Evangelion Fan Fiction

Plans that Backfire

By Kraven Ergeist (Formerly known as Draco Delphinus)


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Toji sighed as he saw Shinji cowering under Asuka's harassment for the umpteenth time that year. It was getting to the point where Toji worried about his well being. Though he'd never admit it to the rest of the school.

Shinji left that day with Asuka still on his case. Toji just sighed, tied between disappointment and relief at being unable to help his woeful comrade, as he was assigned to after school chores for the day.

Before the class rep left for tutoring, Toji stopped her.

"Hey, Class Rep," he called out, midway through stacking chairs.

"Yes?" Hikari said, trying to keep polite in the boy's presence.

"You been noticing how often that red-haired devil keeps harassing that poor guy?" Toji said, off-handed.

Hikari blinked, concealing her slight contempt at the way he addressed Asuka.

"I think it's just Asuka's way of showing attachment," Hikari said, looking away.

Toji shook his head. "But it's really taking its toll on Shinji. I can see it everyday, the way he cringes away, as if he were wishing he could disappear."

Hikari sighed and nodded. "I know what you mean. But there's one in every class, the boy who can't quite get along with everybody."

Toji bit his lip for a long time. He knew what he wanted to say, but he didn't know how to word it. Before Hikari got bored and ran off, he blurted out what was on his mind.

"I think he needs a girlfriend," He said quickly.

"What?" Hikari said, somewhat shocked.

"I know what you're thinking," Toji said, taking the defensive side. "This stupid hentai wants some girl to jump his friend's bones. But that's not it."

Toji looked very sternly at Hikari. "Being harsh may be Asuka's way of showing affection. But it's not what Shinji needs. He needs someone who'll be nice to him. Someone who he can actually be friendly with, someone who'll care for him when he needs it."

Hikari took that in. It sounded like a sound idea. But doing sneaky things, especially when it involved other people's social lives, didn't appeal to her in the slightest.

"So are you saying I should try to convince Asuka to be nicer to him?" Hikari ventured.

Toji rolled his eyes. "If you want Shinji to have a nice girlfriend by the time he's fifty. Cause that's how long it'll take to mellow her down."

Hikari shrugged. "Who else does he know? Rei?"

Toji shrugged. "Same problem, except the opposite. And even then, she may not even be willing. Who else does he know?"

Toji was looking at Hikari for answer. But she interpreted it differently.

"Toji! You don't expect me to…" she cried, her face red.

Toji instantly held his hands up. "No, no, no…but you are the class rep. You know practically every person in the class. There's got to be someone who'll be interested in a nice guy like Shinji. I was wondering if you'd…you know…ask around…and see if anyone would be interesting in going out with Shinji."

Hikari wrinkled her nose. This was not sounding like something she'd normally agree to doing.

"Please, Hikari," Toji said, using her first name. "I'm trying to help out a friend in need."

Hikari took one look at those big baby eyes of his and gave in.

"Ok, Toji, just because you're so sweet about it."

Toji smiled and got back to work. Hikari headed out.

"Oh, and one more thing," Toji said.

Hikari peeked her head back in the class.

"I don't have to tell you what might happen if you repeat a word of what I just said to anyone," Toji glared, bemusedly.

Hikari just chuckled. "Right."


The next week proved disappointing for Hikari's little sub-quest. Whenever she could, she'd ask the available girls she knew if they'd be interested in going out with Shinji.

No takers.

Hikari was starting to get annoyed. She had assumed that someone would be interested in him. Lord knows, she had been interested in him before Asuka stepped in. Now she was more focused on Toji. But Hikari was friends with Asuka, so she couldn't afford to be jealous. Since every aspect of Hikari's class job revolved around discipline, that's just what she did. Disciplined herself to not take favorites.

Still, she wanted to fulfill Toji's desire to help Shinji. So finally, she brought the subject up with the red head.

"What do I think of Ikari Shinji?" Asuka repeated the question she had been asked.

