Evangelion Fan Fiction

Plans that Backfire

By Kraven Ergeist

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Chapter Three

Shinji arrived home out of breath. He had run home to make the story of Toji's dad dropping him off seem more convincing. But his breathing apparently gave him away.

"Enjoy your date?" Misato asked, snidely, sitting calmly on a kitchen chair, as Shinji stepped in through the door.

"D-Date?" Shinji stammered. "Um…I like Toji and all, but I wouldn't say we're that close."

Misato frowned. "I wasn't suggesting otherwise. What I was suggesting was that you never went to a movie with Toji."

Shinji caught his breath. "Um…what makes you say that?"

Misato got to her feet. "Because I just got off the phone with Toji's father. He and Kensuke have been hanging out and paying video games all night."

Shinji sighed heavily, understanding the jig was up. He said nothing more.

"I trust you, Shinji, and I know that you'd never lie to me," Misato said, with a strict tone in her voice. "Which is why there are only so many things you could have been doing tonight that would make you feel like you had to lie to me. The first one is that you were going out with someone. The second is that you were shooting up somewhere."

Before Shinji could react, Misato had him by the shoulders. "Personally, I don't care if it's the former. Just use protection. What I'm truly concerned about is the latter. Now, please alleviate my fears, Shinji…tell me you weren't doing drugs."

Shinji blinked. "…No, Misato, you were right…I…I was going out with someone."

Misato took a deep sigh, and let the boy go. "Thank you, Shinji. Now, if you want to spend time with your girlfriend, I don't have a problem with it. Just be sure to tell me, and be home at a reasonable hour. Other than that…" Misato winked. "Don't piss off her parents."

Shinji sighed. Misato was going to let him off.

"Now that that's settled, you're grounded till Friday."

Well, almost…


Shinji had hoped to attain peace after Misato let him go. But he forgot about the other female resident in the household.

"So, how was she?" Asuka said, like the smart Alec she was.

Shinji stopped in mid stride and stood stiff.

"How many times did she come for you? Six? Seven?"

Shinji gritted his teeth.

"Or did you make her give you pleasure? I bet she loved it!"

Shinji turned. He was not in the mood.

"What do you care?"

Asuka, who had been leaning against the wall with her eyes closed opened one of them. "What was that?"

"First of all…you know perfectly well that nothing like that happened. Secondly…" Shinji clenched his fists. "Why can't you just for once let me enjoy something? For once!? Is that so much to ask?"

Asuka glared back. "I don't give a damn what you enjoy, Third Child, but make sure it's not one of my friends!"

"You think you know her!?" Shinji blared, suddenly. "Do you have…any idea how much pain is in her heart?"

Asuka blinked, as she watched the boy lean against the wall, his strength leaving him.

"Even…without telling me, I could see the guilt in her eyes…the inner torment. I could see it all. She was struggling so desperately whether or not to choose between me and Toji."

Shinji looked up again. "This is all I'm going to say, Asuka: I am honored to be the one chosen by Hikari. She was the first…the only person who ever let me be who I wanted to be."

Shinji turned around to enter his room. "Someday, if you're lucky, you'll receive an honor like that. Then, you'll know what I'm talking about."

Shinji shut the door and locked it behind him.


School the next day was interesting. Every time Shinji threw a glance at Hikari, she would turn away blushing. He tried approaching her between classes, but every time class ended, she would disappear before he even had a chance.

Finally, he caught her, in the middle of one of her tutoring sessions. When Shinji approached her, Hikari just looked at him. "Hi, Shinji. Could you excuse me? I'm tutoring right now."

That was all she would say. She'd just turn him away.


Why was she pretending like this? Who did she think she was fooling? Herself? Shinji? Certainly not Asuka.


Every time she had thought about Shinji, the image of Toji suddenly rushed into her head, and she instantly felt guilty. That must have been why she'd been avoiding Shinji.

She had to resolve her feelings about Toji right now.

First things first…she had more feelings for Shinji now then Toji. That she could finally accept. What she was having trouble accepting were the consequences related to that fact. For instance, how to break it to Toji? To Asuka? And how to live with them while still continuing her relationship with Shinji?

Talking to Ayanamai had proven worthwhile in the past. Perhaps it would help her now.

