. Apparently he thought I was attracted to that type of guy. Then we had to go check out what the villains were doing at the convention. Wade set us up with some cover costumes. Ron was some Zorbok, Zordok dude. I supposed to be some chick called Shelia of the Leopard People. I was not comfortable in the catsuit. Little more revealing than I am used to. But it worked for awhile, then came the fight that caused the whole problem.

A hand touched her shoulder and Kim jumped she had been so deep in thought. She shreeched a little. "Kim, you okay?" asked Ron as he gave her a full cup of punch. She turned to her friend. "Yeah, just thinking about something, you sorta surprised me." The one thing I can't tell you is how warm I feel when you touch me like that she thought. And how warm I feel when you look at me like that. "You sure, KP, you are looking a little flushed there." Ron said.

Kim's temperature felt like it had risen several degrees. "Ron could we take a little walk outside, eating all this cake I need to keep moving to keep my figure."

"There's nothing wrong with your figure that I can see." Ron said causing Kim to feel even hotter. "OK, Kim here, we'll step out on the porch, it's cooler out there. He stood and pulled her chair out for her, then gave her his arm.

She giggled a little. "You keep this up and people will start to talk. There are going to be enough questions at school next week as it is."

Ron laughed and said "Let'em talk. We are just friends." He said patting her arm. 'I wish in some ways it could be more.' He thought.

'I wish it could be more." Kim thought as they walked out on the porch. "That's right Ron, friends to the end." She said.

This will be a several part story on how Kim and Ron face what happened to them. Also Drakken and Shego will have to face a few things. I still plan to keep up with me other stories, but I liked this episode so much I wanted to write about it.