"What's to think? He's clumsy, slow, withdrawn, and overly considerate. Whenever he's not being annoying, he's apologizing for something he wasn't responsible for in the first place, or lusting after me, Misato or wonder girl."

Hikari frowned. "Asuka…is that…honestly what you think?"

Asuka nodded. "Yeah. We're best friends, right? Why wouldn't I be honest with you?"

Hikari just frowned and looked down.

"Look, I've got to go, alright." Asuka said. "See ya."

As Asuka left, Hikari sat there thinking. None of the girls in class liked him. Not Rei, not even Asuka. She was really starting to sympathize with Shinji, if nothing more, could see where Toji was coming from. Truth be told, she didn't know much about Shinji herself, except what she heard through Asuka. And she felt that most of the time, she was exaggerating.

Hikari shook her head. She knew what her mind was saying. Her mind was telling her to try to get close to Shinji. But her conscience kept reminding her that she had become involved with Toji, at least, somewhat. Didn't he come first? But then, she had fancied Shinji more than Toji when he had arrived. The only thing that had restrained her from pulling a move was Asuka's involvement with him, and more so, her friendship to Asuka.

Hikari squeezed her eyes shut. What was she supposed to do?


Shinji waited for Toji and Kensuke to arrive. But they never came. So he set off on his own.

But before he got away from school ground, someone spoke to him.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Ikari," came the class rep's voice.

Shinji turned around, and saw her standing remonely, holding her bag in front of her.

Shinji stuttered. "Uh…good afternoon…class rep…"

Hikari shook her head. "Please, call me Hikari."

Shinji looked away. "Um…ok…"

Hikari stepped closer to him. "I was wondering if I could find someone who would walk me home."

Shinji looked up, confused. After a brief pause, he pointed at himself.

Hikari nodded.

Shinji looked away. "Um…I…don't really want to be a bother…"

Hikari smiled, stepping closer. "You won't be a bother."

Shinji hesitated. Could this be real? Was the class rep…no, Hikari…asking him to walk her home?

Shinji blushed slightly before nodding. "Uh…ok…"

They set off, and before long, it occurred to Shinji that he had no idea where she lived.

"Up the hill a ways," Hikari said.

"The hill?" Shinji asked. "But isn't that…?"

Hikari blushed. "Yeah…it's the other way…"

Embarrassed, Shinji turned around and walked towards Hikari's house.

They had walked about halfway there, when they had gotten to a place concealed from anyone else. Shinji hadn't spoken a word to her, which Hikari should have anticipated. Time to play the cute little schoolgirl.

"Um…Shinji?" Hikari said, sounding embarrassed. And truth be told, she was. "There's something I've been wanting to tell you."

Shinji turned around (He had been keeping a safe distance ahead of her).

"I…I…" Hikari said, drawing out the words. "Oh this is so embarrassing…"

Hikari felt like an idiot. She wasn't acting at all like herself. She couldn't believe herself, putting on airs just to break this boy's shell.

"Ever since you arrived in Tokyo-3, I…" Hikari said, fleshing out her dialogue. Inside, however, she was screaming.

"I've…had this crush on you, I…"

'I've had this crush on you'? Where did that come from?! She would never say something like that, especially if it were true. Which Hikari wasn't too sure of herself.

"W…what?" was all Shinji could think to say.

Hikari turned around. "I'm sorry…I shouldn't have said that…"

Hikari waited. Come on, she thought. This is the part where the guy's supposed to open up to you.

But Shinji was just as closed up as Hikari. He didn't say or do anything. Hikari was almost relieved.


"Aren't…aren't you going to say anything?" Hikari said.

Shinji blushed even harder. "I…I don't know what to say…"

Hikari shivered. What was she getting herself into? Was she planning to act out this role, and then leave when she felt she was neglecting Toji?

Shinji cycled through his options. "I…I never got to know you very well…"

Hikari looked at him, wondering what he was getting at.

"And I always thought…that you were with Toji…"

Hikari swallowed a pang of guilt.