"Trouble with your friend again?" Ayanamai asked, without even turning her eyes on Hikari.

Hikari stopped, but nodded. "Yes."

Rei looked directly at her. "So who will it be? Friend number two or friend number three?"

Hikari sighed, looking away. "…number three…"

Rei nodded, her eyes lowering. "I see…"

Hikari looked up suddenly. "Ayanami, you…you don't…like him too…do you?"

Rei stood perfectly still, while the activity in the classroom went on around them.

"I suppose…" Rei said. "In a way, I do. He is my friend. We owe each other our lives in the battles were have fought against the angels…so in this, we are bound to each other."

Hikari sighed, feeling the tension rise.

"But no, I do not like him the way you are thinking, Horaki," Rei said. "Do not trouble yourself with my feelings, for they are in no way conflicting with yours. Even if you were to marry him and have children with him, I would feel the same."

Hikari blushed, furiously.

"However," Reis aid, cautioning. "I would not expect the same from the Second Child."

Rei stood up and walked past the class rep, before stopping.

"Or Suzuhara."

Hikari trembled, and turned to watch Ayanami leave the room.


He watched her as she walked out of the school building, and head for home. She had not gone far, when he headed her off, and stood before her, blocking her path.

"Oh…Toji…" she said

Toji bit his lip and looked down. "So…is it true?"

Hikari's eyes opened wide, before they fell again, and she looked away. "I'm…afraid so…I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Toji said. "After all, I'm the one who asked you to do it, right?"


He looked away, hiding his tears. "That Shinji…he'd better be pretty damn appreciative. I practically handed you to him on a silver platter. What a friend I am, huh?"


"Stop it, Hikari…" Toji said, his sobbing now evident. "Just…go away…please…"

Hikari was crying now, too. "Toji!"

"Shut up!" Toji screamed, cupping his hands over his ears. "Just leave me alone!"

He took off, running as fast as he could, leaving Hikari to her tears.


She watched as the exchange took place. She watched the boy turn his back. She saw that tears covered his face, and soon, hers as well.

She watched the boy run away, as the girl collapsed in her grief. She saw her rise, as a new boy came to her side.

She saw her holding his new boy like a newfound treasure. She saw how she told him of her grief, and saw him comfort her with hands stroking away her tears.

She saw him try to leave her, knowing that he was the cause of it all. She saw her take him back, hugging him all the more close to her.

She saw their lips meet, and scowled as they shared each other's passion.

Asuka snorted and left. She had seen enough.


"I'm sorry, Hikari," Shinji said, holding the girls firmly in his arms. "I shouldn't' have gotten involved."

Hikari was crying, desperate for comfort; even Shinji in his complete lack of understanding of the opposite sex could see that. But, true to his nature, he had blamed himself for the whole thing.

"Wait," Hikari pleaded, as he tried to leave. "Please don't leave me!"

Shinji shook his head, but he stopped walking. "Hikari…you're crying right now because I got involved with you."

Hikari shook her head, the tears flying off her face. "I was the one who asked you!"

"I could have said no," Shinji said.

"Please," Hikari said. "Please, just stay with me for now. If you want to leave later, I won't stop you, but please, don't leave me like this."

Shinji sighed. He understood her pain. And he understood that there was nothing either of them could do to fight it. All that could be done was to try and take comfort with each other.

And so they did.


Dinner at the Katsuragi residence was awkward and silent that night. Misato saw Asuka giving Shinji evil looks all night. Finally, she sensed that her presence was inappropriate, and left to restock her beer fridge, leaving Shinji and Asuka alone ("Don't worry, Pen-pen will look after them" – Misato).

Shinji continued eating, as Asuka drew in her breath.

"I saw what happened this afternoon," Asuka said.

Shinji didn't say anything.

"I'm still pissed off at you," Asuka said, just for his information. "But at this point…I'm more pissed off at Suzuhara."

Shinji looked up.

"He made my friend cry. So I made him cry."

Shinji blinked. "What'd you do to him?"

Asuka cracked a half smile "Nothing permanent, though his kids might disagree."

Shinji almost laughed.

"I'm not an idiot, Shinji," Asuka said. "I know my friend. Which is why I'm letting you two stay together."

