Chapter 7

Ethosian Gene?

Beckett, Teyla, John, Rodney and Aiden had just stepped through the stargate and arrived on PGP-639. The planets' temperature was rather hot, an uncomfortable one at that, but they came prepared because they did not know exactly how long it would take Rodney and Beckett to repair the equipment. Rodney walked towards the equipment and sighed, waving his arms in the air while at it. "Well this is just great, just great." He bent over and started going through a bunch of wiring.

"How long Rodney?" John asked with frustration in his voice. As he placed his sunglasses on and looked around.

"Minimum twelve hours – if all goes well that is." Rodney said with frustration in his own voice. How could a sand storm do so much damage?

"I agree, this equipment sure did get a beating from that sand storm. Perhaps you should set up camp Major we're going to be here for a while." Beckett said as he began to unload equipment from the MALP with Ford.

"Alright Ford, Teyla start setting up camp, I'll go check in with Weir, let her know how long we'll be." John walked over to the gate and started dialing, only nothing happened. "Uh Rodney, what happens when the little buttons don't light up?"

Rodney looked up. "What do you mean?" He walked over and tried dialing. Okay, this is bad.

"You think?" John asked sarcastically. "Okay this could be bad. Beckett you work on that I'll do this. Should be nothing more than a minor error." Rodney hopefully pleaded to himself. "Don't worry I can have this fixed in no time, just set up some cooling tents and stuff." Rodney said before he started to take apart the DHD to detect the problem.

"How long has it been?" John asked impatiently at he removed yet another layer of clothing so that he only had a t-shirt on.

Teyla looked at her watch. "Over ten hours. I'm sure Rodney has almost finished repairing the DHD." Teyla looked over too where a clearly frustrated Rodney, was trying to repair the DHD.

He had been there for hours out in the heat, madly trying to solve the problem. "Rodney you need to take a break come on over here and cool off for a bit." John waved a water bottle in the air.

Rodney sighed, he was extremely exhausted, but he had to fix the DHD. "Come on Rodney the DHD won't be going anywhere. We should just wait for Weir to check in on us then she can send the necessary materials to help us. In the meantime lass just relax. That's about all we can do." Beckett said to Rodney, for he himself had already gone over to the cooling tent after the heat had gotten the best of him.

"Alright then. I guess you're right they should be checking in on us in just a few hours." Rodney walked over to where they were. John passed him a water bottle. He took a long drink from it, quenching his thirst. "Ahh. So we're okay for supplies for the next couple hours?"

"Yes, we have lots of water, food, cooling tents, medical supplies, all your scientific-" Teyla cut of his words before he could finish what he was saying, which was about to become quite rude, of that she was sure.

Teyla slapped John on the arm, then smiled at Rodney. "We have plenty of supplies to last." Teyla said.

Aiden looked at his watch. "Weir should be checking in within the next three to four hours." Rodney took off his jacket and tossed it aside. "Why did it have to be this planet where the DHD decided to not work for us. Why?" Rodney asked to nobody.

The next hour passed and the temperature only became more extreme. "Okay that's it I've had it, no more desert planets for us, we can leave them to Baits and his team." John said as he removed his shirt, and lay down in the sand under the tent.

"Won't argue with you there sir." Aiden said also removing his shirt. It was so hot that their shirts had begun to cling to them. Teyla however seemed to be much better off, she had not broken a sweat surprisingly seeing how much the others had.

"How can you just lay there Teyla, and not feel the heat like us?" Beckett asked.

"My people once visited worlds such as these. I am used to it." She smiled at the men and shook her head. All four of them laying there sweating, wining and envying her because she could withstand the temperature. She added, "However I am beginning to feel uncomfortable as the temperature rises."

"Well hopefully we won't be here to long, it isn't healthy for the baby." Becket said with concern.

Just by hearing the words 'unhealthy' and 'baby' in the same sentence automatically worried John. "What do you mean? She's fine right now though right?" John asked.