"But…this is the first time that any…anyone's…ever said anything like that to me."

Hikari looked up at him. Toji was right, and she could see it. He was lonely. Lonely and depressed.

No more words were said, until they reached Hikari's house. Before she entered her house, she turned to him and said, "I'll talk to you at lunch tomorrow."

Before Shinji could reply or reject, she disappeared into the house.


All through the night, Shinji couldn't stop thinking about it. A girl had just told him she liked him. And moreover, she arranged for them to meet the next day. How could he think about anything else?

"Where were you today?" Asuka asked, as Shinji walked through the door.

Shinji just looked up. "Um…just walking around. I…didn't feel like coming home right away."

Asuka narrowed her eyes, but shrugged it off. "Whatever. Just get dinner ready, I'm starving."

Shinji blinked. "But I thought it was your turn today."

"Stop trying to weasel out, Third Child," Asuka barked.

Shinji decided the least spoken the better, and submitted. But he almost burned dinner while daydreaming.

That night, he lay on his bed, with only his thoughts and the butterflies in his stomach to accompany him.


The lunch bell rang the next day, as the moment Shinji had been dreading and hoping drew ever closer. He had been throwing Hikari nervous glances, waiting for her to return his gaze. But she never looked upon him.

As he made his way to the lunchroom, which was not typical of him, he waited for Hikari to show up.

Which she did, just a few minutes later.

"Hi Shinji," she said, sitting down next to him.

Shinji blushed, tensing up his shoulders.

Hikari placed a hand on Shinji's shoulder. "Take your books out of your bag and put them on the table."

Shinji blinked. "What?"

"Just do it," Hikari said, tersely.

Shinji complied.

"Open them up," Hikari went on.

Shinji did. "To where?"

Hikari shrugged. "Whatever you've recently been working on."

Shinji found the desired page.

Hikari smiled. Now for the tricky part.

"Now if anyone asks, we're working on school work, ok?"

Shinji gulped as Hikari scooted in closer to him. They were close together now. And moreover, they were doing it in secret, or at least, semi-secret. It was so…exciting.

Shinji felt tingly all over. What was happening to him? It wasn't the closest he'd been with another girl, yet it was the most electrifying experience he'd had.

"You like being this close to me, don't you Shinji?" Hikari said.

Shinji instantly moved away.

"Don't pull away," Hikari said. "I like it when you're this close to me."

Shinji's face became even redder as he slowly, ever so slowly, returned to where he had just been.

Hikari mentally kicked herself. She wasn't being like herself at all. She wouldn't say things like that, not even to Toji.

She let it go and checked around the room to see if anyone was watching. Sure enough, Asuka saw the two of them sitting together, and was coming over to investigate.

"Now, Shinji, listen closely," Hikari instructed. "Asuka is coming over, now what are you going to tell her?"

Shinji straightened up. "I'm going to tell her we're working on school work!"

Hikari giggled. "That's right. Except you're not going to say it like that. You're going to say very calmly: 'Hey, Asuka. Oh, we're just working on schoolwork. Why? What'd you think we were doing?'"

Shinji nodded, waiting for the impending disaster.

Moments later, Asuka came poking her nose in their business.

"What are you two doing together?"

Hikari glanced at Shinji, who swallowed briefly, before sitting up. "Oh…hey, Asuka…we're…working on schoolwork. Why? What'd you think we were doing?"

Asuka's eyebrow twitched. She was too smart for this. She saw what was going on.

"Hikari," she said. "Could I have a word with you?"

Hikari looked up. "I'm kind of in the middle of tutoring, Asuka. Can't it wait?"

Asuka grabbed Hikari by the shoulder. Leaning in close to her, she whispered, "I know what you're doing, you double crosser!"

Hikari froze.

Asuka stood up and walked out into the hall.,

Hikari sighed. Looking back at Shinji, she smiled. "You did good, Shinji. Real good. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with the devil."

Shinji cringed. "I hope she goes easy on you."