Shinji stopped himself from rolling his eyes. Like she had any say in the matter at all.

"But if you make her cry, Shinji…" Asuka smirked. "Well…let's just say you and Suzuhara will have something in common."


Shinji knew it was inevitable. Toji did too. So did Hikari and Asuka.

The next day, during Gym class, Shinji and Toji were seated next to each other on the bench that ran along the building, with a good meter or so between them.

Hikari and Asuka, as well as basically the entire girls class, since knowledge of Shinji and Hikari was well known by now, had their noses practically presses against the fence that separated girls from boys.

Neither Shinji nor Toji were looking at each other, yet each was painfully aware of the other's presence. Neither truly wanted any trouble to ensue from the coming confrontation, though the girls could practically feel the tension resonating between them.

Toji sighed, feeling as if it were inevitable.


Shinji nodded, still not making eye contact. "Hey."

Toji leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "You know…"

Shinji reflected the boy's actions. "I know…"

Toji looked up.

Shinji looked up.

Both began to smile.

They both got up and patted each other on the back.

"And girls say guys never talk," Toji laughed.

"Yeah. Want to hang out later?"


This of course left the entire girls side gawking.

"W…w…wait a minute!" Asuka blurted. "What…just happened there!?"

Hikari smiled, remembering suddenly why Toji was a close second to Shinji in her mind.


If anything had come from what ensued from the talk Hikari had with Toji, it had made Hikari more comfortable acting like herself around Shinji. If Shinji noticed anything different about Hikari, however, he didn't voice it.

"I'm glad…that you and Toji are ok with each other," Hikari offered, as Shinji stepped in through her door.

Shinji nodded. "Come on. He's a good person. Sure, he was hurt, but…he's learned how to deal with things like that." Shinji lowered his eyes. "I just wish I could too…"

Hikari blinked. "Did you say something?"

Shinji shook his head. "Nothing…"

Hikari sat down on the couch in her living room, and Shinji followed her example.

"Misato was…pretty mad at me for lying…" Shinji said.

"I know, you told me," Hikari smiled. "But it's good that she's still letting you see me."

Shinji nodded. "Thing is…I told I'd be here watching a movie or something." He locked his eyes with Hikari. "I don't…I don't want to lie to her again."

Hikari nodded, understanding his meaning. "Shinji…there's something you should know…the way I acted before…when we…umm…" Hikari blushed, profusely. "Made out in my bedroom…"

Shinji shivered, looking away. "Look…I enjoyed it, but…maybe we shouldn't…"

"Let me finish," Hikari said, gently. "Shinji…the way I acted…the way I behaved…the…the girl that I was portraying…doesn't exist. I'm not usually the sort of person to invite a boy to her room like that. I'm not usually…so aggressive…"

Shinji nodded. "I knew that…I knew it from the moment you started acting the part. I just figured…that I'd humor you until you were comfortable enough to be yourself."

Hikari inhaled. "Shinji? You really…?"

Shinji nodded. "It was because of Toji, am I right? You were still uncomfortable…leaving him like that. So you reinvented yourself to make it seem alright."

Hikari was breathing hard now. "Shinji…"

"I understand, Hikari," Shinji offered. "I know what it is to run away…sometimes…" Shinji gulped. "Sometimes we have to. It helps us recuperate. But just because we run away…doesn't mean we can't come back."

Hikari felt tears run down her cheek. Now, more than ever, she was certain of how much she liked this boy.

Oh, Shinji Ikari, you're a keeper…

"So…" Shinji said, breaking the silence. "Why don't we watch a movie or something and…see where we go from-"

Shinji never got to finish because Hikari locked his lips in a deep, passionate kiss that left him staggering.

Shinji broke off for breath, and leered. "Hikari…I thought you said you weren't aggressive."

"Oh hush," Hikari pouted, kissing him again.

"Umm…" Shinji muttered, getting free again. "This is nice and all, but…I told you before, I don't want to feel like I'm lying to Misato again."

Hikari tapped his nose. "Don't worry. We'll get to your movie…eventually…"

Shinji smiled, and this time, kissed her back with as much force as she did.

Shinji was half an hour late getting home…and once again, got himself grounded.


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