Here's a little blurb for my story, I'm tacking it onto the end so that you can check back in the movie and see the times when Dracula is (in my opinion) thinking about Tatiana and Eleanor Anna.

So anyway, enough about that; here are the little things I noticed while watching the movie. Read and enjoy! lol


Just so everyone knows, due to (a) the (obvious) fact that I wrote this fic and (b) the fact that I have tried to as-seamlessly-as-possible fit it into the plot and back story of the movie, I consider Tatiana a real character, someone who really existed; I consider this story to be truth (hey, it's a movie, so if we consider the movie true, why not this story?). Besides, while I was writing it, I felt like someone else was doing the writing; normally I am the world's worst plot concocter. It ties up the loose ends and…yeah I'll stop talking/writing/whatever now. lol

1. Of course, I could be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if Dracula was thinking about his wife while he was dancing with Anna (red gown like Tatiana's crimson one, similar ballroom, etc. and NO I did NOT get thecrimson gown from the movie, I just thought that it would be the best color for Tatiana at the time).

2. Earlier in the movie, when Dracula straps Velkan to the laboratory table/stretcher, Velkan cries, "I may have failed to kill you, Count, but my sister will not!" Dracula just looks at him with this absolutely unfathomable expression on his face, a very dark look but layered with the emotion that vampires supposedly do not possess, and begins to dance with himself (or an invisible partner?), doing this little victory-dance/waltz thing. I don't know how to explain that scene, but after I reread this fic, that scene (in the movie) really touched me. Maybe it was the look on Dracula's face, I don't know. Watch and see! (And it couldn't have been "Sometimes, I can almost dance to the beat" because how can you waltz to a heartbeat:p )

3. If you haven't gotten a sense of it from the story, Dracula has this look of incredible hatred and contempt on his face when he says, "We have such…history, you and I, Gabriel." Right before Van Helsing shoves a cross in his face, Dracula asks him if Van Helsing would like him to "refresh your memory a little…perhaps a few details from your sordid past?" (I really hope that was the wording…)

4. The words, the voice, and, above all, the look on Dracula's face when he cries, "And beg the Devil that this time, they stay alive!"

5. "No! I feel no love! I feel nothing, no joy, nor pain, nor sorrow. I am…hollow. And I will live forever."

6. "All I want is life, Gabriel, life for my children." (sorry, I can't remember which scene this is from)

7. "I can tell the character of a man from the sound of his heartbeat"


8. "Hunt them down. Kill them both." (the look in his eyes says more than anything else)

9. And last, but certainly not least:

"But now that your work is, as you say, a triumph…of science…over GOD!"

Yeah, I'll admit, I got REALLY into this story, but that's a good thing, isn't it:D You guys have been absolutely great. Don't forget me! lol