"Yes nothing to worry about lass, as long as she drinks plenty of water no harm what so ever should be done. I promise." Beckett said reassuringly.

John grabbed a water bottle and passed it to Teyla. "John I already have one, would you calm down already." Teyla said. These types of moments are exactly what she loved so much about this man.

"I know, but it never hurts to have one more." He couldn't help but be concerned. She grabbed the water bottle he had handed to her, and took the cap off of it. She shoved it into his mouth. It was definitely something he was not expecting.

"What was that for?" John asked after he wiped off his mouth from all the water that had spilt on him. Aiden and Rodney both had hue grins on their faces. "What are you grinning at?"

John looked back at Teyla for an answer. "It was the only way I thought you would calm down. I know you're concerned but Beckett even said there is nothing to worry about." She smiled at him.

"I know and I'm sorry I guess I'm just a little worried about what could happen that's all. I love you though." He smiled and leaned forward to kiss her.

"I love you too." She smiled and kissed him."

"Oh for petes sake would you two get a room!" Rodney exclaimed.

John pulled away and smiled at Teyla. He then looked over at Beckett. "When did you say the baby was due?"

"I believe it was the eleventh of December if I'm not mistaken. Why?"

Before John could give an answer as to why he wanted to know the stargate activated. "Major do you read? This is Weir."

"We read you." John said and he spoke into his radio and began to move towards the gate.

"Why didn't you check in?" Elizabeth asked in concern.

John was about to answer but Rodney stepped in for him. "We seem to be having some troubles with the DHD. It just won't work."

"Get Teyla to dial the Ethosian home world sequence. Teyla only though." It was the 'other' John Sheppard.

"What do you mean? The DHD is dead. Why Teyla though?" Rodney asked.

""Oh Rodney stop being a smartass and just listen to them. Teyla can you hear me?" IT was once again the 'other' John talking.

"Yes I can. Did you say the Ethosian home wolrd sequence?" She asked as she walked towards the DHD.

"Yes, it's a code that was placed into this particular DHD as an experiment that 'Rodney' and a team of Ancient scientists were performing. It was like a Wraith Jail idea. We never did get to try it though, but we know the code works. However it must be you who does it." John explained overt the radio.

"Yes okay but why me?" She asked.

"We thought it would be a good idea to use a unique Ethosian gene that you carried to be able to activate it. We knew that the Wraith would catch onto the Ancient gene sooner or later." It wasn't John this time it was the 'other' Rodney.

Elizabeth spoke. "Well make contact in twenty minutes if you don't report in. Atlantis out." And the gate shut down.

"Okay then." Teyla said and she began to dial the Ethosian home world sequence. Nothing happened at first then the DHD lights turned blue.

"Now dial Atlantis." Rodney instructed.

Teyla punched in the co-ordinates. The gate burst to life. "Alright lets go we can come back for the gear." John said and headed to the gate as the others followed.

"Welcome back." Elizabeth said. She was waiting in the gate room along with the other John, Rodney and Aiden.

"We would have told you before we left but we didn't think that the mission was scheduled until next week. We just found out when Elizabeth mentioned it earlier." The 'other' John said.

"Well no harm was done, what Ethosian gene are you talking about?" Beckett asked.

"Ask Teyla about that one. I'm not to sure about it, she knows all about it though." The 'other' John said. Beckett just nodded in a response.

"We'll debrief in one hour." Elizabeth said and started to walk off.

"Uh, wait, we still need to go back to the planet and get the rest for the gear." John said.

"Very well. You'll all go and you can finish what the mission was intended for." Elizabeth said.

"All of us?" Aiden questioned.

"Yes all of you, perhaps they can explain to you more about how the DHD technology works." She looked at Rodney specifically.

The other Rodney spoke and pointed behind him and began to turn. "I'll go get Teyla and Elizabeth." And with that he walked away.

"You leave in one hour."

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