Chapter 1


'Damn could she ever be vicious when she wants to.' Major John Sheppard thought to himself. He was practicing the Ethosian way of battle and though he though it was interesting he was so not enjoying it at the time. Teyla had offered to teach him and he gladly accepted especially after he found out that Dr. Weir supported it and told him that if he were doing that he would not have to 'baby-sit' Rodney and his team of scientists. That was not the only reason either, he really did want to learn how the Ethosians did all that Matrix/Alias/kung-foo stuff.

Right now he and Teyla were practicing in a part of the city that was far enough away so no one would disturb them, but close enough so that it didn't take them forever to get to there. Missions had been slow because most of the Atlantis crew had been more concerned about restoring the lower levels of the city. He and Teyla really hadn't been needed much lately. Lieutenant Ford was however. Ford was an architect for about five years but had later decided to join the military. John probably would have never known that if Elizabeth hadn't brought it up earlier.

So for the past few weeks Teyla and himself had been really getting close and started to connect more. She was absolutely amazed with how life was like on Earth and to his own surprise John wanted to learn more about Teyla's way of life. And whether or not he wanted to admit it, he had fallen in love in her. In just the few weeks he had come to realize how amazing and how wonderful Teyla Emmagan truly was.

'What a man! I tell him to practice for next time so that I won't so easily beat him or at least for the mere purpose of him learning something new. But how can I get mad at him? He's only had every day and every night of practically free time for the past 6 and a half weeks and it's not like it's going to abruptly end any time soon. I try to teach him something, but noooo, he just can't take the time and practice like I ask of him. Elizabeth better be thankful for this. After all she was the one who first promoted the idea so that she could get John out of her hair for the next little while. And it really did give me and excuse to be around him more.' Teyla couldn't help but smile when she though of him. She knew that she shouldn't but what was she to do? The man had the most gorgeous smile you could ever imagine, he was so kind and had this strange but unique sense of humour that she just could not resist no matter what.

Suddenly the doors had closed on them. Right away they had both stopped and went over and tried to open them with absolutely no success. Within five minutes Dr. Weir made an announcement to all of Atlantis informing them that there has been a 'computer glitch' and that most of the doors in the East peer had been locked. She had asked for everyone to simply avoid that section, and only travel through the accessible if necessary. Unfortunately the rooms had been isolated from any form of scanning making it impossible for the control tower to know if anyone was in there unless someone were to actually walk down and check themselves.

It was an extremely hot day out and the room they practiced in didn't always have the preferred temperature that one would prefer to practice in. However it was the only room they could use that was suitable.

The uncomfortable temperatures pretty well chose hers and John's outfit for them that day. She was wearing her dress-like bottoms and a small top that was both purple and blue. And he was wearing a pair of black shorts and a white t-shirt.

They had foolishly decided that to kill time they would practice more even though they were already hot. Within a half hour of the time they had started practicing they had felt like they could just collapse where they were. Luckily they had a whole case of water that they had left there for themselves in case either of them forgot a bottle before heading down. John leaned against the wall and let he fall to the floor. He could hardly breathe, how stuffy and hot it was. He took of his shirt to cool himself down. The heat and humidity had also gotten to Teyla so she had removed her shirt and wore a bra-type black top instead of the shirt she had worn earlier. She had also tied her hair up, something she did not usually do but in the situation she felt as though she needed to how hot it was in the room

Teyla had then asked John, "Why would Dr. Weir not have made contact with us by now? She does know were in her right?"

John just made a face that clearly spoke, 'It may have slipped my mind.' Then said, "Well you see I was talk to her and I sort of said that we were going to go out in the jumper for a bit today and well it turns out we didn't and well… you know…"

"You mean to tell me that she has no clue what so ever that we're in here?" Teyla looked at him and the expression on her face said, 'Oh my God!'

"No, not really." John stated seeing Teyla's disappointment and frustration in her expression that followed his statement. He smiled at her and moved over towards next to her where she had taken a seat and put an arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder.

Within an hour they had realized that there was nothing they could do and unfortunately neither of them had brought their radios along with them. They knew and trusted that eventually someone would find them or notice their absence. At least they hoped someone would.


Author's note: I will update the story at least twice a week because I'm on a roll! Thought I should let you know now that this is a Sheyla fic mainly with some but minimum McWeir.