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Chapter 1. The All Mighty List (Dum dum dum!)

Kouji walked home from school, his heavy bag tossed over his shoulder as he rest his hand in his pocket. He was 15-years-old now and had had a crush on Izumi Orimoto since he entered Middle School, now in High School. Izumi had just recently broke up with Kouji's once rival and now best friend, Takuya, around July. For some reason Izumi ran to Kouichi and they've been hanging out at school a lot lately. Are they in love or something!?

Suddenly a strong gust of wind rushed by him, Kouji's sight blurred as he grabbed onto his face feeling a... paper? He pulled it off his face as the gust blew past him. He viewed it, seeing it was written a while ago by the cripples in the paper. It was hand written with a dark blue pen as Kouji read the top of the paper it read,

Ways to make the girl you like like you. A Guide to being the perfect guy.

Kouji glanced at the list of things. Only twelve... why would this list suddenly fly to him as he was thinking of how he would never get Izumi? Maybe its destiny, but Kouji never believed in destiny when it came to a crush or love. What kind of moron would even make a list like this?

Kouji quickly folded the list and pocketed it before walking quickly to his house.


Kouji quickly walked into his house and tossed his bag where he also kicked off his shoes, hurrying up the stairs when his twin called him.

"Kouji, whats the rush?" Kouichi asked him walking out from the kitchen as Kouji stopped dead at the stairs. (Sorry, dunno what Kouichi's personality is like at all.)

'Kouichi would think I'm getting desperate if he saw me with this list.' Kouji thought before saying back in the calmest voice he could, "I'm really tired...." Kouji thought he did quite a good job at faking it since he's not usually all to good at it.

"Whatcha hiding?" Kouichi asked seriously.

"W-what? I'm not hiding anything!" Kouji stammered out.

"I'm just kidding, jeese." Kouichi walked back into the kitchen and Kouji hurried back up the stairs into his room, locking the door behind him so Kouichi wouldn't come barging in like he sometimes liked to since they had to share a room.

Kouji plopped down on his bed and pulled out the list and unfolded it, careful not to rip it from all the worn out folding. "Maybe I am desperate." Kouji muttered as he tossed the list by their computer, deciding to follow the lists suggestions and to go to sleep unless Kouichi would find out he was lying about being tired.

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