Hikari nodded as she walked away. "Yeah…so do I…" She walked into the hall where Asuka went. "So do I…"


"Now let me see if I've got this straight," Asuka said, pacing back and forth in front of Hikari. "You asked me before if I thought anything of Shinji, just so you could grab him for yourself?"

Hikari said nothing.

"Now, what would Toji think if I told him?" Asuka taunted.

Hikari's eyes widened. "He…he already knows…" she lied.

Asuka placed her hands on her hips. "Like hell he does!"

Hikari shook her head. "It was…his idea…" Hikari bit her lip. She didn't like lying, but it was a tactic that just might work. And it wasn't a complete lie. Toji had suggested that she find a girl to go out with Shinji.

Asuka furrowed her brow. "Mein gott…I don't believe you, Hikari. You used to be such a respectable person. I looked up to you for that, do you realize that? And now look at you!"

Hikari fought to control her tears. Discipline. It was all about discipline.

Asuka glared at her harder. "I didn't lie to you, Hikari. I feel nothing for Shinji. But you, I care about. And if you become some kind of…of…slut on me, then-"


Asuka placed her hand nuturingly over her red cheek. Hikari had slapped her!

"Don't…you…dare…call me that, Asuka…" Hikari panted.

Asuka glared back. After regaining her senses, she huffed off. "Fine. I see how it is."

With that, she left Hikari alone.

All at once, Hikari crippled. Hunched over on the floor, tears flowed freely from her eyes.

"My god…" she muttered.

How could she have sunk to this level? Asuka was right on the money. She was betraying Toji. She was deceiving Shinji. And now, she was challenging Asuka. She was no good to anyone.

Asuka had been her friend ever since she'd arrived. They had always spent their days together. And Toji…well, she'd known him since the third grade. She'd never really taken him seriously. Of course, it was only since the ninth grade that she began to see his sensitive side.

And Shinji…well, she had been attracted to him since the day he'd arrived. But all this playing around, acting differently to appease Shinji was totally against what she and five years of devoted schooling stood for. And for what? For Toji's wish? Somehow, she couldn't see him sacrificing his relationship with her for Shinji.

So why was she doing this then? For Shinji's sake? For her own? Was she fulfilling some kind of desire to be with Shinji? If so, then why was she acting like someone totally different? True, she was being kind, which was typical of Hikari, but she was much more open then she was used to being. It was like being an actress in a romance movie. The question was, would the movie end? And if it did, would she be able to return to Toji?

Would he even allow it?

Would she even want to?


Hikari returned to her seat, as mellow as ever. Shinji just sat there, looking concerned.

"How was it?" he asked, reservedly.

Hikari tried to smile. "On a scale of one to ten? Probably somewhere in the negatives."

Shinji sighed and turned away. "I'm sorry. Maybe we shouldn't be seen together like this."

Hikari shook her head. "No!"

This took both of them by surprise. Shinji looked back at her, confused.

"I mean…" Hikari amended. "No need to stop hanging out just to appease Asuka."

Shinji shook his head. "It's not just that. Asuka's your friend, isn't she? I don't want to come between you two…I mean, if it's us or you two, then…I mean, at least, we'll know we're friends, even if we never get to show it…I mean…"

Hikari let out a breath of air. She just couldn't stand how sweet and caring this boy was. Here he was, stumbling through his first potentially intimate relationship, and he was willing to sacrifice it all just so she could keep her friendship with Asuka.

Hikari rested her head on Shinji's shoulder. Shinji predictably blushed and looked at her strangely. "Hikari? What are you…"

"Just let me stay like this for a while," she sighed.

"But…but…" Shinji stuttered. "I thought you said we should be discreet about…"

But he stopped when saw Hikari's face. It was a look of absolute peace and happiness. It stopped him in his tracks. That if he were capable of instilling this much happiness in a girl, than for what reason should he not?

Said reason was staring at them from the other side of the cafeteria.

"Hikari…" came Toji's pained voice. He stared at her for a moment more, and then he was gone.


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