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Eve bustled about the bridge of the starship, hunting for something. Tossing aside a toy that had obviously seen better days she found herself staring at the shiny surface of a gadget. After circling and inspecting the gadget with sharp eyes, Eve grinned and picked up the gadget.

Suddenly the hand was hovering in front of her.

"Eve drop." it ordered. Eve clung to the gadget stubbornly.

"Eve drop."

The female Ettin hesitated.

"Eve drop." the hand commanded, voice impatient.

Eve finally let the gadget drop to the floor. The hand whisked it away and Eve was left alone on the bridge. Making an angry face in the direction of the hand, she turned around and stormed off in the direction of her desert home.

Adam greeted her at the door, but Eve shoved him aside. She raced over to her treasure, a collection of gadgets in the corner of the desert. After counting them three times she felt a sense of relief at finding all of them intact; the hand often snatched her gadgets when Eve was away and searching.

"Did you find any gadgets?" Adam inquired.

Eve gave a radio a pat. "No. The hand took it before I could get it." She sighed.

Adam walked away to pay a visit to the cheese dispenser, knowing how emotional Eve could get after losing a gadget to the hand. She hadn't always been like this. Adam remembered the time when they were kids, running through the desert and screaming when the volcano erupted. Now Eve was dead set on collecting gadgets and keeping them safe, and seemed to ignore Adam except to call him over to show him the new things she found.


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